Silver Shield Report #64- Building The Network

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 1.17.23 PMI have some extremely exciting news today as we are launching a new Silver Shield Group members area with a Forum, Wiki, Groups, Profiles and Private Communications area. Two members, Mike and Steve, have taken it upon themselves to create this very robust site for the benefit of all of us.

There have been three things I have set out to do during the Denial Stage of Humanity.  1. Stack the capital necessary to build a better way of life.  (Silver Bullet Silver Shield)  2. Build the intellectual foundation on what that life should look like. (Silver Shield Report)  3. Create a network of like minded people that are in the Acceptance Stage. (SOLA, TGTNT, SBSS and SSR.)

The final step is the one that I have been stumbling around in the dark the most on.   I have created the Silver Shield Report.  I have tried live events and conferencing software.  Everything seemed to revolve around me doing something.  This new site is more intellectually honest, as it is there for people to do what comes natural in all communities, constant communication.

I spend a this call with the creators of the site Mike and Steve on all of the different aspects of the site.  They are open to feedback and are looking for different things to add on to the site.  My hope is that we get enough people to make this site vibrant and lively so that when the Anger Phase does kick off we have a viable, private community on the web that we can continue to share information.  This effort will only succeed if people participate and make it their own.

I will be opening up the Silver Shield Report again next week to bring in more people since I closed it down to the public in July of 2012.  I believe that there will be a lot of fresh energy and a lot of old members coming back as they really wanted to network with others.  I am providing as much value as I can to those that are supportive of my efforts.  Between the forward thinking reports, discounts on silver, member’s only coins and now a dynamic site like this new one, I hope to continue to provide abundant value to you. Thanks.

Silver Shield Report Members Login Here.


(Please note that I will be posting this on the new site as well and will eventually stop posting SSR on this site.)
I think we still have more limited editions still available. Please contact

Download Link

Mike has imported all of the member profiles but since the passwords are encrypted the only way to get into the Forum is to click the lost password link.

32 comments to Silver Shield Report #64- Building The Network

  • Steve Canuck

    Everyone should try logging in and using the new SSG communication site & platform. We’ve described most of the functionality in this report.
    We’d like to see everyone get involved.

    Have fun.

  • tomas perez

    Can’t wait to get started on the new site and hopefully i can contribute some good input. I will listen to this report later then get started.

  • MikO

    If anyone runs into any issues (password reset not coming to email, unsure of your SSR email address, etc) contact me directly at and we will get you squared away quickly!


  • imAGine

    I filled my quota on login attempts. i registered a new id, used my old one, but all failed. Is anyone else experiencing access problems with the forum/wiki? Help!

  • James

    The last sentence above says, “Mike has imported all of the member profiles but since the passwords are encrypted the only way to get into the Forum is to click the lost password link.

    I tried using the link, but have not yet received anything by email…not sure how long it should take.

  • Adam Hill

    Mike and Steve,

    Thanks so much for creating this!. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks great and I’ve always wanted this tool for connecting to other SSR members.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Can’t log in using either.

  • Mini Minimum

    I just logged in! Chris this is just amazing, I am so happy we finally have this forum!

    So here are the steps to login:

    1. Go to the link
    2. Give in your email, that you used as you registered for silvershield group, important, dont confuse it with your username
    3. you will get an email to the address you gave, this email contains another link visit this link
    4. once you open the link from the email you get second email with the actual password
    5. now go to the new site and login, here with your USERNAME and your new password, here is the link to the new forum.

    Hope that helps brothers!

  • Steve Canuck

    Hey all, please follow the instruction here or make sure email MikO in the above post if there’s still an issue. Post here if you are unable to login but also please respond to your own post when you do get logged in so there isn’t someone out in the dark.

    Stats right now are Currently Active Users:
    There are currently 20 users online. 13 members and 7 guests
    Most users ever online was 21, Today at 03:28 PM.

    Guest are people currently Registering, Modifying Password, Logging In, etc..


  • Freedom Source

    Everything worked fine for me getting logged in. GREAT job on this guys, the group really needed a forum. Last summer I had a small group of SSR members wanting this and I installed a forum on my private VPS server. It had activity for a few weeks but died out because I didn’t push it enough. There are actually some very good posts on it and I hope the members from it show up here! My forum is still running and I am thinking members can use it as a backup comm. site if they choose. (I will definitely be posting inside the new SSG forum and have details about that somewhere.) In the mean time, I am looking forward to new communication on SSG with everyone!

  • speedspirit

    Awesome, my thanks to you fellows. talk to you on the forum soon.

  • trent mcquarrie

    I am having troubles.Please email

  • SYGY

    make sure you check your spam for the e-mails for passwords ect,,if you don’t see them in the inbox

  • Mark Khusid

    I am in and posting…

  • Yowie

    Thanks guys, looks good – looking forward to getting in there are having a look once my password reset comes through.

  • Yowie

    Folks, if you’re using gmail and asked to reset your password, check your spam folder – that’s where mine ended up!

  • PitBull Pappa

    When I put in my email address I get this message… Invalid Redirect URL ( Not sure what that means, but it doesn’t seem to be accepting my email address which is

    Thanks in advance for you assistance.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • cb

    Mike and Steve, awesome job. Thanks! Cant wait to start contributing and getting to know other SSG members.

  • Trafix

    I’m having trouble getting the password email. Firefox just says “Invalid Redirect URL (” and Internet explorer looks like it works, but i do not receive the email.

    Looks nice from the outside guys! nice work.

  • Paul

    Anger phase is nasty. Try and be ready…its close. I am seeing signs in the city.!

  • omg

    HI all,

    When I try to request my password, I get the following message:

    vBulletin Message
    Invalid Redirect URL (

    Can anyone help?

  • Maynard


    This is a great project with lots to offer and a great opportunity to create something. Please give it a try.

  • Tim Ritschard

    Hi Mike and Steve, I’m getting setup with the new site and I’m getting
    vBulletin Message
    Invalid Redirect URL (
    Incredible looking site, can’t wait to get logged in. Can someone help?



  • Mary

    I am getting the same invalid redirect URL.

  • Paul Maritz

    Steve and Mike, you guys rock!

  • Tigh Mumgaard

    Hello Steve or Mike. I am getting the same invalid redirect URL message. Can you help. Thanks.

  • Christian Martin

    Just a quick question to anyone. When will new members of the group be added to the forums/wiki?

  • John

    I am trying to login, but get this message Invalid Redirect URL (

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