Danielle Park–Time To Start The Foreclosure Reality TV Show 29.Jan.13

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Daniel Park just got back from throwing cold water on the die-hard precious metal bulls at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. She’s not buying glowing government statistics showing that housing is recovering, either. In fact, we discussed the inventory overhang, the aptly named shadow inventory, over 6 million strong and growing. Now banks are renting out newly foreclosed homes to their defaulting borrowers. And in Florida, foreclosure is entering into the dating scene, where so many singles are on the verge of losing their homes. When will it all end?

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    Danielle did have a lot of facts, that was good. Her going off on her opinion on how personal responsiblity was lame and ill thought out, and made me more skeptical. People not being able to find jobs for a 1-3 years will make you lose your house. The banks responded very greedily and refused to work. Back in the day, small community banks WOULD work with people, but the impervious bank machine refused. Now, with a glut of houses and their a$$es on the line, they feel they can be a little more human. She conspicuously in all her prosetylizing did not mention that. Bad form. There are 2 sides, you know.

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