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The most controversial self defense DVD ever made! I believe in the non-aggression principle until someone breaks it…  Watch for a limited time.  Send to your friends before I take it down or YouTube bans it!  Includes weapon disarms (gun, knife, bat).

(HD) HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS DVD…to survive a violent attack (Disc 1 of 2)


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  • eric

    This video may have just talked me out of taking krav maga on what will be my first day of class…

    • I think that Krav Maga is good, but wastes a lot of movements. You also need to be pretty strong and in shape to defeat a larger and more aggressive attacker using Krav Maga or martial arts in general. My system takes away the strength advantage and gives the advantage back to you. My system is for the average person to be able to take out an attacker and survive. Thanks for watching! Coach David

  • Urban Sling-Bow

    Excellent stuff. Was going to watch in 10 minute sections but liked what I saw so much I watched the full 56mins in one go.

    Totally agree with what you say and what you show in the video.

    I just hope I never have to use any of what you demonstrated. To date I’ve been very lucky with confrontations. Although I’ve been in a few ‘situations’ I have always managed to talk down/face down the situation before it got phsyical, but sadly the law of averages says eventually I am going to have to go ‘all in’ at some point in my life, unless I can get out of the gang infested area I find myself living in.

    One point I will add, which is obvious to anyone who has been in a fight, but not obvious to anyone who has not – is expect to take some pain/damage yourself. I have seen otherwise strong and capable people look like a lost sheep who has had the rug pulled from beneath them when they have taken a painful blow they did not expect. They had not mentally processed that this is to be expected, so rather than continue they stopped to think about it!.

    Your fight sequences with the knife illustrated that the attacker may still have the ability to get one or two strikes in before they go down, even when using your techniques. Very realistic. I feel this is something any ‘good guy’ should be mentally prepared for and something that could do with being pointed out more often and emphasised more.

    Spot on too about situational awareness towards the end of the video. Having stood up to a gang in the past I am constantly engaged in threat assesment when walking or driving in my local area, viewing every parked car with occupents, and especially any young males, as a potential threat (and planning accordingly).

    Anyway, great video and thanks for posting it.

    • Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you live in a tough area. I also hope that you never have to use what I teach, because that would mean you’re in a life threatening kill or be killed situation. Rule #1 for me is to avoid the fight at all costs, then if all else fails…NEUTRALIZE. Thanks for watching the video. Coach David

  • silverslugger

    Thanks for sharing this vid. I’m going to have my wife watch it then do some practice simulations.

    • Thanks for the comment. Remember to go really slow and make sure to transfer body weight through the target. Your wife will definitely want to watch my upcoming DVD called RAPE PROOF: How to defeat a rapist and survive a violent attack…self defense for women only. It uses my B.E.T. System, but shows a lot of ground/mount attacks/escapes. I have half of it filmed and hope to have it complete in a month or two. Thanks for watching! Coach David

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