David Morgan- Silver, Miners and the Young

I am so glad David spoke about the consciousness of the younger generation.  That is where the real battle is.

6 comments to David Morgan- Silver, Miners and the Young

  • Nathan

    Very powerful message you bring.

    Cant stop wondering: do I hear a “battle” between young vs. old in your message? Or is it the young vs. the PTB / elite? And why a battle? Shouldn’t we just walk away, turn the other cheek?

    I tend to think this, because you mention “you” and “your generation” and “who is gonna buy your assets” etc (starting from 0:55 min). Sounds to me its not all towards the elite, but also to “my parents” generation. How can they help they havent had internet for the kind of information sharing (and the speed of it) we have today?! Should “they” be punished for being fooled by the PTB?

    Or did I just misinterpreted the video?

    So my question is: who do you refer to with “you”?

  • John Barker

    Cris: As with all your stuff this hits deep as I have two children in the so called Y generation. This ,along with numerous other of your opines will be sent to them.Can only hope they they have ears to listen as I know they do. Thanks again for all you say and do for those who indeed have ears to listen and eyes to see.

  • Al

    Awesome interview. Morgan is spot on. I heard his previous projections and yes, they were optimistic but who wouldn’t be? Everything is pointing for the metals to go higher and this minor slam is making me get more. Thank you Tiny Tim for leaving your job with your middle finger proudly pointed upwards to the gold bugs and Amerika as a whole.

  • rex

    Bravo Mr Morgan!

    As an X’gen with a couple Y’geners you are spot on. My teenage boys are deeply into their own version of alternate media. They come to me for some discernment, but they keep blowing me away with their own insight. I feel the lack of influence of the MSM in their lives in some ways give them a capacity to go beyond the chains of the brainwashing I have been afflicted from for years.


  • Nick

    This is the first interview I’ve seen where David gets passionate about a topic. He’s always so calm and collected. I’m glad to see this. He seems like he might be turning a tide a little bit and going more physical than paper. I think it might be your influence Chris!

  • David Richardson

    I think this is a great interview with David Morgan [mostly his monologue]. Chris’ audio after that is a good compliment. In the “for what it is worth department”:

    I am 57. My father grew up very poor. They had so little protein to eat he was 5′ 11″ 118 pounds at age 18. The doctor had to lie about his weight [he had to be 125] for him to enter the Army Air Corps in WW2. Afterward with the help of GI bill [he still had to work going through school] he was able to get a college education. Back then [around 1950] a college education did get you a job. My parents saved hard. Back then before corporate corruption it didn’t matter what company you bought stock in, they all grew. Company pension plans and later-added 401K’s with company contributions were not rare. Corporations had mostly 40 hour work weeks. They valued the experience, maturity, and communication skills of their age 55+ employees, and were glad to pay them for it.

    Now people my age are getting let go because they are in their 50’s. Few companies have pensions. 401K company matching contributions are becoming a thing of the past. Stocks/equities/401Ks/IRAs are questionable in their returns and of course safety. Anyone with cash to invest can’t get a return that comes close to the rate of inflation.

    My 30 year old is now unemployed; never got a good job after graduation from a “name-brand” college. My 24 year old is in college. They see, hear, and experience what their parents’ generation is going through, and how screwed up the world has become due to corporate corruption, etc. They don’t get the edited, what-is-palatable-to-advertisers-and-the-Fed news. They get their news from the internet. No wonder they see things differently than my generation or their grandparents’ generation.

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