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  • intothevoid

    looks like you forgot to post the ‘5 days to Freedom Girl’ video here on the site. 😀

  • SpyderTL

    I responded to shamgar348 with a few final thoughts from our discussion the other day, and thought you guys might be interested. First, his message:

    When I first posted my question to Duane my major concern was the inherent value attributed to those popularly traded coins (Libertys, Maples, Kuggerands) because they are so easily recognized. However after reading SpyderTL’s eloquent response, I immediately realized he was …right. I began to buy silver as a hedge against inflation awhile back because it seemed sensible then and more so today. It’s been a long journey for me, I have become informed, the wool has been lifted, I am not as ignorant as I once was. I have evolved. I now see, my decision is also a vote of “no confidence ” in the present monetary system. I am an American. We have always been a nation of conflicting ideas, and we have always taken pride in our constitutionally protected ability to voice and debate those ideas. And ideas for good or ill, can be powerful things. I live now in a nation that is not only financially and morally bankrupt, but pushing intellectually bankrupt ideas as well. Buying silver has become more than insurance or watching numbers fluctuate on a ledger. It is a stamement, an idea to stand for. I will no longer support this bankupt system, I will not purchase their silver. Conviction has led me to this. And like Martin Luther, also a man of conviction, “Here I stand, I can do no other.”

    PS. Thank you for reminding me the value of an idea.

    My response:

    Don’t mention it. It’s therapeutic to discuss these types of issues with others that are going though the same “transformation” that you are, I think.

    And, just to be clear, I still buy all types of silver, even today. Just like the images on the SBSS coins tell a story, the Eagles and Maples and Libertads tell their own story. In fact, when you think about it, it’s only when you put them all together, along with a 1964 “junk” silver dime and a shiny new 2011 zinc dime and a crisp new $1 bill, that the whole story can be told.

    Our ancestors had the right idea — silver coins and paper money backed by gold. They just let the knowledge and the wisdom that had been earned by their ancestors over countless generations fade away, until it was overcome by ignorance and greed.

    The coinage act of 1792 states that anyone caught minting US coins with less than 90% silver shall be put to death. That’s some straight up old school monetary policy right there. The problem is that they did not explain, within that act, the reason that this penalty was necessary. As much as people may have understood and believed in intrinsic value currency in the 1700’s, by 1960, the concept had been thoroughly lost, and the wealth of the nation was being taken for granted.

    Now that we have re-discovered this lost knowledge, it is our responsibility and our burden to undo, to the best of our ability, the damage that has been done by our parents, and their parents. We have accepted the challenge of our nations founders to educate ourselves and our children in the matters of our country’s history, its wealth and its honor. And now, thanks to people like Chris and Rob and Heidi, we now have some very striking new tools to use on this mission.

    As part of my personal mission to educate my fellow citizens, I have created my own White House petition to bring back the 1792 era silver coins. I doubt that it will reach the necessary 100,000 signatures needed in order for it to be considered, but I am hopeful that it can get the 150 signatures necessary to become visible to everyone who visits the whitehouse.gov site, and maybe spark enough interest to get a few more people to start looking into silver coins, and their history. You can sign the petition at: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/begin-minting-90-silver-dimes-quarters-halves-and-dollars/S7M1bsCF

  • Gareth

    I’m gonna wait for your next two, bud.

    It costs 60 euros for shipping from the associate in Belgium – silverhorse.

    I’ll wait then get five queens, five freedom girlies plus five each of your next two releases.

    What are your next two: Any clues or hints?


    PS I’ve only got a debit card so not sure if I can get the exclusive ones. If not, it’s okay, and I’d like it if you ebayed them off – my six that is – for a charity rather than sell them to another member that’s already got six. The decison, of course, is yours bud.

    Glad you’re ‘here’ during this confusing and turbulent moment in history.

    PPS If the gold’s not in Switzerland then it could be where I suspected it is a long time ago – amongst the people…………mainly in India :-)

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