Silver Shield Report #61- Building the Shining City

Throughout all of history people have looked to go to a great place to live.  For much of the 20th Century America was the place where people saw opportunity and freedom.  Now, not so much.  I proposed an Ultimate Exit Strategy where we could transfer out wealth from one paradigm to another and leverage it into generational wealth.  The question has been about timing.  If you plant your flag in the ground before the generational debt storm comes you risk being caught up in it.  I believe it is best to remain decentralized as the collective illusion collapses and work on the intellectual foundation of this free and fair city, while stacking assets for after the Anger Phase of Humanity burns out.

This week I will take you through some of the way that I think we can build a sustainable way of life and leave our world physically better for generations to come.

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Chengdu City

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65 comments to Silver Shield Report #61- Building the Shining City

  • Joshua Stewart

    So freedom girl is reveled midnight??? cant wait to get my order in. Also I would love to buy up some more SSR special proof coins ASAP! Great report I very much enjoyed the forward thinking ideas. I also just sold some bullets for some silver so thanks again for the great idea!

    • mong00se

      Where did you sell your ammo at if you don’t mind me askin? I’ve got some I think I’m gonna take advantage of the shortage price as well.

  • disneydollars

    Very thought inducing report. I really like how you included how CHILDREN fit in to the picture of a new community. After watching The Road {2009} last night (based on your movie watch list) I got very concerned about being a single dad of a toddler and how I can provide some type of normalcy to my child. Yes, The Road was just a movie, but it did provoke unwanted thoughts. One being…

    HOW do the members on the west coast (California, Oregon, Washington) make the journey (collectively on a bus or individually) to the east coast (which is where I am assuming you are thinking of locating). Or are you thinking more centrally located like Montana?

    What ROAD do we take to all meet?

    Looking forward to the release of more SSR Member coins and Freedom Girl. I have several friends waiting to make the purchase tonight (and spot is close to $31, woo hoo).

    • Eve Colantoni

      Hi Disneydollars–

      I too am a single parent (of a 3 year old little girl) and share your concerns about how children fit into the picture. I’d love to connect with you (or anyone else) if you’re interested in discussing this. Feel free to message me here:

      Look forward to putting our heads together :)



      P.S. — Chris interviewed me for the “Nutrition in the Next Paradigm” report about a year ago….. I don’t recall which number is it now, but you can still catch it if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on nourishing a family :)

  • disneydollars

    On another thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have all the SSG members meet up one day on Jekyll Island for a face-to-face strategy meeting?

  • pianoman

    Like the idea of the walking model and smaller buildings, green area’s, maybe like a disney model, I think they built transport under and raised the buildings etc in FL. The also have own talapia fish farm which supplies their restaurants. Geo thermal way to go.
    As a side note, the VA facility in HotSprings, SD may go out, it’s built on the early sustainable models and has deep water wells, round main building and all out of local sandstone. Cool quaint town. Sidewalk cafe’s are the best! Keep dreaming.

  • Forman Andrews

    Would these properties be tax free/allodial? Or just tax “friendly” as you say.

  • Eric Hartmann

    This site is supposed to be about creating the intellectual foundation for the next paradigm. So far, it’s a lot of ideas good ideas up in the air. Would it be possible to set up an SSG wiki-site now, where all members can collaborate at setting up the needed societal operating systems?

    I would feel much better having a blue rather than just knowing there is an intellectually aligned group somewhere out there whome I never met and somehow we will wing it when the time is right. We can stay decentralized and don’t need to meet, but it is better to work on a blue print and argue about things now rather than later.

    Topics that can be set up in a wiki site could include the following–just to name a few:
    -Constitution, mission and vision statement (Do what you promise and do no harm)
    -Law structures
    -Banking and structure
    -Charter city structure
    -Urban planning
    -Public works

    • Steve


      See my comment below and let me know what you think about adding that topic to a potential wiki. It kind of encompasses what you list but looks at it from a “where to” standpoint that connects with the “how to”.

      • Eric Hartmann

        What’s good with a wiki site is that many topics can be included and members can expand on it, vote or edit them. Hopefully this will morph into a blue print we can follow in the next paradigm. It starts with a constitution or a mission statement. If we all share the same vision the details will work themselves out.

        Exploring regions to settle and the ecology is a good topic, but we don’t know where the land deals will be or what government regime will be in place until after the collapse. For now I think we can only look at existing model cities and say I’d like something like this or that feature in our shiny city. Once we have a whish list, we can use it to help select a location after the dust settles.

        • Eve Colantoni

          Eric — I think this is a fantastic idea and hope it can come together. Thank you for suggesting it :)

  • Richard Dumanowski

    Excellent Ideas. I am on the west coast (So.Ore.) and would need to caravan with others to an easten location. It doesn’t seem like there are enough folks from this group to form another “city” out west although decenteralization would seem prudent.

    • disneydollars


      I don’t see why twin sister cities wouldn’t work? Maybe it’s best to have eggs in a few baskets? West Coast, East Coast, and Montana?

  • I’ve been to Chengdu and trust me, you wouldn’t wanna live there. We saw a rain cloud merge with the pollution to the left whilst the sky to the right was just a hazy grey colour. The contrast was immense.

    Scary, quite a few in our group suffered some respiratory problems when we got back to our ‘hometown’ of Hangzhou.

    I suppose that’s more down to pollution than city design though, eh :-) The Pandas are cool in Chengdu by-the-way.

    You’re wise to remain in an area where you understand the culture, the language, and do not stick out like a sore thumb to the locals during the collapse.

    I still reckon an island is a good idea though :-)

  • Libertyrob24

    Nice thinking Chris, I like the idea, when I look at your map of the city I keep thinking about the trivium and coracant the home city planet of the republic and the Jedi. I think we need to keep going in this direction and have these plans ready to go when the anger phase fizzled out and we can get boots on the ground and everyone else of our group will follow. Having the plans in place and focusing on the main areas like food energy and transportation is definitely the basis for which we will continue thinking and planning for the whole. Lets start thinking about exactly where as far as location

  • Libertyrob24

    I like the island idea too, lets make sure we have high ground though so a tsunami doesn’t wash everything away

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      if your island is surrounded by other islands, you are well protected from Tsunamis. Furthermore, large waves dont occur at all because of the short water distances. this is my main motivation for relocating to a small island inside a whole mess of other islands. i can build and operate small electric boats and enjoy oystering and fishing while having the boating advantages of a small pond and enjoy island hopping. even now, each island in my little archapelago has developed its own identity, with separate island festivals in the fall based on what each (food, harvest) little island has to offer…………………

  • Libertyrob24

    Prob have more resources and potential on the modern day mainland USA

  • Rex Bowe

    Hey Chris,

    I was looking at Skokomish Valley Farms for similar ideas/structure. It is a Farm community/CSA in Olympic Mountains in WA.

    Here are some internal docs they shared that I have uploaded:

    They have some good ideas.


  • susie vernor

    Does permaculture and aquaponics allow beef to be produced…?

    • John Silva

      Hi Susie I’ve Been looking into how to produce meat/protein the most efficient way. So far the best way i found is raising rabbits. I can forward you more information if you like, but rabbits use about 1/3 the food per pound of meat and grow about 10 time faster than a cow depending on the breed on the average 10 weeks to breed and 15 weeks to harvest. The pellet(poop)is better than cow manure and here in Michigan it’s cold much of the year the average rabbit will produce about 400 BTU of biological heat that can go a long way to help heat a green house. And the urine can be collected to produce electricity, ya that part is kind of weird and gross but it works, see you tube for some video showing how it’s done. So far the biggest problem I found with rabbits is sourcing rabbit food in the event of a economic collapse. But you can easily scale you rabbit herd up or down as needed much easier than you could with large animals like cows. You can also grow the rabbits as protein to be the protein base to feed fish if you want to do aquaponics. I almost forgot rabbit meat is the highest in protein and the lowest in fat compared to any other animal raised for meat.

  • Forman Andrews

    @Susie vernor

    You could have a number of cows roaming around the area, you just wouldn’t want to many eating all your apples an such. Permaculture is just about turning any land into a garden-o-eden type local where food producing plants continue to grow year after year without a seasonal harvesting cycle, you take what you need when you need it. It’s about always having surplus but never wasting.

  • Forman Andrews

    A lack of cows has nothing to do with it 😛

    Btw Eric Hartmann has a great idea here, a wiki or some other place where we can exchange ideas and build concepts past the level of message board convos is neccesary if we intend to proceed… Private of course, don’t want no god damn spammers.

  • Steve


    I could be wrong, but it seems to me there’s one thing about re-establishing a new “Free City” that’s being overlooked, and that is the ecological resonance with the region. As an example, a South Pacific Island may be a good spot for any number of reasons, but the humidity and the immersion within a maritime ecology may not attract those who prefer forests, the alpine, or desert. Granted, oasis cities within the desert southwest are a grand testament to the debt/death paradigm, and in my mind these places will eventually be swallowed by the sands. The sub-arctic taiga forests of Alaska, Northern Canada and Siberia may be tremendous locations as well, again provided humans can discover a sustainable way of heating their homes without petroleum fuels (biogas would be a boon for these places).

    Personally, I think the mountainous coastal regions of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska would be great places to set up shop. The Tongass National Forest is the largest land base under the control of the USDA’s Forest Service at 17 million acres, and from a political standpoint it may be easier to acquire forestry land as opposed to park land, and more advantageous simply because of what humans can derive from the land. The climate supports a lot of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna…and the trick would be to developing a human center “within the wilderness” without compromising the ecosystem. The only drag is that it rains A LOT in the Pacific Northwest. But that breeds life, and keeps things green. If the aquaponics systems can be affordably individualized or centrally located for neighborhood convenience (but still privately maintained) then arable land for agriculture won’t be necessary.

    What I think needs to be looked at, is how can we best marry our primary human needs (Maslow’s 1st level) with well-functioning systems that promote the natural environment. Low-tech is not always a bad thing, especially since it usually requires much less capital, allowing for investment in other advancements. This region could power itself entirely with tidal energy if a viable and durable technology is ever developed. Some of the freshest water in the world pours off of the glaciers riddled throughout this region. The place has a lot going for it…and it’s also well-known for it’s precious metals.

    What I would propose, at this juncture, is to identify SSG members within various regions throughout the world, and have them, if they so choose, compile a report on their region, and perhaps do an interview for later SSRs. A complete run-down of pros and cons to each region would be ideal, as it would allow for us to more adequately determine a place to focus our efforts on when the Anger Phase burns out.

    This comment was initially written for Chris, but any other SSR members please feel free to weigh in and provide any thoughts you might have on this matter.

    Peace…and keep on having fun…


    • Juan

      I live in the Island of Puerto Rico and there are many benefits to living here. I can talk about it more if the community is interested.

    • Information on aquaponics systems that are scalable from table-top to commercial can be found at )I am trying to clear out space in a sunny portion of our house to set up a table-top system.) The folks at Friendly Aquaponics also have plans (for sale) for an off-grid greenhouse that can range in size from 12′ x 16′ on up.
      The concrete and water in their aquaponics greenhouse apparently make for very good heatsinks and allow the temps. to remain very stable.

  • I have quite a few reservations about any type of planned city. Among them is that there is a group of planners that has control, followed closely by restrictions placed on human initiative and spontaneity. Remember that this is a long term project and that power-hungry sociopaths will be born into the community, so don’t minimize the opportunities for power.

    All-in-all these plans resembles the UN’s Agenda 21 too much for my comfort. IMO, mankind belongs with nature, not separated and zoned off from it.

    A gentleman in the Pacific NW that seems to have made the Paradigm Shift is Paul Gautschi. Check out his story:

    To see what you can do with aquaponics:

    To see what a permaculture farm can look like, Joel Salatin’s Polyface farm is probably THE model:

  • Mark


    You are right about the architecture of Rome, London and Paris to name but a few cities across Europe. Contrast some of those buildings with the monstrosities funded by debt and death. To be able to design / create something when you are your best self will endure for generations to come.

    Just a quickie, what about electricity from the air? Is that viable? Does Marvin or anyone else have an opinion on this?


    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      I once wrote a patent application on electricity from air despite my objections to the inventor that the amount of electricity from a few thousand dollars of equipment might be enough to light up one tiny LED and it was hopeless to power anything of substance. It all comes down to basic arithmatic and engineering. you can get electricity from almost anything. Millions of very smart people and billions of dollars have been spent on the basic engineering and I prefer to bet my money on solar electric. In particular, there are many simple tricks for using solar electric with NO STORAGE (no batteries etc) to wash dishes, dry clothes, run fridges and freezers, heat a room at night. Just need a little patience and humility.

  • James Tetreault

    I recommend that folks interested in the look of a city or town check out the book at the link below, Great Streets by Allan Jacobs. It’s a very interesting look at streets and city areas around the world regarded as beautiful or picturesque and what elements go into their being so regarded:

    It’s a long discussion for another time but one big reason for the strip mall look of much of the U.S. is zoning. Zoning regulations in the U.S. are a classic example of enough power to ruin things but not enough thought to have made wise use of that power. Out of many different motivations, including snobbery, zoning regulations in the U.S. obsessively separate business and residential areas.

  • Dino

    So you suggest that the “dark ages” would last relatively short?

    I’m not counting out that it would take 2-5 years without functioning transport, raw materials and internet.

    While things are still working, I suggest Euro (and other) members meet up somewhere in centre like Frankfurt to see what can be done. It is well connected with low-cost airlines and we could even make a trip to Rothschild’s house :)

    • cb

      Hey Dino,
      I am in Munich and would be keen to come up to Frankfurt, great to meet some other members. Is that where you are based?

      • Dino

        Hey, we can meet up in Austria, but for the other Euro members form Spain, Sweden etc. I think it is best to meet up somewhere in the center where most low-cost airlines fly, we’ll define the meetup point after we hear from other members.

  • mong00se

    This report really resonated with me. I’ve been telling people for years it’s a shame so many cities were developed around cars instead of people. This has helped turn us into a bunch of strangers instead of a community.

    Love your thoughts on the aesthetics of architecture as well. I love old historic homes/buildings with character. Building underground seems very underrated to me as well. There are many advantages to this.

    Agree 100% on healthcare. Recently my wife came down with a severe sinus infection. Went to the doctor twice and even the emergency room. After 3 rounds of antibiotics she still couldn’t get over it. I talked her into taking alot of Vitamin C. The next day she was back to work and after 2-3 days back to normal. Now she takes Vitamin C daily. Even more recently everyone around us has gotten the flu and a nasty stomach virus going around but we have avoided it. I also attribute this to the Vitamin C. Some people call it mega-dosing but to me it means we are mega-deficient. You might wanna check into this for yourself Chris!

  • Silver42

    The idea of this reminds me of a place I stayed in Western China in Lijiang Old Town. Vehicles were not allowed, so everyone walked or were pulled by horses for long travels. Western China is more about farming, so I didn’t have to deal with bad air quality like in Eastern China where are the factories are.

    I like the idea of 10% towards maintaining infrastructure. Instead of paying bank/realtor fees you are paying for the upkeep of where you live. I think people would be ok with this since it is to their benefit and not for a paper pusher.

    Here are some images of Lijiang:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=YTcIUdvYHIem9ATr5oCwBA

  • ThisIsJoe

    TRAMS: Melbourne (where I live) has the largest tramway network in the world. Over 150 miles of track, 30 different routes. I’ve grown up with them and they’re a fantastic mode of travel. They do have their pros and cons. Only con though is that they share space with cars! Eliminate cars and our community will be in transportation utopia.

    CIGARETTES: Disclaimer: I am a non smoker. I do resonate though with being able to do whatever we want as an individual. I wouldn’t want to force others to quit smoking cigarettes if its something they want to do. I assume cigarettes as we know them today won’t be available in the next paradigm, but I also assume individuals may find a way to get tobacco products. Second hand smoke may be something we need to address at some point, as one of our two main edicts is to “do no harm to others”. Not being preachy, just introducing the topic for open discussion.

    • Golden Ratio

      Hello …

      As a former employee of the American Tobacco Company I believe tobacco in all its forms will be available in abundance in the next paradigm in fact it will likely be a huge cash crop both domestic and export. Tobacco is part of America just like hemp is, collectivist attempts to separate the culture from these powerful forces is this current paradigm is failing. After the anger phase humanity will have little tolerance for controls on behavior, crops or trade.

      P.S. I am a non – smoker also.

      • ThisIsJoe

        That’s a valid point GR. I’m all for the free market production of tobacco, hemp and any other products for export and use within the community. I’m not advocating separating anyone from something they’d like to do (e.g smoke). I don’t wish to control anyone’s behavior as that goes against what we’re forming here for the new paradigm.

        I do think though that just like cigarette smokers have the inalienable right to smoke, non-cigarette smokers have an equal right to not second hand smoke. Surely there’s an equitable and fair solution for both parties. And mind you, I’m only talking about shared indoor facilities. Restaurants, bars, etc.

  • thorp13

    I can’t believe there are still 500+ remaining of each limited edition member only proofs. I’m interested in some more when you make available again.

    • Steve

      I think that just goes to show how small this cohort actually is, from an activity standpoint. I mean, how many SSG members have actually ordered every medallion so far released? No way to know for sure. The $1 off spot per ounce is a phenomenal deal…and if you order 35 your monthly subscription pays for itself. In all honesty I’m not the slightest bit interested in the New Year medallion. If there’s any release so far that comes off as just a sales pitch to me, that would be the one – nothing truly unique about it IMO.

      • Golden Ratio

        Hi Steve,

        Is there a promo code to receive the $1 off per medallion? How does that work?


        • Steve

          SBSSMEMBER – it’s been active ever since Debt & Death and only works if you’re logged in and in their system as a SSR member. I couldn’t apply it to the 2012 Slave Queen proofs, but it’s worked for every other order I’ve put in.

      • Nathan

        Unique in the way there are only 2013 minted of the NewYear coin? Pretty rare I recon.

  • Mark Khusid

    I have a family of 5 and spend about $200 per week on food! That is about $10,400, which is way more than $6,200. Am I missing something? Or has Bernanke been really busy since 2009?

  • Dino

    “there will be cheap labour availible”

    The question is are we going to pay market price for labour or we’ll pay honest wages (as I remember 1 honest wage = support for cca 6 family members)?

    • Silver Shield

      Be a blessing.
      Henry Ford had it right when he paid above market wages to build the middle class.

  • Dino

    Yes, I can’t even imagine starting a company if I cannot pay honest wages.

  • Bill Potting

    I like the idea, however I have a few questions…

    1. Are you suggesting that cars be completely BANNED from this city? Although a city with no cars sounds good in theory I am a bit weary of banning any non-aggressive action one would make (like driving a car). Of course, if this city were on an island in the pacific like someone above eluded to, I suppose there would be no need for cars anyways.

    • Silver Shield

      Probably not banning but more of why have them if we live smarter…

      • Nathan

        Near to where I live there is a district that is made car-shy on purpose. They accomplished this by making the roads so, that basically you can drive to your house. Its not fun to drive around there. Guess thats the idea of this family-friendly neigherhood.

        From the website (used google translator):

        “the Motorway

        The starting point for the design of the district Kernhem is a car-free residential area where the cyclist gets rein. The main entrance of Kernhem is formed by north-south running ‘floated’ which connect to the N224. This is true for both the existing and the new part. The two parts are separated by a wide wooded bank. The bus lane and cycle routes connecting the two parts together.

        From the ‘floating’ unlocking the narrow residential streets running east-west residential areas, which are only intended for local traffic.
        Parking is at your own premises or in the parking courtyards where residents have their own parking. The visitors can park their cars. The residential streets are thus possible kept clear of parked cars.”


  • Ray

    Wonderful report and I like the idea presented by “disneydollars” regarding various locations throughout the US and world. A series of cities in a sense with a recurring theme but different subcultures. Each city/group retaining the beliefs and principles but still allowing for creativity and uniqueness based on the area of country, interests, etc. I’m curious if there are any SSG members in the Denver, CO area that may want to meet up for coffee or a drink some time. Cheers, Ray.

  • Jos

    I live close to a living example of doing things pretty nicely. BILBAO (founded in 1300) was in 1998 indebted for 207 million and going down in many aspects for 1980s-1990s, it was a grey city… and now, for the last 10-15 years, it is booming city in lots on points: small, easy and friendly city to live, but quiet powerful (compared in relative size) in business and industry, innovation… Besides, the city is aknowledge as the most transparent one about its governance/public accounts and since 2011 it has NO DEBTS (( )), the only one capital in Spain. The city and the mayor(Iñaki Azkuna) have received some awards already. (( + (( )) + (( I, my friends, falmily, locals.. have seen the evolution of Bilbao and it is to be proud of. The secret? My opinion, in a nutshell: I suppose kind of… working people, friendly atmosphere, quite honest mayor and politicians (or a least not very bad… quite difficult to find… hehe), good ideas to invest in (from tourism to industry), search for balance, prioritizing investments focusing on your own people, not focusing to the “exterior eyes”, media, external appearance, corporations… taking care of your people… And that everything surrounded by a complicated terrorist atmoshphere/problems related to ETA! … that thankfully now has nearly completelly relaxed…

  • Shane Thomasson

    I remember getting emails that the Slave Queen and I think the Liberty Girl would have a certain version of which there would be only 2000 approx minted of that set run. I have yet to see how to order the three of each of that batch. How do I do that?

  • Shaun Re

    I think we need a message board or some sort of forum for better communication between members. I think it would help build working relationships between us.

  • Doug Shirk

    Is anyone else not able to get report #62 and #63? The archive only shows up to #61.

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