Freedom Girl Revealed

Freedom Girl will be release tonight at midnight at

The Peace Dollar is regarded as one of the most beautiful coins in the world.

It was struck by the US mint after World War One commemorating the “War to End All Wars”.  34 year old sculptor Anthony de Francisci used his wife Teresa as a model for the coin. This coin is one of the most classically beautiful coins in the US Mint’s history.  It is now time to create a more modern beauty

Freedom Girl is the first medallion in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series done with full creative control given to Heidi Wastweet.

Heidi is known for her images of strong and beautiful women, most notably, Pandora Defiant.  Now she has created a new beauty for a new generation.

Men have been know to fight to the death for women, treasure and freedom.

Freedom Girl is a stunning combination of all three.  Every aspect of Heidi’s design brings out a gorgeous update of the classic Peace Dollar.  The original Peace Dollar had her hair tied in a bun with an uncomfortable tiara perched on her head.  Freedom Girl’s hair is wild and free. Freedom Girl’s parted lips and gaze of almost ecstasy looking forward to the future is so seductive, as Freedom should be. Even her shoulder arching forward brings out more emotion from this modern beauty. She is finished off with modern cues of a hoop earring and a tattoo of the Trivium.  The Trivium is the foundation for individual freedom from outside manipulation.  What better way to make Freedom sexy than Freedom Girl?

As with so many other words in our language, there is a psychological warfare going on to control us, even between the words Freedom and Liberty.

We chose “Freedom” over the Peace Dollar’s “Liberty” simply because Liberty is Freedom granted by a power.  This is most notable when military men are granted 24 hour liberty to go out on the town.  Whereas Freedom is the ability of the individual to do whatever they want with their time without coercion. A tyranny can give Liberty, but not Freedom. A man can only assert his Freedom or give it away.

36 comments to Freedom Girl Revealed

  • billy

    Wow, very beautiful woman. I liked the saying men are known to kill for 3 things. Woman, wealth, and freedom. I think all be getting a couple of these in Proof.

  • James Tetreault

    Beautiful design. Wonderful job by Heidi. I’m much more interested in purchasing this coin than the slave queen.

  • vincent formoso

    holy wow! best coin yet. this is the first coin to give me a real good positive feeling. this one is really special and will definitely be in demand. great job!

  • speedspirit

    Congratulations very nice piece. Credit where credit is due the U.S Mint national park collection silver coins are the most beautiful in my collection. Now freedom girl will be and the trivium are some of my favorite pieces.

  • Trafix

    Amazing.. I’m speachless

  • Joshua Stewart

    Im buying at Midnight!

  • Robert

    Heidi has created an amazing “medallion” too bad I have to wait to Feb 14 to get proofs. I’ll keep a bunch of powder dry.

  • ROS

    The coin is fantastic and I have placed my order.

    However if I am being honest , the arm “tattoo” looks out place, as
    if it was decided on after the fact. That is the only negative of an
    otherwise beautiful design.


    • Golden Ratio

      My subjective point of view on the Trivium tattoo is freedom of thought. For reference the so called “Mercury Dime” really the Winged Liberty Dime shows young Liberty in her winged Phrygian cap representing freedom of thought. To me the Trivium Tattoo represents Freedom Girls freedom of thought. Also I like the tie in with a previous medallion this adds value to the story which is an aspect of transformation from bullion to collectable medallion.

  • SilverEye

    STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I’ve placed an order. Definitely was a few proofs.

  • Oz's

    Nice bit of SLV

    When available retailing in Sout Africa??
    Anyone who is wise wouldn’t buy online and be tracked….

    • David Richardson

      “Anyone who is wise wouldn’t buy online and be tracked….”

      Not a worry for small purchases.

      I see you mention South Africa. In my state one can order ammunition and firearms online. That’s something to be concerned about ordering online.

  • Don K

    Beautiful medallion indeed.

  • Don K

    Almost 10k sold. Never thought I’d have much fun reloading SBSS page.

  • PitBull Pappa

    Congratulations on surpassing the 10K goal!!! I’m looking forward to building a wonderful SBSS collection…:)

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Steve

    So is it known who Heidi drew inspiration from when designing Freedom Girl? I know it’s ultimately an inanimate object, but I find myself just gazing at this medallion, wondering, “Who is this woman?”

  • Lmo Mutton

    Congrats on the 10K goal getting trumped!!

    In on 1.

    And by the way, is Heidi for sale??

  • You sure there’s enough silver available to keep up with your sales, bud? :-)

    Very beautiful coin by the way.

    Peace and Freedom…….two wonderful words, indeed.

  • pianoman

    What a wonderfully brilliant piece of art! It’s just beautiful. I hope you do copper ones of this one some day as well. Very nice Heidi and Chris!! I’ll have to get a second job to keep up this purchasing habit lol.

  • Adam Hill

    Freedom Girl is beautiful!!! Another idea for a later medallion would be a frontal portrait??? I bet that gaze is intense.

  • Trafix

    Chris, is the silverbulletsilvershield site down? I want to get an order in but it will not load…. I really want my hands on freedom girl and a copper d&d coin!!! (and improve your one day sales record)

    • Trafix

      Ok, never mind. I think it may be a bad hotel room internet connection. I’ll try again tomorrow.

      • Silver Fan

        Trafix, the site was down for several hours last night. I am hoping those who did not get to order before midnight because of this still get a chance for the limited edition coin.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear) couldn’t take my European order for Freedom Girls. The checkout process is saying ‘invalid shipping method’ but I do not see what shipping method has been selected or is available.
    I have sent a message to their sales email address.

    • Silver Shield

      Find us some dealers in Europe then….

      • David Richardson

        I think it is wonderful you are getting international interest. It is beautiful. Looking forward to having a proof or two. I like low-cost collectibles; things that don’t cost much above current inherent value.

        Some that have paid for MS or PF 69 or 70 special release ASE’s at $200+ will be disappointed when a generic BU ounce becomes worth about the same as their collectible purchase.

  • RG

    So, does anyone know if we hit the 10K mark yesterday as I am curious to know if those of us who ordered on 1/29 are getting the free debt and death copper coin.

  • rocky theboat

    hello chris

    I want to swap some maple leafs and kookaburra for the slave queen and looking to buy more of the freedom girl and the 6 you offered for us should I call them or I need to wait for respond?

    nobody answers to my emails ;9

  • Freedom girl is the most beautifull coin ever.
    I have always favored the walking liberty half dollar
    until now. A special thank you to Chris Duane and
    Sons of Liberty Academy for showing me the way
    and for helping all thous sheeple whom will open
    their minds to hear the truth and to be educated.



  • andres


    The work you do is awesome. You have helped thousands and thousands of people wake up to reality. I just have one question and that is why have we not seen any inflation yet? (when many whistle blowers had predicted that hyperinflation would have happened by 2013). Thanks

  • David Richardson

    “Current Availability 14 – 21 days”. Today’s prognosis when ordering Slave Queen or Freedom Girl.

    I don’t know what the “backlog” of orders was before the 22,400+ Freedom Girls [so far] were sold, but my order of three Slave Queens on 1/4/13 I have gotten no shipping notice on.

    I know; they are catching up. Just feedback.

    • Adam Hill

      I ordered mine on 1/3 and got notice today that they have shipped. I would guess yours would be soon.

  • Excellent post!

    “A tyranny can give Liberty, but not Freedom. A man can only assert his Freedom or give it away.”

  • stevenr.f.

    Just picked up some of these and Slave Queen, and plus some of the TSP mint. Member of the TSP, and thanks for coming on with Jack!

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