Video of Thomas Jefferson Dance Party

One of our Academy members went to the Adam Kokesh Dance Party at the Jefferson Memorial. It looked like it had a good turn out and they had fun. Viva Revolution!

6 comments to Video of Thomas Jefferson Dance Party

  • whisper

    Seems your man Adam Kokesh works for a russian/American hateing tv/news outfit,the boy is socialist/commy lovin.Trevor has Adam in a interview,he never denied it.I want to have real money and freedoms.I’m a constitutional/libertarian.But I’ll choke a commie out.these guys get blinded by their distrust of our fucked up and raped system and start looking for answers in a marx book,when marx was a lazy failure that bummed off others.The Constitution is the only way to all the things we talk about.Fuck Adam Kokesh

  • Bob Armstrong

    Whisper, I don’t know how you can say about Kokesh: “the boy is socialist/commy lovin”.

    “In 2010, Adam Kokesh attempted to unseat Democratic representative Ben Ray Luján in New Mexico’s heavily Democratic 3rd congressional district running as a libertarian-oriented Republican.[29] Kokesh received mostly out-of-state money,[29] support from Ron Paul,[30] and an endorsement from the Republican Liberty Caucus, the PAC that represents the libertarian wing of the Republican Party.”

  • whisper

    his tv show is owned by russia saying the man carries a grudge for getting booted from the army.the article says he was pinched when a gun was purched in iraq and he was investigated.he was asked these questions at the protest.we all make mistakes i contributed to Scott Brown,boy didn’t we get railed? I want my money back.I shouldn’t have said anything,apologizes to the SoL.I do smell a rat!

  • Professor X

    I heard Kokesh on the AJ Show recently…… he seems genuine enough. Ive known fellow vets who get the boot. Not all of them hold grudges.

  • Patriot

    Wisper you are missing the point. If Adam is a commie then he would be friends with our stinking gov.

  • Radek


    Because of people like you closed minded, fixed on old division lines, blind to what is really on, your “leaders” are able to continue killing this once great country USA and millions of innocent people world-wide.

    I hold people like you personally responsible for all atrocities USA government is doing.

    I am Polish, I could have plenty grudges against Russia, yet Russia Today is the only main stream TV I watch regularly in addition to alternative media.

    Shame on you. Because of people like you the only way to contain USA is to kill it economically by boycotting as many products made in USA as possible. I am doing my best for last 6 years, educating people around me to make sure USA falls faster.


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