Urban Danger: Tempting Fate

We are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis. The economy has not improved. The unemployment payments, for most, have run out. People’s safety nets are destroyed. Housing is collapsing again. Inflation is ravaging what is left of our money. Now we are seeing a rash of violence all over the country, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Rochester, Long Beach, Charlotte, Nashville, Chicago, and Boston. All of this while things are still working. What is going to happen when the dollar collapses?

I have had a bunch of Strategy Sessions with members that have about their physical safety. Some are looking for international changes, most are simply trying to move out of urban areas. Many are asking about personal protection steps they should take. There are many things to consider and I am glad to see that people are thinking about this issue. It is unrealistic to think that you are going to be able to defend your property for any significant amount of time against a hoard of desperate people. Most homes are simply not able to withstand fire much less gunfire. This situation becomes even more untenable in a urban environment. I highly recommend that if you live in a urban area, get out now!

The last place I would want to be is in a multicultural, densely packed, urban area with huge wealth disparities when the dollar collapses. When the dollar collapses, food and fuel will become scarce and people will become desperate. We have seen riots in the past, but let me assure you that you have not seen anything yet. I remember the Rodney King riots and this collapse will make that look like child’s play. Those riots were over some verdicts on a few men, the dollar collapse is a verdict on all of us. The shock of abject poverty and sudden desperation, will bring out the worst in people. The police will be overwhelmed at a time when their paychecks stop or don’t buy anything and their pensions wiped clean. Those officers will not risk their lives out on the street trying to save some failed system. They will be at home defending their families or simply getting out of dodge. Leaving all of those left behind to fend for themselves.

Those areas that are most dependent on the dollar paradigm, will be the worst places when the dollar collapses. I have a good friend that lives in Southern California. I have told him that out of all of the places in America I would not want to be in when this happens, is Southern California. A 20 million strong multicultural population packed into an area that does not have a lot of water, millions of illegals, and huge wealth disparities. Urban areas only work, when the dollar works. Our power grid is extremely vulnerable. Penthouses in New York will become deathtraps if the power goes out and food and fuel stop moving in.

Most people have only a few days of food to exist on, and if the water gets shut, less than that for water. What is also not very well known, and very dangerous, is that we have 1/10th of the population is on anti-depressants. If people don’t get their pills, and come off too fast, they will suffer psychological breaks at a time when their real world is falling apart. It seems every school shooting or mother drowning her kids, are from people who stopped taking their meds. I would be willing to bet that the use of these kinds of drugs are significantly higher in urban areas than rural areas. This fact is only going to compound the problem in a world already gone mad.

Throw on top of this social unrest, the inevitable political unrest. Americans now watch hundreds of thousands in Egypt, Greece and Spain march against governments and bankers. This will come to America, and I believe it will be much, much worse. America is a very violent, aggressive culture now. There is going to be a lot of outrage as America goes from the Denial Stage to the Anger Stage. I believe that this violent period will only last 3 to 6 months after the dollar collapse. The violence will burn itself out and many people will die. Those that are wise, will be far away from danger, instead of tempting fate.

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” -Louis Pasteur

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  • Spokoze

    lol 1/10th of the population on anti-depressents??
    Don’t know where you get your information, but latest estimates are 70% of women 16 years and over and up to 40% of men are on one & that’s not even counting all the kids that have been on Ritilin over the last 20 years…..

  • James Woroble Jr

    This is not to say of course that investing in gold and silver to protect your monetary assets is essential, but a modest cache ‘O cash (US$, FRN) will allow for essential daily common market transactions in a crisis. In this regard Jeffrey Gundlach makes an excellent practical point. Other points he makes I find rather unintelligent, if not sarcastically absurd. Nevertheless, there is a pearl of practicality in this pig pen…

    Jeffrey Gundlach: Here’s The Currency That’s Better Than Gold In An Extreme Crisis

    “In our interview with Jeffrey Gundlach, the legendary bond manager said it’s good old paper cash that you want to have on hand. And not cash in the bank. More like cash under your bed, that you can pick up and carry (which you can’t do with gold… do you really think that you’re going to shave of flints from your goldbrick to pay for food at the store?).”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/jeffrey-gundlach-derivatives-gold-currency-2011-5#ixzz1O2QUb7Jc

  • Mike Litoris

    I L-O-V-E it! You American WAR CRIMINAL b@stards are starting to get all paranoid & worried that your HOMICIDAL GOVERNMENT will now turn it’s murderous attention towards abusing & killing YOU. Well, I hope THEY DO MF’s!, so that you can get a taste of what MILLIONS of innocent people worldwide have had to put up with for DECADES from you criminal FRAUDSTERS & PERVERTS.

    Che Guevara’s dream of creating “One, two; MANY Vietnams” has finally come to fruition. Time to DIE yanqui motherfvckers!!!!

  • Denny

    Yeah, some SERIOUS changes will be happening, but I must disagree with the multicultural danger interpretation and your shock analysis. White people are gonna be the ones really shocked and pissed off. People of color are already there for the most part, already where most white folks are heading to at breakneck speed. AND if I remember correctly, it wasn’t people of color who ripped this nation and its citizens off for going on twenty trillion dollars. It was those well dressed and sweet smelling white boy Ivy Leaguers on Wall Street and you are playing right into their hands by making this a ‘multi-cultural’ thing. Guess you haven’t got it yet – they want us to take each other out while they jet-set off to their prepaid safe havens – somewhere. They want us paranoid, especially of each other ’cause it will enable them to keep up their ripoffs and murder. AND I don’t recall these wars we’re in being started by people of color (I don’t care what you say – Obama ain’t black. He’s George Bush with a tan). The last place I want to be is in rural America with some banker or broker as my neighbor. Give it time, you’ll come around as soon as the thing we all have in common is empoverishment. Uniting is our only hope. Uniting to throw the bums OUT!

    • Silver Shield

      I agree that we need to unite against these psychopaths. The reason why I say stay away from multi cultural areas is because during times of economic stress people are going to start blaming other ethncities for crime of desperation resulting in ethnic violence.

      This will burn out as the criminals in each class are dealt with.

  • James Woroble Jr

    @Mike Litoris

    Unfortunately Mike, I must concede to the truth and validity of every point you make.

    All I can say to you in response is that it is our Zionist Occupied Government, jew monopolized mass media and financial institutions of many decades, that have implemented this agenda for their global domination, and not the people of America (excepting a minority of assholes).

    Had it truly been our decision and within our direct power, we would have been morally disgusted and repulsed by what has been done in our name. It would have never happened.

    Furthermore, you’re absolutely correct about the fears of the Frankenstein turning upon us. Its time to pay the check! For responsible we are, nevertheless. These same global demonic serpents of money and materialism based here in the US, are now required to kill and enslave all us ‘useful idiots’ here in America to keep what they have accumulated by death and destruction across the globe, as well as here at home.

    FWIW… Please accept my pathetic apologies and realize we have a common enemy.

  • LJack

    Regarding that “Dollar Collapse”, just today I was reading an article from Canadian Jeff Berwick/Dollar Vigilante where he dispelled the myth that the supposedly ‘resource strong’ Canadian Dollar was a “safe” fiat to hold.

    Noteworthy was the message embedded in the article that if the USD collapses it more or less takes down ALL paper.

    It doesn’t stop there, other articles strongly support the view that the USD will degrade slowly. So will other fiats. Call it a ‘Mexican standoff’. True, some exigent event could precipitate the scenario you outline, still, (at least to me) it seems most probable that things will slowly deteriorate in a series of inflationary (QE) and deflationary (non-QE) periods. Not a pretty picture by any means, however not zombies on the march either.

    Even PMs carry some uncertainly … just as everything in life.


  • SS, you know I agree with and support the vast majority of your views, as well as SoLA.

    I tried to find what article you linked to that the image you used was associated with and couldn’t. All of the images I could find associated with the 8 links of violence were largely Blacks. Of course mainstream news rarely if ever mentions race.

    Respectfully, I’d like to suggest you try and find a copy of Hesketh Pritchards, Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across And About Hayti.

    Here’s a broadcast from the late Dr. William Pierce about it –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoqfavC6nCw

    There has been a sharp rise in monkeyshines since the halfrican in chief was installed, and anyone that spends any time on the web knows it, even if they don’t want to admit it. Holder not prosecuting the Panther Party for voter intimidation further empowered them. I can post dozens of videos of unprovoked violence perpetrated by Blacks over the last 2 years.

    No one in the western world ever hears about the White genocide in South Africa either, another country that was the jewel of the region under White rule. It took the Blacks 20 years to destroy it.

    Detroit anyone? Katrina? Ghettos don’t make people, people make ghettos.

    The collapse of the dollar is going to create racial and cultural divides because the PC tolerance vomit everyone’s been gagging on for decades is going to collapse as well.

    The idea of being a separatist in the US is fruitless to me but, the idea of lowering standards in education and public employment to coddle to any race is also fruitless. It shouldn’t matter what color you are if you can’t pass the test. Equality doesn’t mean keep lowering the bar so everyone passes, it means everyone gets a chance to try.

    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

    For the rest of you… don’t start in with the racist hubris, it won’t work with me.

    @My Clitoris- fuck off you cunt. I doubt you’ll find a single American here that approves of the way the US Government handles foreign policy. Funny you don’t mention the 100 million or so White Christians ruthlessly murdered by the Jews over the last 100 years or so. Ever hear of the Holomodor? 7 million Ukrainians staved to death in a single winter, over 10 million total before it was over. Call out the real enemy, not his puppets and pawns.

    @James Woroble Jr- you didn’t have shit to do with any of it. Realizing a common enemy is one thing. Don’t be an apologist for something you had no hand in. It’s like apologizing for slavery. I never owned any slaves, nor did my parents, grand parents, etc. Even if my family did own slaves, should I be condemned for the sins of my father, even if he was the first to abolish slavery?

    • Silver Shield

      And thank you for playing Divide and Conquer…

      In my mind there are only two kinds of people in this world, those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone. A grand majority of humanity just wants to do what they want to do, love who they want to love and be left alone.

      Then there is a much smaller group that wants to stick their nose into everyone’s life and control them. I label them as psychopaths. They are emotional disconnected power freaks. They exist in every level of society and I believe that ALL of the Elite share the 16 or so psychopathic traits. Evil knows no skin color or religion. So to divide our people by race or religion plays into the hands of those that seek to control us.

      This comment section proves why you do not want to be in a multicutural area when the dollar collapses and people get desperate. The ignorant and the psychopaths will blame others for their problems and not the Psychopathic Elite.

      When I served in the Marines, I worked and respected evry single race and religion there is and I saw first hand we have much more incommon than we are lead to believe. Including our very real enemy whose only commonality is that they have the same traits of Psychopath.

  • TexasFalcon

    @James: Dollar (FRN) collapse means it has zero value. Not that it is devalued, but it is so devalued it is not even worth using as toilet paper. Have a modest stash of FRNs about for natural disasters, or other emergencies in which electric (and thereby electronic) systems are non-functional. The currency better than anything in a dollar collapse is the insurance that you will have if you start preparing for any emergency. That means putting up food (including pet food), water, medications, security devices (yes, guns), ammunition, and physical silver and gold.

    If by investing you mean in in the commodities market, that type of “investing” is probably the worst thing a person can do. Instead, they should buy pre-1964 silver coinage, pure silver rounds, pure gold coins. These are the very things that many used during the various economic collapses throughout history to transit their wealth through to the other side. Lets face it – paper currencies are made from wood pulp and cotton fibers. Those items grow in relative abundance on the face of the planet, and are self reproducing – a tree will make a sapling etc.

    Gold and silver do not grow, they do not make more gold and silver. They must be pulled from the rock, refined and shaped. The fundamentals of metals have not changed.

    The best investment is in silver. For millennium, up until 1964, mankind used silver as common coinage and was used for the bulk of all transactions. Gold was used for large transactions, like land purchases, business transactions etc. because it is indeed a very compact form of wealth. So, use the gold for the bulk of your wealth and silver as a buying and living tool.

    With all due respect, shill the FRN (dollar) elsewhere.

  • James Woroble Jr


    I don’t understand how it happened, but you have greatly misconstrued the meaning and purpose of my posting regarding having a MODEST(a few grand?)of currency on hand to make necessary purchases in the initial stages of a crisis. I agree with all your points regarding precious metals and preparation, but the reality is the ignorance and policy of vendors will not initially allow for the liquidity of transactions in silver or gold, accepting cash only. Not even credit cards or ATM debit cards will be accepted.

    Review what happened to the 90% ‘smart ones’ who left New Orleans prior and during Katrina by vehicle with a wallet thick with plastic cards and less than a $100 in cash, as the storm took down power and communication lines for hundreds of miles from the epicenter. Gas, food, lodging, vehicle repairs — all that they counted on procuring with plastic in their escape, was to be unavailable because the electronic processing infrastructure was down, causing them to fare not much better than the 10% smart ones they left behind. For all the important and obvious reasons of having precious metals, it would have been of little or rare assistance at the Holiday Inn, Sunoco station, tow truck operator or supermarket during such a period and circumstance. My point here is not of value per se, but of LIQUIDITY during such brief interim periods of crisis!

    Remember, your dealing with the psychology and ignorance of precious metals among the general public. They are not sure of it’s value, nor are they confident it’s real. Offering precious metals for goods and services can be very problematic. Experiment with this point during even these ‘good times’. Try offering three silver rounds for a room at the Holiday Inn. Try offering a $40 silver round for five gallons of gas (paying twice as much!). Try paying a toll with one silver round, etc, etc, etc.

    Although the dollar will collapse to total junk, it won’t happen overnight. It will take several months to reach this point when it does. In fact, ironically, in the initial stages, currency will temporarily increase in value when the electronic payment system goes down because it will be the only means of financial transaction, being actual physical currency represents a fraction of a percentage of ‘money’ in circulation.

    Of course, I am not suggesting to hoard currency in lieu of making preparation. In such a long term crisis you will not be able to get much of what you need even with money (or gold and silver for that matter). What I am suggesting is that, although fully prepared, there will be goods and services that still must be obtained, using a commonly recognized and accepted value unit of transaction — the US$! This is not ‘shilling’, but attempting to inform regarding certain realities during a limited time frame.

    Later on in the crisis, this situation will evolve as the dollar is totally destroyed. Individuals and businesses will become aware of the values of precious metals and will accept them with a preference. Even local governments will do so (see recent laws passed in Utah). But initially, when TSHTF… you would be well advised to have a bit of ‘funny munny’ on hand for those things that you just can’t, or couldn’t prep’ for… ’till the smoke of psychology, ignorance and official policy clears.

  • Calling a grape a grape isn’t trying to divide and conquer… Calling a grape a grapefuit is disingenuous in my humble opinion. Res ipsa loquitur.

    Shoving us all together is doing nothing more than reducing our society to the lowest common denominator, which is what the enemy wants. I’m not for controlling anyone. I’m not for lowering my standards to accomodate someone elses either, regardless of what race, creed or religion they are. I’m in the want to be left alone group and don’t care what anyone else is doing until it negatively affects me, and then I have a problem.

    I don’t view Blacks or the illegals as my enemy either. Like youself, I’ve served and worked alongside people of many race and religion with no problems. I also agree there are evil people in all races and religion.

    Out of respect for you, I won’t post this thread any more, as it is not my intention to cause disruption or discourse with you. Hopefully we can agree to disagree on this subject and carry on. We both know who the enemy really is, and that is what needs to be kept in the light.

  • Helenback

    Mike Litoris; LOVE your screen name! ROFLMAO

  • Arr Dee

    “Mike Lit…” Aw, so cute – did him make a widdle funny to go wif his teeny tiny wee-wee? Is him proud of his f-ing dog-turd stagnated third world countries that HONOR (LOL) kill their women? Did him forget the USA saving the world twice in World Wars? DID HIM FORGET whose religion calls for bloodshed and violence? Did him forget WHO destroyed the World Trade Center and MURDERED thousands of civilians, including Muslims? (They eat their own, right?) DID HIM FORGET WHOSE CENTRAL RELIGIOUS FIGURE WAS ALL ABOUT SERVING OTHERS AND FINALLY ALLOWED HIMSELF TO AGONIZINGLY DIE FOR US? Sorry, dude – you task me. The USA gives more in charity to the world than ANYONE else. US citizens give more on average to charity than does any other nation. You are sick, envious and wrong. And all of you haters – with your brains full-of anti-Jewish PUS? Wow, man. Just too, too sick.

  • brutlstrudl

    ” The greatest danger to society is a breakdown in the manufacture, distribution and control of prescription drugs, coupled with the proliferation of semi automatic weapons”

  • Eagle 021

    Awww, the elite plan on going to prepared underground bunkers. LOL the shills who work for them,i.e cops military and those in Fema and do not forget the fusion center usefull drones. All will be surprised and dismayed when the underground bunker doors close,leaving them and their families with the Zombies.LOL Even the Masons and illuminatti shills who will be caught topside,will realize that they have been worshiping the Devil and his minions…And only Death and the Judgement of God, being tossed into the Lake of Fire by Gods angles is the fate that awaits them..For the ones under ground they will toss their silver and gold to the bats and moles.Like they could ever hide from the Face of God. Their crimes they have commited will be on their minds forever..Thirsty,not one drop of water in Hell.

  • The Trucker

    @Arr Dee, et al,

    There is a difference between being anti-Jewish(read Judaism) and anti-Zionism. It is known that the Zionists are the real problem and they have infiltrated much. This includes the Israeli Govt. Most Christians are duped to follow along with, and support, the actions that govt makes. They do this by constantly telling us that the Christian bible states they are God’s chosen people so their actions are just. There IS a difference between the Jewish people and their Zionist govt. Just as there is a big difference between the American folks and our corrupted govt. I still have a huge problem with this bandwagon logic that, somehow, some dudes in a cave pulled off this king of operation and that a few guys wielding box cutters, mind you, were able to overtake the crew and ALL the passengers…… I won’t even start in to all the physical and scientific laws that were conveniently put on hold that sad murderous day.

    Here are some rabbi’s that have some info about zionism and why they don’t support the “state” of Isreal:


  • mickey the pirate

    The secret of success is invisibility..do not be noticed. drive an old car, wear old treadbare clothing, never wear jewelry or show off a wad of cash…and quietly prepare. Then when the shtf, sit it out in your crappy little house that is sort of out there in the middle of nowhere.. If you are not there already, buy an old farmhouse in Kansas or South Dakota… they are still real cheap in most of the great plains small towns and villages. Then Stock that place up with prep items, food, fuel, matches, supplies tools ect.. and be ready to leave whereever it is you currently call home if its not safe.. have some sort of stash half way there..say a storage unit with an old car and enough gasoline to get you the rest of the way..or a relative who lets you park your old car in their back yard..you get the idea..just in case.. Figure out routes to get to your bugout location that pass through cornfields..avoid all major cities and frankly towns of any size if possible..small farm and county roads will work fine. PS Did you know you can actually drive all the way from South Dakota to New Mexico without using a paved road? trust me, on that route there are no major towns in your way..Figure out your own alternative routes to get places now.

  • d. king

    stop u …tubb, faze.. bach! “gangs posting ‘rumbles’ flash. mob.
    cow (car?) tipping etc pics” so stop the pics!

  • kebozarth

    The light always drives out the darkness. Look to the light of truth.

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