Chicago police will no longer respond to certain 911 calls, including car theft and robbery.

6 comments to Chicago police will no longer respond to certain 911 calls, including car theft and robbery.

  • James Tetreault

    This is the logical dead end into which the populace has been driven by Rahm Emmanuel. Oh, don’t worry, he supports insane ideas but he’s such a driven, hands on leader he’ll make everything work.

    Well, no. You can’t make insane ideas work. You can be as type A, as overbearing, as demanding as you want. If you refuse to have any discipline or logic in your expenditures then the mathematics of the situation is more relentless than any take charge leader and the situation will deteriorate. If people are not allowed to defend themselves then the crime situation will deteriorate.

    I read someone referring to the police as, unfortunately, usually only crime scene historians. Through no fault of their own, it’s a simple fact that they’re minutes away while seconds count. But, wow, not responding to 911 calls about robberies?! That’s failure.

  • stevenr.f.

    Coming soon to a municipality near you. Jack Spirko over at has been warning us of what will collapse first: not the feds, they’ll keep printing paper to keep their leaky boat afloat. No, it’s the municipal default. This slow localized collapse will be the first next crack in the facade that is our national economy. We are having this same thing waved over our heads in Eugene and Springfield, OR.. No money for local jails. No money for local cops. No money for county cops. No money for county jails. The county bond measure is coming up and I believe it will fail, leaving the jail and county cops largely unfunded. The so-called blue states will crumble until they reach freefall. The so-called blue counties–large population centers–in red states will follow, pulling those states to their knees.


    Its always been open season in Chicago.

    Now it just Bumped up to absolute Free Frall.

  • Gary

    Predicted 2008
    ww dot yantis dot us slash vj dot htm

    Wish I had been wrong. But it was so clear. The 99% who doubted me then seem to have disappeared. Prepare for coast to coast anarchy soon, very soon.

    Van Jones and Cass Sunstein in charge of all of this believe they are near the winning finish line. Are they? BTW – VJ immediately moved to Soros payroll @ $500K/year so I did him a favor getting him fired from the WH @$175K/year.

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