Dereliction of duty: How “Black America” has been hijacked

Here is a disclaimer. I am not black, I am a white male. Some of you may find this contrived or think I have no place speaking about issues pertaining to a race that I don’t belong to. I can accept that. Some may even go as far as a call me a racist (it’s been done before) and that is your right to feel that way as well. However, facts are not racist. They are facts. I also think it’s very important that black folks receive a different message that they are accustomed to hearing from “the left’. That’s why I spend many posts on this subject and with that said, let’s begin.

This is a tale of two stories, literally. I read in the last two days, two separate articles written by black men regarding race and politics. Now, these stories are not on the same subject matter but I think you will see that they are connected nonetheless and its not a connection based solely on race but instead freedom and prosperity and how you go about achieving both.

This started by me reading a great piece at last night regarding how being a black conservative author in today’s world gets you ignored. Or at least that is the claim made towards Ebony Magazine in this article. Now, I purposely led with that first statement because there are simply not enough conservative black voices in media & the political arena as well and it’s about time this becomes a discussion.

That is to not say there is a shortage of black conservatives, on the contrary, they do not exist. In fact conservative values were at the core of the civil rights movement; regardless how progressives try to spin otherwise.

Sure it was progressive in moving blacks forward to having equal rights, but that shouldn’t have been a fight in the first place. Equal rights for all are a tantamount to freedom and liberty. A true conservative/libertarian mindset does not allow for racism and collectivism. This lack of rights for all was a failure as a country from the very beginning. Now as these voices remain isolated, I find myself asking, why is this so?

From a writing point of view it’s probably a lack of readership. I don’t think its bad judgment on black media’s part as much is it is just bad business. Most blacks identify with progressive values or vote overwhelmingly democratically, thus reading about a conservative mindset would simply go unread. Politically, it’s no different but with a slight twist.

At the center of this twist is the Congressional Black Caucus. Nobody politically defines a race in US politics more so than the CBC. With now 42 members of congress, the CBC is not only the largest caucus racially it’s also incredibly strong because they are practically untouchable. Nobody in media wants to even poke, let alone tear a hole inside that bee hive’s nest for fear of being stung by the politically correct swarm that seem to have infiltrated every level of our lives.

But hey, I’m a blogger with such a low (but dedicated) readership; I am perfectly happy to do so. After all, it’s not like this is my first rodeo concerning the CBC anyway.

Now, getting back to the article written by Mr. Larry Elder, a quote by Congressman Cleaver, D-Mo., caught my eye.

“As the chair of the Black Caucus, I’ve got to tell you, we are always hesitant to criticize the President. With 14% (black) unemployment, if we had a white president, we’d be marching around the White House. … The President knows we are going to act in deference to him in a way we wouldn’t to someone white.”

This also isn’t the first time I have written about Mr Cleaver and his obvious double sided coin regarding race. This is just one in a long line of quotes that are obviously inflammatory yet it goes completely unnoticed or at least unchallenged by the masses. Double standard you say? You bet. But this notion that it’s acceptable for a black president to show high unemployment in the black community further drives home my point I have been making about the CBC. They are not concerned with the problems just the appearance that they are concerned.

As we usher in the 113th Congress and with it the CBC gaining more and with it more power and yet here Black America sits with unemployment almost double the national average. Prisons are filling up at all time highs. And what are the solutions that the Congressional Black Caucus has for these dire times in the black community? The same tired excuses & handouts they have been fighting for, for over 30 years and what has changed since in terms of results? Nothing. We have a black President but has Black America taken that next step with his re-election? No.

So what are the solutions? I don’t have the answers nor do I pretend to but I know two things regarding this subject for certain:

1. Freedom and liberty is a cure all because it encourages individual responsibility
2. Self proclaimed black leadership is not leading.

In separate piece written by Dr Wilmer Leon for, there is a slightly different take on this viewpoint. Dr Leon argues that with a new rising class of young educated workers who are settling for lower wages and multiple lower paying jobs, called the “Precariat Class” the future for Black America will be “catastrophic”. This isn’t hyperbole; Dr Leon brings up accurate information that troubles the black community.

What I disagree with the Dr. is the assertion that the government should do more. Because when the government does more as we all know, it means taking from someone else. This happens through a seizure of either a right, freedom and/or their wealth. Dr Leons argument is that austerity measures should not be taken in this economy with many people struggling:

 “In challenging times such as these the government should be investing in the economy not cutting back.”

The problem is we have invested into this economy. We have overspent long before President Obama got into office and we have done so with no results, not only in the black community but as a country as a whole. The standard of living for most Americans has remained stagnant for years and yet we continue to pump more liquidity in the market creating inflation that ultimately acts as a tax on those that rely most on cash. Nobody relies more on cash than the poor and destitute, black or white, red, blue or yellow; the poor all spend the green the same.

The question begs; why not try a different path to prosperity if the path that has been tried simply does not work? Why not reach out to the black population and drive home the point that over 70% of black children growing up in a single parent family home is the single biggest reason the black community faces so many challenges? This could also explain why “the wealth accumulation of the average European American family is 20 times that of the average African American family”.

Why not try what China has done and encourage its population to buy gold & silver?

Why not encourage the 2nd amendment as a viable option to black on black crime statistics and show that legal gun ownership would be the biggest deterrent to black on black crime?

Why not come out for an end to the drug war in which puts so many black men in prison?

Are these guaranteed solutions? Of course not and I don’t know if they will solve all the problems but lets put an end to the patronization of the black community by the black leadership. Engage them like adults. Don’t just hand out a fish, show them how to fish. There is only one way to achieve prosperity and freedom and that cannot be given to you by a government; it comes from within.


5 comments to Dereliction of duty: How “Black America” has been hijacked

  • Joseph

    Great post. I just watched a video by Adam vs. The Man, and in it, he went to the inauguration and asked mostly black folk why they support Obama. Their answers were as stunning as they were tragic. My first disclaimer is that I too am not black, I’m an American of Irish/Mexican descent. I’ve also been to prison behind my misuse and abuse of a substance, namely alcohol, and I was also a car guy like Chris, but my addictions were more powerful than my desire to progress in life, so I ended up paying a very steep price. Long story short is I was treated for a mental illness which was the underlying cause for my addiction, I’m close to finishing up the 6 year sentence I received for the ‘crime’ I committed, and I’m going on 4 years clean and serene. Believe me when I say; I have been through it. But I also know we all have our burdens. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I have seen what you speak of from the inside looking out, and I can tell you on a very personal level that what’s going on in the community of my black brothers and sisters bothers me more than just about everything else because they have been blinded by their need to find inspiration. They look to Obama as a savoir and the government as a guide, and neither one could care less about them. My point to all this is as follows: From where I sit, the essence of social justice IS Libertarianism, as liberty from all things government wouldn’t allow for slaves. Maybe the founders did have it all wrong when it came to slavery, but in that regard they were simply victims of their time. Not an excuse, just an explanation. If we had true liberty, skin color wouldn’t be an issue because we would all be equal, and opportunity would be shared by those who choose to partake in what would be a ‘great society’. But because the manipulation has gotten completely out of control and the facts so distorted by the media, the desire to believe in hope and change has killed the need to see the forest through the trees. Read ‘The New Jim Crow’ by Michelle Alexander. It’ll give you a small dose of the reality to which I speak. Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Fletchlives

      100% spot on. Kokesh i think does a great job of getting this message out there. I appreciate your personal candor as well regarding your trials and tribulations and its fantastic for you to come out on the other side with this perspective i think you can appreciate this mindset more than a lot of us. I will also browse Amazon for that book by Michelle Alexander today, thanks for your recommendation.

  • TJ

    A true libertarian doesn’t allow for nations either, because the only stable nations are based on ethnicity, and race at a minimum.

    • Fletchlives

      TJ i have no disagreement with this at all. I dont consider myself a 100% Libertarian because the world is not created with carbon copy’s of me, meaning no central government might not be a problem for me or a world full of TJ’s but for most it would be. Anarchy is not the solution that much i know. My point is pull the state back to the right but in doing to ditch the social conservatism along the way. The biggest fraud we have is the way this government allows its money to be regulated and manipulated by the FED, i think if we got that changed things would change drastically for everyone.


    I can give you guys a point for not letting this discussion on race devolve to racial proofs of why blacks are inferior or how whites are superior. As a black female reading these boards, its really on You and the Survival Podcast that really doesnt have a dearth of racism.

    As to points in the article:
    1) Wealth Disparity, I dont know if the 70% statistic is accurate, but black americans are well aware the single parent households will definitely lead to a lack of wealth creation. As a black american, I have noticed my self that among my friends born in a single household versus a 2 parent household (like myself), there is definitely a fundamental difference in how they view lasting relationships and the need for 2 parent households. Cycles.

    2) As to the 2nd amendment, I dont know a single black man that doesn’t own a gun. Honestly, black americans are law abiding gun owners, I would suffice it ot even say than a higher percentage than white america. Now, this is anecdocal, but Most black men I know have served in the military and have firearms training from that, and others seek out the learning. The only ones that don’t seem to really have guns may be the ones from the more intellectual, educated class. But, we do like. Now, black women on the other hand, our numbers are growing every day. Detroit has classes full of women every sunday, packed, taking gun classes every single week.

    3) I think it is well documented that the CBC was instrumental in getting parity in cocaine vs crack cocaine in the justice department. However, it takes a WHOLE congress, and when you saw the opposition, it was white males from the south who apparently like keeping known disparities perpetuated.

    Now, there should really be no surprise on the democratic leaning of black americans in this country. I love the libertarian philosophy, but the one thing that keeps me back is the ambivalence this party has politically against race. Racism in this country is still here, although not everywhere. And, I am speaking as a black female, not a black male, and from my brothers (who is an electrician, the other in IT), it is VERY hard always being assumed violent/scary/ or angry.

    I didn’t think this was a racist post, more of just a discussion on race. Now, if it would have degenerated to “how many uneducated blacks are out there” and “time and time again, you put them in an area, and they will destroy it” type rantings that I see on all the time, then that is definitely a problem. Not this.

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