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Episode-1061- Rob Gray and Chris Duane on the Launch of

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Today is a big day, after a lot of planning we are launching  This is being done in conjunction with Rob Gray of AOCS and he joins us today to discuss all the great things going on at AOCS and the newly launched Mulligan Mint.

Over the past year Rob has been working heavily with Chris Duane who I introduced him to back when he was a guest on TSP.  Together they have released a series of silver medallions and it has really  helped Rob’s new mint get off the ground.  So we are fortunate to have Chris on today’s show as well.

I Think Therefore I Am An Ant

I Think Therefore I Am An Ant

Join Us Today As We Discuss…

  • How Rob’s trip to the capital helped spring board Mulligan Mint
  • The great success Chris has had working with Rob with his series of medallions
  • Why now is a great time to be investing in silver
  • The future of the US economy and how silver can help protect your future
  • How AOCS has now become one of the most competitive places to buy silver
  • Why silver is the most anonymous form of currency available today
  • Thoughts on individual succession and opting out of the system
  • How you can get a free collectors only copper medallion just by buying TSP Silver

Special Offer for the Launch of TSP Mint

  • Buy 5 or more TSP Silver Ant Medallions and get a free COPPER one ounce version of Chris Duane’s Debt and Death design.  You can’t buy these anywhere.  Limit one per order.
  • If we sell 15,000 ounces of silver by COB Sunday the 3rd of February everyone that buys any of the new TSP Ant Medallions gets a free Debt and Death copper medallion.  So those that buy 5 ant coins will get 2.
  • If we sell 25,000 ounce of silver Rob will mint 10, 1/10th ounce gold coins, these will then be given out free  to those who purchased any coins in a drawing.
  • We will have a real time counter on the TSPMint website tracking orders until COB Sunday.

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

Rob Gray’s Links

Chris Duane’s Links

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

12 comments to Silver Shield with The Survivial Podcast

  • Jim

    Chris awesome to see you team up with Jack. I’m a fan of the survival podcast. You and the team down at the Mulligan mint are doing a great job. Coins are awesome. I really love freedom girl. Keep up the good work.

  • Jim

    Chris, awesome to see you team up Jack. I’m a fan of The Survival Podcast. You and the team down at Mulligan mint are doing a great job. Coins are awesome. I really love freedom girl. Keep up the good work

  • christian Stewart

    wow its a ugly coin ! dont think they will sell many . But i want that copper SBSS coin LOL

  • rex

    The 3 amigos together again! I just love it. You guys are my heroes. Just a note for you guys in Texas. If your order is over 1K…no Texas sales tax on bullion. If you use your MSB, you can’t beat this deal on a silver round.

    Hope to see alot more from the 3 amigos!


  • rex

    Ohhh…wait..unless you buying the sexy freedom chick! 😉

  • J.J. Kobs

    So exactly how limited will his Debt & Death Copper coin be if you keep giving it away in different offerings~? The ant medallion is just not appealing to me~~

  • Joshua Stewart

    I love all silver but I gotta say the Ant is not appealing at all should have brought Heidi W. on to help fix it.

  • vincent formoso

    It’s really nice of you to help out tsp. if you really wanna help them out, design their next coin. Your coins are just way ahead of their time. Design and message. Tsp bullion looks like everyone else’s. let it be a learning experience for them.

  • Gareth

    Another interesting chat. Good to hear that Rob bought his machines with gold as opposed to fiat currency.

    I collect copper rounds so if anyone is willing to sell me one of those d&d copper rounds let me know :-)

  • stevenr.f.

    Thanks for coming on the TSP! Jack’s medallions won’t appeal to the folks that like their silver sexy or rock n’ roll. However, for those of us that understand the meaning of the ant, it works just fine. Having said that, I bought silver from Jack and from Chris. :) Why choose?

    I’ll keep my D&D copper, thanks! Specially since I’ll probably not ever be able to own the silver version.

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