Silver Shield Report #63- Don’t Tread On Me

This week we will speak with gun expert David Colvin of on what is going on in the gun industry.  We cover a lot of ground from what people should buy, what to watch out for, how to best train and the most important weapon to train with.

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14 comments to Silver Shield Report #63- Don’t Tread On Me

  • vincent formoso

    printable magazines for guns. you can make them yourself with a 3d printer and a spring for the magazine. the plan is on the internet for free.

    • Son of Liberty

      I’ve thought that having a makerbot ( would be a great thing for shtf, especially if you have the skills to design new cad designs. The ability to form one off plastic replacement parts could be immensely valuable. I guess making magazines would be pretty cool too but it might be easier to just buy the real thing now and stock up

      • Eric Hartmann

        I would like to have one some day, but I’m still waiting for the silver to Makerbot ratio to get better. New resins and technological advancements are happening quickly, so it’s probably best to wait unless you design for a living.

        In the meantime, there are many companies that offer rapid prototype services. You send them your file and they print it for you. The most affordable service out there is

        I’m from Montreal and have used a local shop called They are the best at keeping up with the technology and have more material options and a fast turnaround. Living in Montreal I can send them the file and pick up the part within a day or two. Watching their machines printing objects is mind blowing.

    • Dino


      But when shtf there will not be electricity, internet and spare plastic..

  • christian Stewart

    what would you say are the safest countries to live ? Im in Australia i feel quite comfortable and believe im in a safe country – even without the right to own a gun for self defence. Our population is small especially for the size of the country ! and our army is very small so who will be coming to get us with there guns ?

    Where as in America i wouldn’t be surprised at all if there is a false flag event where its directly aimed at the gun loving Texan types and martial law etc is announced ? surely thats more dangerous environment than Australia ?

    and if the medicines dried up or people on them cant afford them isnt America the biggest user of the anti depressants type drugs ? there will be ALOT of out of control people !

    • ThisIsJoe

      Hi Christian,

      I’m in Australia too. I think I may be the Aussie guy Chris was referring to towards the end of this report. I’m going to quote you and respond :)

      “Im in Australia i feel quite comfortable and believe im in a safe country”

      Going through the Sons Of Liberty Academy and being a SSG member has opened my eyes to many things, including the fact that there isn’t really such things as “safer countries” per se. What there is though are safer areas WITHIN countries.

      I live in an inner suburb of Melbourne (population approx 4 million) and have to stay here currently for work reasons. I do recognise though that being where I am will be a big risk if the SHTF here as bad as it will in US urban areas. I’m in the process of formulating my escape plan to a smaller town, somewhere at least a couple hours outside of Melbourne.

      Do I think things will DEFINITELY be as bad here as US urban areas? Not necessarily. But I’d rather be prepared and have it not happen, than have it happen and not be prepared.

      “…even without the right to own a gun for self defence. Our population is small especially for the size of the country ! and our army is very small so who will be coming to get us with there guns ?”

      On a local level, you have any criminals (bikie gangs, etc) that have illegal guns. Living close to a known area for a big gang (such as the Rebels, Comancheros, Hells Angels, etc) probably isn’t a great idea. If people in general get hungry enough, they’ll go looking look for others in their area that have more supplies than they do. Criminals with illegal guns get hungry too, so they’ll go “knocking door to door” also. More than likely they would try and completely take over the area they live in. The vast majority of our population is unarmed, so they wouldn’t stand a chance in protecting themselves.

      On an international level, the fact that we ARE a small unarmed population, occupying a large land mass, with a very small army (with no nuclear weapons) is the very reason why a very large country with a very large population, with a very large army, that does have nuclear weapons, that is very close to us (think North), would indeed look at our resource rich nation and maybe think about taking us over IF things get dire enough in their own country. I’m not saying its going to happen, but its something to keep in mind.

      The best piece of advice Chris gave me during our session (along with forming an escape plan from Melbourne) was to join a gun club. A couple of weekends ago, at 34 years old, I shot a firearm for the very first time. Its a lengthy road to go down to get a firearms license here in Australia, all up it will take close to 12 months before I can own my own firearm and keep it in my own residence. I have to part of a sports shooting club, pay my fees, compete regularly etc for me to able to hold onto my license. Its a lot of time, money and effort, but I believe its worth it.

      I’ve learned through SOLA, SSG and my strategy session with Chris, that owning a firearm really is the great equalizer. And in our country, where pretty much no one has a firearm, its actually more than an equalizer. Would I be able to protect myself from an invading army? Doubtful. But international invasion really isn’t my concern. Like Chris says, you have to be more worried about your hungry next door neighbours that haven’t woken up and haven’t prepared.

      “…and if the medicines dried up or people on them cant afford them isnt America the biggest user of the anti depressants type drugs ? there will be ALOT of out of control people !”

      In the US, there’s approx 35 million people on Antidepressants, out of a population of 313 million. That’s a bit over 10% of the population.

      Approx 13.6 million prescriptions are written for Antidepressants here in Australia per year. With a one month supply per prescription, assuming every person stayed on taking their meds for the full 12 months of the year, that equates to 1.13 million people in Australia on Antidepressants. With 23 million people, thats 4.9% of the population. Then if you take into account that not every person would be on meds for a full year, that % would rise. If my sums are incorrect, someone please correct me, math isn’t my super power.

      Over the last decade there has been a dramatic 58 percent increase in the use of psychotropic medications by the Australian population, which has only increased by 13 percent over that time – Excerpt from “Australians Double Their Antidepressants” –

      Our use of Antidepressants is rising steadily here. We too need to be aware of the people here in Australia that would be in withdrawal mode, if their meds are suddenly cut off from them.

      Thanks for reading :) If you want to get on contact with a fellow Aussie SSG member, email me at

      • christian Stewart

        Hi Joe

        Thanks for your reply ! great to hear from another Aussie member ! Yes i do think there is safer countries and also there is safer regions within each country.

        But unfortunately i think what ever the powers to be choose to do will be out our control and if they choose to have a civil war in USA they will and people can only prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        Like wise for us in Australia.

        Ive also started looking into trying to legally owning a gun and other weapons. Im already in a small town with people that are more toward hippy type lifestyles which hopefully means a safer community.

        Ofcourse Australia is an easier target for a foreign country takeover , but there are many reasons why a china or russia or US GOV themselves would want to ruin USA and start over so to speak. so really we dont know what they are planning , I believe that everything is planned by the elite , they have a agenda and they will try to enforce it .

        Only time will tell what that is and how it pans out.

        All we can to is be aware and prepare : )

        It would be great to know all the Australian Members so we can have some sort of contact for emergency scenarios etc.

  • vincent formoso

    Brotherjohnf talked about freedom girl tonight in his video. And he shows how well the truth never told channel is doing. Very cool stuff.

  • Golden Ratio

    Silver Shield …

    When are we going to get the report on the guy who stacked 2000 oz of silver at no cost and got a visit from Treasury? Looking forward to that story.

  • I dunno which predicament is the more precarious: In a place which your desperate neighbours don’t have weapons, and only special units of the govt are armed, or surrounded by people with guns? I’m obviously in the context of the SHTF here, and not ‘regular’ times. My desperate neighbours will be the major danger in both places. I suppose, overall, it’s best to know ‘your position’ and have an idea of probable outcomes. I would imagine any local gangs in many areas in an ‘disarmed-many-moons-ago area will have knives, sticks, drive people out of their houses with fire etc, but in the US they could well arrive armed to the teeth with firearms.

    Best to head rural and hope you’ve a better weapon or a better shot; or better still – have good tactics. If you’ve think most around will have a handgun and/or shotgun, get a machine gun, if you think those around you will be armed peasantry with 14th-century-style weapons like fire and knives then any projectile device could give you the advantage :-)


  • Barry

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