A Great Deal to Buy Silver with Apmex Promo Code!

These sales are great!

Apmex has a SALE on 1 ounce Silver American Eagles with free shipping over 20.

Check it out and this will end very soon. Click here.

Even if you are NOT buying, sign up for this alert system.

10 comments to A Great Deal to Buy Silver with Apmex Promo Code!

  • colin

    it is sold out allready :(

  • CactusAttackedUs

    Although that’s a bummer for those looking for a good deal, it shows people are buying physical, big time, and that is encouraging!

    Silver: the more you buy, the more you save.

  • CactusAttackedUs

    Actually, I just visited APMEX, and it says they have 14,000 in stock for $.99 over spot. What were you looking at?

  • Vin

    Sigh. They don’t take AMEX. Long time reader and first time poster. Thanks for your work.

  • TexasPatriot

    Great buy, snatched up 40 more oz’s earlier this morning.
    I just looked a few seconds ago and they still had 12,000+ oz’s. but it’s going fast, down 700+ oz’s since I started this post.
    Thank You Silver Shield!!!
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Natures Pace

    I just purchased some rounds and the stock was just above 2000 rounds left. I just took another look and they now have “25,876 In Stock” They must be casting coins as we speak. Haha.

  • Nebo

    Coins are not “cast” today*. They are “struck” by high pressure presses. 100% silver is fairly soft resulting in nice depth and highlighting and less die wear as opposed to 90% and lower purity coins.

    Just wondering why we see Apmex so highly promoted here? Big advertiser perhaps?

    *But you probably knew that, just a form of speech, right?

  • James Woroble Jr

    This is an excellent deal (wholesale). Spot price, plus about $1+ is what private mints, such as Regency in Utah, charge manufacturing for nationally known clients and individuals.

    Of course the only question each must ask for themselves… ‘Will the spot price go down?”, and the answer has been the same since $4.00… IT DOESN’T F\/<K!|\|' MATTER!

  • HungryGhost

    Sweet deal! I’d love to see them sell out by day’s end. Crash the banksters!

  • AgVoice

    Thanks SS. Its a little better price than locally so I bought some. Thanks for the tip.

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