Kevin Gosztola–The Adam Swartz Case-Overzealous Prosecutors At Work 28.Jan.13 presents

A new guest on FSN, Kevin Gosztola is a first rate reporter. He’s particularly disturbed by the Adam Swartz case. Swartz, the co-founder of Reddit, simply appropriated a J-Stor list feed from MIT and made it public. No private information was ever disclosed, no one was injured and there was no harm done, period. But that didn’t stop the US Attorney, for the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, from criminally charging him and threatening him with a long period of incarceration in order to exact a plea. The unstable Swartz committed suicide, denying the state its opportunity to lock him up. Sad indeed, but all to frequent in this world.

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1 comment to Kevin Gosztola–The Adam Swartz Case-Overzealous Prosecutors At Work 28.Jan.13

  • Rainmaker

    Kerry, first thing, his name is/was Aaron Swartz, not Adam. And I take umbrage at your characterization of Swartz as “unstable”. Sounds like you are buying into the narrative (and comparing Swartz to Adam Lanza). Love your work Kerry, but I find it extremely convenient for Swartz to have been “suicided”. Swartz was the driving force behind the movement to defeat the controversial House Internet censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Senate bill, the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Swartz could easily have accepted a plea but refused (is that what made him unstable?). I wonder what would have happened had Swartz been exonorated (which in my humble opinion, was very possible, certainly based on the way that those two bills were defeated). I alway ask “Cui Bono”?

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