One peoples public trust 1776

Freedom for everyone from debt and death. Federal reserve foreclosed.

Looks like december 25th 2012 it all changed.

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  • jeff gates

    so far this is a very positive group and concept. all the blog talk radio shows have been very hopeful and uplifting. Santos Bonacci, Lisa Harrison has hosted the group radio shows on freedom reigns and the collective imagination. Chris? your take?

  • iamsosickofnaggers

    How could you post this drivel.

    Are you next going to say everyone on the planet is going to get $500 million?

    Cop out.

    Bring it – if this is all they got.

  • Falco

    Chris did not post this.
    This is the legal foundation to have your debts wiped clean as they were imaginary to begin with. This will lead to the big crash everyone is expecting as we move to abandon the debt based paradigm.
    Im interested in others thoughts here. Way too much effort went into this for a simple scam. The trustee Heather has done a few interviews and she seems like she has her head on properly and her eyes wide open.

  • Paul

    So Falco, what ur saying is our debts will just disappear? How? Through hyperinflation? I’m just kinda wondering exactly what u mean. I kept trying to google this people trust 1776 and all I got was a bunch of sites saying its a scam. I mean, I can see debts disappearing for people that have debt and also hold precious metals but what about folks who don’t have any? Would they all just default like foreclose or get repoed? Just asking…

    • Falco

      Yes that what this trust is saying. Its Because the debt was created from nothing it will return to nothing. Have you heard of your straw man?

  • iamsosickofnaggers

    The VERY IDEA that Trust is a given without anyone earning is the very basis of this mess.

    Acting in the same accord is walking into a room where there is NO LIGHT allowed.

    Sounds a little like what many here wish for…

    Come on guys – if life is to keep getting better we need heed the basis of how that happened.

    Capital can only come from the fruit of Labor.

    Walking away from the theft and acquiring the idea that those that have thieved actually have Capital that has real Value – I can’t wait to see that actual Cost (remember that vid Chris did about the 1/10 of an ounce of Silver thing?)

    Come on guys – I actually have hope in this forum

    No Usury on Currency Creation
    No Government Shall Ever Borrow

    • Falco

      If everyone was a billionaire then everyone would be broke. Money is meant to exchange value. We are the value(capital). Gold, silver, dollars and euros etc were meant to be a token of this with the laters being so much easier to create.

  • GoldSaver

    Here we go again, trying to change the system within the system. Bound for faiulure. The system at its core has two built in operating safeguards, faith and force. TPTB use the faith of the slaves to keep them working for them. Faith in the dollar, faith in the system, faith in the country. You can not change the system unless you reject your faith in systems. Second is force. Only by violent overthrow can you remove those in power, and they have most of the force.

    I reject both notions. There is no need to change the system. You have to walk away from it. Want to be free? Stop being a slave.

    • Falco

      I dont believe this is trying to change the system from within the system as it verifys that all goverments are private corporations and listed on stock exchanges and have been running a slavery system for benifit of a few.
      These documents explain the legal basis of why goverments have no authority over you.
      Violent overthrow doesnt remove power.It just transfers it to the next that comes along. This is a battle of consciousness.

      • GoldSaver

        But Falco, documents are only as valid as the amount of belief of those affected by it or the amount of violence available to those trying to enforce the documents. They are just opinions enforced by faith, violence or nothing. We could as easily draw papers declaring Bozo the Clown as Emperor for Life of the North American continent with the same effect. Without the tacit agreement of the subjects (and TPTB) or having the force (violence) nescesary to enforce it, it is useless. You can try as you might but not once, in the history of the planet, has a document (without faith or force behind it) has changed the State.

  • Bill Rattigan

    Any thoughts on this? Bill…

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