The Deal With The Devil

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  • mong00se

    At work a couple of people came over to my desk and started talking about the illuminati. Beyonce, JayZ, other celebs that show the signs and symbols and talking about what they mean and how they spend hours researching them. But when I started talking about the Federal Reserve, Fiat Currency they didn’t know anything. I ran into this about 6 months ago when a guy I met was telling me all about the symbolism of the illuminati. I mean he knew everything about the culture and could have talked for hours but when I started going into banking and the Fed he stopped me and said I don’t really get into the economics part of it.

    This blows my mind!

    People are becoming experts on the CULTURE of these OWG’s (old wrinkly guys) with their stupid goat (a goat really? u got the whole animal kingdom and u pick a goat. how lame)and dumbass eyeball but they know nothing about the dollar collapsing, or silver, or gmo’s etc. Theyre distracting people by spooking them with symbolism and secrecy using celebs to intrigue and trap them in a fear loop so they spend all their time researching hand signals and pentagrams they never see it’s just an OWG behind the curtain. Has anyone else come across people like this? So obsessed with the devil they get stuck in the funhouse and never find the core truth to free their mind.

  • Trafix

    I was going down this road as part of my awakening too as I was going through the phases. I think it’s important to understand, though not obsess about, these guys and their thinking. They are evil and want to enslave the world and I think many of them do worship satan. However, as I went down this rabbit hole the Lord found it a fine time to grab me and show me the way out of it.

    I can see how easy it is to get stuck in the fear loop.

    P.S. my spell check suggested I capitalize satan and illuminati, while it’s ok to let me spell God or the Lord using lowercase. I think it’s more illuminati programming…. 😉

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