Amerikan Stasi has a vital mission but who’s the threat?

Has any weapon garnered as much attention in memory as the AR-15 has the last month? I can’t think of any weapon more demonized and we are talking about a weapon that only fires .22 caliber bullets. Well, the Ar-15 is in the news again this week and no, I’m not talking about the daily jib-jab about banning it. What I am talking about is the Department of Homeland Security’s recent request for 7,000 of these “assault rifles” that are supposed to be so dangerous.


Now let’s get one thing straight before we continue. Any gun in the wrong hands is dangerous but the gun isn’t what makes it dangerous per se, it’s the person holding it. An AR-15 is no more dangerous then a bottle of whiskey unattended; the whiskey isn’t going to consume itself and the gun isn’t going to shoot itself. So the common denominator… ah yes, humans are. Imperfect, emotional, crazy and often foolish humans are the problem not the inanimate object.


So, the Department of Homeland Security puts in a large order for guns that are not fit for public use (‘personal defense weapons suitable for personal defense use in close quarters’) or at least that is what those advocating #guncontrol would lead you to believe. My question or comment on this piece of news isn’t the hypocrisy because it’s rather obvious. No, my question is what exactly is the Department of Homeland Security up to? Let’s take a look at their mission statement taken right off their website:



The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face. This requires the dedication of more than 240,000 employees in jobs that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector. Our duties are wide-ranging, but our goal is clear – keeping America safe.



Seems rather ambiguous to me does it not to you? So they want to keep us safe from the many threats we face, presumably here in the homeland. Sounds about as clear a statement as the Navy’s slogan they been pumping out for the last few years:


“A global force for good”



Words like “good, safe many threats” all these are pretty loose terms and for good reason, what these agencies are doing is being as broad as possible. Why you say? To keep their options open. Who is an enemy and keep “us” safe from whom is about ambiguous as it is chilling. Now strap on your tin foil hats for a second, I don’t do this often but lets just look at a few more things regarding the DHS and play connect the dots.


Last year the DHS ordered 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. Just a few months later there was an order placed for 750 million additional rounds but then after questioning it was deemed to be classified information. We also have Tim Brown from who reported last year about the DHS buying 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX used to create “dirty” bombs. If that wasn’t enough even the Social Security Office is stalking up buying 174,000 hollow point rounds. Hollow point rounds are made for maximum damage, expanding in the body thus no exit wound. Not exactly what you expect granny to see when going to get her check now is it?


Mass purchases of AR-15’s, billions of rounds, explosives… one has to ask himself what is Homeland Security getting ready for because it appears they are stock piling to wage war not just protect the border. Remember DHS’s slogan opening line: “to secure the nation from the many threats we face” With illegal immigration actually trending down whom is left to pose a threat? Now that you got your tin foil hat on nice and tight the answer is clear is it not? It’s you.


Rights are being infringed upon in the name of security. Entire sectors in business are being shipped overseas. College students are now going to school taking on debt and having no place to work to obtain money to pay back said debt. Income inequality like we have today hasn’t been seen since the 1920’s.



Corporations are getting richer while wages continue to fall. The poorest live like the middle class without lifting a finger. The richest live like kings siphoning off obscene profits that would make Rockefeller blush. Inflation is building in reserves waiting to unleash like a tsunami as purchasing power is erodes with every dollar we flush into the system to prop up this pig economy that is nothing short of a mirage.


We are seeing the inevitable happen. It’s a game of musical chairs and the music is coming to an end how soon depends on how fast we lose confidence in that filthy dollar. I would love to quote Marilyn Manson here and end it with the line “get your gun’ but it appears someone has beat me to the punch.

4 comments to Amerikan Stasi has a vital mission but who’s the threat?

  • Silver Eagle

    Your comment “a weapon that only fires a .22 caliber bullet” is somewhat misleading. Not to get into the discussion of which republic defense weapon is better..but the 5.56 round is formidable caliber, and used in the right hands is a quite effective weapon. But also to allude to the .22 caliber as an ineffective round misses the fact that more people have been…shall we say… dealt with in a lethal fashion with the use of a .22 caliber. a .22 caliber weapon has capabilities beyond any other round to be silenced effectively with as little as a empty 16oz plastic soda bottle.

    The “lowly” AR-15 and your disparaging remarks may be the very weapon of use in the near future, not to mention the plentiful rounds of room temperature tyrants.( Yes, insulting a mans weapon is liken to insulting his wife, children and dog)

    But to the point of your post, what is DHS up to….should be a rather obvious answer….its not for “shooting squirrels and such”…can you name the movie that line comes from?

    Stay alert!

  • Fletchlives

    I don’t dismiss the effectiveness of an AR-15 or a .22 caliber round. I never alluded to it being an ineffective round either, my point was and remains still now is simply this: its a small round. I think any weapon in the right hands is effective just as i feel any weapon in the wrong hands can be dangerous and that is regardless of the caliber.

    I never meant it was “lowly” nor did i give them impression that it was. You obviously took this personal and any disparaging remarks where made simply towards the caliber size, not the effectiveness of the rifle. I just find it humorous of all the weapons, this rifle gets all the attention to be banned. Its a gun that is very accurate but relatively weak in regards of firepower and caliber thus why its preferred by women.

    I claim to be no expert on guns, Im a new gun owner myself, so youre much more qualified to speak about your gun than i am. I own a Remington 870 for my home defense and probably will add to it soon. As far as what the DHS is up to I agree with you as i was asking more of a rhetorical question. You git me stumped on the movie and i even tried to google it. Anyway, I appreciate your comments and you stay alert as well friend.

    • Silver Eagle

      Outlaw Josey Wales when the Redlegs confiscated the rifles of Josey’s unit. The character Josey tries to nurse because he was shot for refusing to take a oath to the Union says he needs his rifle for hunting squirrels and such.

      Great movie!

      No offense, just trying to make light of picking on a mans weapon is a sensitive subject.

  • JOllyroger

    The DHS is NOT about securing our borders or protecting our freedom. It is nothing more than an American version of the Gestapo and the East German STASI. Its true role is that of repression and tyranny.
    Just consider that the creators of this dangerous bureau hired former STASI agents to help create it.
    The DHS like the CIA and FBI and TSA have all become instruments of tyranny.
    They are in fact the instruments of our enslavement. They operate so far outside the law that we as citizens live in fear of having our doors broken down in the middle of the night and being hauled away never to be seen again.
    The government can no longer be trusted with our liberty.
    That is why the Second Amendment exists.

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