Silver Shield Report #62- The Warrior Spirit

Being Mentally and Physically prepared for the Anger Phase of Humanity is of utmost importance. Today we have a talk with fellow SSR member Coach David Aleaxander about the Warrior Spirit.  Not only do you have to have the means of responding to violence, you need the mindset to do it.  Coach David walks this life and offers invaluable tips and ideas in this week’s Silver Shield Report.

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54 comments to Silver Shield Report #62- The Warrior Spirit

  • SYGY

    Hi Chris

    Was waiting on Will to get back to me in Canada on the member coin’s and the amount we can buy after the restriction removal,i need to know how i actually pay for these? Can we use credit card’s? can you give me a head’s up on what to do,,thank’s

  • SYGY

    Ok i see we have me locked in now. Tx alot for all you do!

    p.s.SBSS has been taking some flack from a few poster’s on Brother John’s site,i am manning the challenge,and putting them in there place! You are getting support and these negative willies are being exposed in there agenda.

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’ve always had the mindset that if put in an unavoidable situation, take out the threat at all costs, but ONLY as a means last resort. When I was a kid I took a lot of crap because I wasn’t a big guy and didn’t have any self esteem. It wasn’t until later in life that I gained confidence and learned to walk tall at a towering 5’6″ Being ex military I do have formal hand to hand combat training but not to the extent that coach David teaches. I’ve always had an interest in learning krav maga, so I’m going to enjoy watching the attached video link and take notes.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • disneydollars

    Time to teach my son the new SSG revamped kids song of “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Knees & Toes” to “Eyes, Ball-sack, Throat & Spine, Throat & Spine”.

    Great report.

  • Good video, thanks. I’ve often walked down the road and though ‘what would I do if this person attacked me’ etc.

    You tend to use your thumbs more for the eyes, would you state this is better than using fingers?

    • It usually depends on position. I also feel that i have more control using my thumbs. The answer really is do whatever gets the result desired.

      • Aye, aim for pragmatism I guess.

        I think most people’s problem would be that they simply ‘freeze’. The psychologists rabbit-on about fight or flight, but I’m seen quite a number of people ‘freeze’ and just stare when they’ve seen just a minor scuffle.

        One last question, don;t wanna use up too much of your time bud: I’ve a six-month old and wanna teach him ‘stuff’ as young as possible. Is there an age you’d recommend? I currently place my hands just on the outside of his and he’s starting to move his to the outside and grab :-) Not sure if this will help his touch, but he seems to enjoy it. Think win-chun.


        • I am trying to keep people from “freezing” by making my system a reactionary system instead of a technique based system.

          As far as ages go, both my kids ages 8 and 10 know my system (first taught at age 7 for them). I think the answer to the question would be at what age can they determine why they would need to use this system. They would also need to know why we don’t use this system. Does that help? Thanks for the question, Coach David

  • Adam Hill

    This was a great report!! I liked the talk of nutrition and generally being strong as much as the self defense. I started primal/paleo about 3 months ago and had so much energy that I started weightlifting. I’m looking into Crossfit now.

    Coach David… correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what you’re saying is something I heard a police officer say about using a firearm–“Don’t shoot it unless you intend to kill your target.” In your case, I think it’s fair to say “Don’t use force unless you intend to kill.” Would that be correct?

    • I also believe that the Paleo Diet is the way to go. That is why I wrote a book ( that I refer to as “Paleo Plus”. It also give me great energy. CrossFit is great, just make sure to start slowly and build up your weights/loads. I used to own a crossfit/mma gym.

      As for the 2nd question,I would only use my “How to Kill” system in a life or death worst case scenario. Basically, if I had a gun, would I pull the trigger. The only difference is that my body and brain are the gun. Coach David

      • To resolve any confusion, I actually have two different self defense systems. My main system and what I will be known for is teaching regular people how to survive a worst case scenario by learning how to destroy a human target using your hands/body and striking just 3 main targets (B.E.T.). This system has many titles including “How to Kill with Your Hands…to save yourself and your family from a violent attack (the fastest to learn and most effective self defense system in the world!). My second system is my combatives system called Smash Fu! or Street Fight Bootcamp. This system teaches an old school military/krav maga type combatives program for the stronger/fitter individual which will end a threat, but might keep people alive in the end. I try to discourage people from fighting, but will train people in this system if they want. I also teach mixed martial arts for people who want to learn sport of mma. Coach David

  • joe cawthorn

    I was about to check out with 20 of each medalion and the page timed out. It keeps saying 404 Page not found. Any ideas? Will can you put me down for 20 of each?

  • Son of Liberty

    Coach David knows what he’s talking about. When I read the article he wrote with a workout program for Chris I took the ball and ran with it… at least the fundamental principles of it. I’m stronger and I feel healthier now than I ever have before, even more than when I was in the army. Even lingering knee and shoulder injuries from that time are gone. In just a short period of time I was able to work up to deep squatting 100% of my weight as well as bench pressing 100% of my weight. I add in some neck bridges, pull ups, and some core exercises and I feel like I’m getting stronger and healthier all the time with less than 5 hours/week commitment. I can honestly say that after trying out David’s plan, I realized that most of what I thought I knew about fitness was BS. Thanks David!

    BTW – for your convenience – here’s the link to the workout program:

  • James Tetreault

    Great stuff, Coach David. The emphasis on simplicity and on taking the offense rather than remaining on defense are excellent points. I’ve always been slightly skeptical of dramatic and complex martial arts moves.

    I think this started years and years ago from watching an episode of The Rockford Files in which a fairly jacked up bad guy somehow has it in for Rockford in a bar or restaurant. Rockford as much as tells him he’ll fight and then goes straight to the bathroom. He also somehow knows the guy is really into martial arts. He goes in and empties one of the soap dispensers on the floor several feet from where he stands. The guy comes in and tries to do some dramatic flying kick but slips on the soap and goes flying onto his ass. Rockford jumps forward and hits him with a punch that includes a roll of coins after which he remarks something on the order of “Karate’s great but it assumes it’s gonna be a fair fight.” In addition to that, one of the neighbor’s kids, a little guy who couldn’t have gone over five six and 120 kicked some bigger brown belt’s ass. It alerted me to the truth that martial arts isn’t magical.

  • James Tetreault

    In regard to getting in shape, I just wanted to also mention a fascinating book called Born to Run. No, it’s not about Springsteen. It’s by a guy named Chris McDougall, a freelance writer who wondered why he kept getting foot or leg injuries after every few times he went running.

    He found out a few things. One is that the typical american running shoe is counterproductive. He talked to doctors and researchers and found out that humans are supposed to run on the front half of their foot. You use your arch as, essentially, a spring that you keep on reloading. This is what the human body’s made to do (except for sprints) and getting a Nike shoe with extra shock absorbing in the heel is a waste. Human beings didn’t have shoes thousands of years ago. So how do they subsist, how did they hunt if they couldn’t run without Air Jordans? Worse than that, the typical padded in the heel running shoe will positively encourage you to get injured. Running on your heel transfers impact to your knees etc that aren’t really made to take that impact. Even if the shoe worked exactly as intended, great, instead of successively reloading the spring comprised of the front half and arch of your foot, you waste energy by pounding some piece of foam in the middle of your shoe.

    But even better than that insight was a discussion of running and anthropology(from about page 210-240). McDougall learns from researchers that human beings can run down almost any animal out there and that’s what we evolved to do. That’s our physical advantage. A deer, for example, can only breathe in the cadence of its strides. Human beings have almost infinite options for the pace of our breathing. A deer presents almost all its body to overhead sun. A human being presents only his or her head and shoulders and therefore is less prone to overheating. A human being can also sweat over most all of his or her body while a deer cannot much sweat at all. McDougall goes into more explanation and talks to an author who took part in persistence hunts in southern Africa. He went out with some tribesmen and they picked out one deer from a herd and ran it into exhaustion and killed it.

    If you’re something of a science nerd and run, it’s fascinating stuff. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. And if you’re thinking of doing some running as part of getting in shape to be able to use what Coach David teaches, please check out this book. It’ll amaze you and it’ll make you run differently and probably better.

    • I agree and have done a lot of research on the benefits of going barefoot. On another note, I personally and through research am not a fan of long distance running to get into shape. I have my clients complete short sprints which will help to build muscle and use fat as fuel instead of long distance running which uses muscle as fuel. It depends on what a person wants to look like, a muscled sprinter or a kenyan. I personally prefer the sprinter body which is more functional. Thanks for the comment. Go Vibram! Coach David

      • James Tetreault

        Going right to barefoot (or Vibrams) is very tough. I would guess that very few, if any, people should try to go straight to that. It’s probably wiser to go down in shoe protection in a few steps. Maybe go from the Nike cushioned shoe to Nike Frees and then to Merrell Road Gloves or New Balance Minimus Zeros and maybe then to Vibrams.

        • Adam Hill

          I got a pair of the Merrell’s with the Vibram’s sole and it did take awhile to get used to them. I started with a few hours to a day to two days, etc. After about two months, I can wear them whenever.

          • James Tetreault

            I like Merrells a lot but it’s a very weird shoe to wear just walking around. Sometimes in just walking around, you heel strike. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it feels very odd and almost wrong to be wearing Merrells and ever have your heel hit the ground first. I like them for running but not just walking around.

            • Adam Hill

              I thought the same. I have an unusual step because of marching band in high school which is a heel strike, but more like a rocking chair of the foot. “ROLL THE FOOT!!” I heard all through high school. It was difficult to adjust to the Merrell’s with not only that style of walking but also high arches. I love them now however I haven’t ran in them yet.

              An odd observation is that I am totally stealthy walking in any shoe except the Merrell’s Barefoot. Now I sound like a tap dancer, even without heel strike.

      • James Tetreault

        And, from what I’ve read, you don’t have to lose muscle mass at all from long distance running. Look at the competitors in the Ironman Triathlon. Those guys are very far from the image of kenyan marathoners even though they’re doing multiple marathon difficulty events each competition.

        • Typical triathletes typically add weight training to their training while marathon runners do not and end up using muscle as fuel. If you have a chance a good book to read would be “The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson. He is a former world class marathon runner who was always sick and weak from his training and diet until he switched his program to sprints/lift heavy stuff/play and now has muscle and health. In the end, everyone has to follow their own path and do what they think is best. I choose to “Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy Sh!%” Coach David

          • Don’t get me wrong though. I have my trainees add in additional long walks/hikes up to 5 miles a week total. I just don’t have them running because of the damage to joints and that of catabolizing muscle. Also, why do all these elite runners seem to die at a young age? Coach David

          • James Tetreault

            Fair enough. Thanks for the information and even more for the video. You make a great contribution to this site.

          • Adam Hill

            I got the Primal Connection on Friday and just started reading it. Mark’s Daily Apple is one of my daily reads. Fridays are my favorite. Testimonials keep fuel in the fire. Lift heavy sh##, eat lots of meat, learn to fight= how do I become a genuine badass? The Art of Manliness had a good article about increasing testosterone the natural way.

          • James Tetreault

            Hey, Coach, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the reference to Sisson’s book. I bought one of his and just got it. It’s very interesting stuff.

  • Anthony Bartlett

    Good to see other Paleo’ers out there.

    • It just makes logical sense and since most people in this group are very logical they should see the benefits of a paleo lifestyle. Coach David

    • Dino

      Interesting approach. However meet is acid/toxic and needs a lot of processing.

      • A true paleo person would only eat wild animals and organs (+vegetables, nuts, seeds & wild fruit). The modern cow would not be on a strict paleo diet, but can do for the transition period I talk about in my book “David’s Diet” you can see at Thanks for the comment, Coach David

  • Nathan

    Thnx for the report.

    And thanks for bringing to my attention the Paleo diet. I’ve just visited a website ( and it makes sense to me. Time for some food-lifestyle change!

  • Golden Ratio

    Great subject, really enjoy the variety of the SSG Reports. These techniques seem practical and effective. Bravo

  • christian Stewart

    Great report ! maybe a food and first aid type report is needed after this fight !

    Also im interested in ordering more of the member coins , been emailing Will but havent had a reply for a couple of days ? Can i get more of these coins ?

    • Will Lehr

      Hey bud-
      you get my emails last night? We have to process the Intl orders manually. I’ll make sure Alicia can skype w/ you today and take your additional orders. You got her email from yesterday? Sorry my inbox gets dumped on and I usually try to clear it out a few nights per week. Cheers! W

  • cb

    Great stuff David! Thanks for sharing that invaluable info. I actually spent over 10 years training Zen Do Kai which was developed from Australian Bob Jones and is a freestyle combining hard style karate, Thai boxing, ground fighting, grappling etc. But I really appreciated watching you apply your style with pure simplicity. Knowing how to punch, kick and grapple has got me out of some ‘interesting scenarios’ but thankfully I have never had to face off with a or multiple psychopaths when the outcome may have been very different. I think Martial Arts can often give us a false sense of security so it is great to see your approach and allow myself to reassess and retrain (great technique) ‘how to fight’ in relation to life threatening attacks.

  • BuckeyeAbolitionist

    This was a great report! I’m currently an active duty Marine and you hit the nail right on the head that the military self defense training isn’t really designed for actual self defense. We joke in the Marines that you learn just enough to get your ass kicked in a bar fight. Not to mention the complicated moves in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program that require hour upon hour of repetition to master. That kind of stuff will be very difficult to mold into the subconscious mind where it is total muscle memory in a life or death situation. I’m definitely going to read more into the Target Focus Training.

    I’ve also done some research on the Paleo-diet which is talked about a lot on blogs like The only thing that has held myself and my wife back from going that route is the fact that it seems very expensive. Any comments on that?


    • I agree that it can seem pricey compared to processed boxed food, but one would have to look more long term in order to see the savings. The amount that one could save on medical bills and insurance alone is enough. One is also more energetic and productive on this type of lifestyle. Also, it’s not always filet mignon and broccolini. Find less expensive ingredients and find paleo style recipes online that will make it taste delicious. Also, you will eventually eat a lot less, because the protein and fat will help you feel full longer. Thanks for the comment, Coach David

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