Dr. Bruce Hagan–Your Doctor May Be Hazardous To Your Health 05.Feb.13

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Here’s why you should listen to this interview:

  • Americans rank 50th in longevity
  • Back surgery is one of the most over-prescribed medical treatments
  • Pharmaceutical companies exert undue influence on researchers
  • Americans, 5% of the world’s population, use 50% of the world’s drugs
  • Drug errors injure millions
  • Leading cause of death in America is IATROGENESIS (doctor-caused death) Look it up on Google (Death by Medicine)
  • In 2001 Americans spent more on side effects than on disease
  • OTC cold medicines are deadly and ineffective
  • Thirty ways to help prevent breast cancer
  • Twenty-seven ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Twenty ways that may prevent prostate problems
  • Your hospital may be a hotbed for infection (MRSA)
  • 100,000,000 unnecessary antibiotics are given yearly
  • Twenty percent of dialysis patients get there from ibuprofen drugs Motrin, Aleve, Nuprin and Advil—LA Times


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2 comments to Dr. Bruce Hagan–Your Doctor May Be Hazardous To Your Health 05.Feb.13

  • Ed Pomicter

    Great interview, and, as a physician, I agree 100%. Do exactly the opposite of what the government and industry leaders say, and you should do great!

    I would add that Your Doctor May Be Hazardous to Your Freedom. The electronic medical record, touted by politicians and controllers, has nothing to do with improving medical care and reducing expenses. It is a tool to monitor physicians (making sure that they toe the line of cookbook medicine that enriches the illness-industrial complex) and monitor patients. I believe that physician reimbursement will soon be tied to patient compliance with the medical care as dictated by the central organizers as documented and monitored in the electronic record, creating a situation where it is in a doctor’s “best interest” to coerce patients into toeing the line. This is also the tool by which people dependent upon the state will be denied, food, shelter, etc if they are non-compliant with the vaccines and psychotropic drugs that they are supposed to be taking.

    Additionally, as we can see in OBAMA!s mental-health-centered attack on the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, the medical record and doctor-patient relationship is going to be used as a tool of the state to control the populace and, potentially, identify individuals as enemies of the state.

  • purplemom

    I am so thrilled that you occasionally do segments such as this one because the public desperately need to listen to physicians such as this one. I hope there will be doctors entering the profession who feel the way Dr. Hagan feels. Common sense needs to return to medical practice. Thanks for this terrific interview!

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