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8 comments to HYPERINFLATION and SILVER CONFISCATION COMMING? – BrotherJohnF & Chris Duane – PT 2

  • Cunning Linguist

    The reason I think that Bitcoin could be a government plan, is because if it was a true competing currency with the dollar, it would be crushed by the US government. The guy who made the Liberty dollar (a true competing currency) is currently making license plates for the state somewhere. They took him out of the picture PRONTO. If Bitcoin WASN’T a CIA plant it too would have already suffered a similar fate. THIS is what makes me uneasy about it, the fact that it is ALLOWED TO EXIST at all, means it either is not a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE (no threat) TO THE DOLLAR OR IT’S A SHAM.

  • Silver Eagle

    I vote sham….on a whole list of reasons other than CIA OP. Stop worrying about silver confiscation, establish your barter communities now. No Wal-Mart is not going to take your silver for oil, tires and bread…..

    • WAY too many active users of industrial silver to put a lid on silver. Go to Silicon Valley. Silver is in almost every building! And you’re going to “regulate THAT! Will be like trying to herd cats. BUT they will catch a few cats – don’t be one of them. Stay back in the pack. Let them get an arm load of the first cats then walk right in!

  • Randy Crow

    A recent thought. When Kitco is unable to fill physical buy orders then the snap is here.

    • There will be many signs — establish your own NOW! ONE rule – there are no rules! Coming out of the electronics business (recently retired) I have many friends now high up in semiconductor companies. They were junior league 40 years ago. I’ve asked and many owe me favors. In spite of knowing their jobs will soon vanish they have promised me when they hear INTERNAL rumors from their suddenly TOP SECRET purchasing department that suppliers are refusing silver orders and their hoards of silver are almost gone to tell me. I’m counting on a few to remember their promise (I remind them periodically plus ask current status).

      Current status: silver is “tight” but adequate supplies in channel to keep all production running. But backup inventories are shrinking fast! (they tell me). Is this “advantage” of mine “fair” to other investors? No! As I say, NO RULES. Just as all the government will do to steal your and my silver will not be “fair”. They will blame ALL of the world’s financial troubles on “evil silver hoarders”. Factoid: silver at $30 an ounce is less than .01% of world currency of all types. $22 billion (ALL silver) is going to be the reason for $600 trillion (current world “net worth”) turning into fire starters? Give me a break. But the 99% who today own not one ounce silver will believe every word of it – so do not advertise you have ANY silver unless you want armed mobs with torches and pitchforks after you as if you are Frankenstein’s monster!

  • Darren

    I’m a Christian so I will follow the government (tyranny)? Recommend all Christians Read Chuck Baldwin new book titled “Romans 13.” 95% of all Christians supported Hitler. When will Christians voice their concerns, when their churches are no longer a tax exempt, government controlled 501C3 charitable organization that forbids that they protect our Bill of Rights? Just wait for the Rapture!!! <>

  • In a moment I’ll post WHY silver is not going straight up YET despite it being scarce (but NOT! unobtainable in all but huge quantities).

    First, I agree! WHEN silver hits mid-three digits and endangers (“they” will believe – WRONG! even if ALL silver is destroyed once the dollar goes off the cliff silver will make ZERO difference!) people’s trust in the dollar will still disappear BUT government WILL confiscate, place a high tax on selling silver, make it impossible to buy what remains or all of the above plus some.

    This is a FOR SURE event so when you see silver hit $100 you had better hide your silver FAST! so only you and God knows where it is. Then hide yourself as YOU know where it is!

    When Apple, Intel etc. become desperate enough after their life blood production lines are down for weeks to months and their company’s stock plummets to single digits they WILL make a black market! Paths WILL be made for you to sell your silver but you’ll pay a fee to “middlemen – worth it!” plus a small risk of being caught by “stings” (be smart!). Wait them out!

    They WILL eventually “cry uncle” give up on gvt stealing silver for them. They will then bypass government when they see 80% of their employees laid off and their huge loads of cash being eaten away at an astonishing rate. They WILL make ways to get your silver.The time will come when they will do ANYTHING to remain alive! Corporations are like people – “the in-born mode of self preservation is JUST as strong in companies as it is people and animals. Especially huge ones used to owning the world figuratively speaking. They will fight with NO RULES to the bitter end!

    BE PATIENT! Let those too eager be trapped by gvt setups. Let others fall on their swords first. In a few? months the paths WILL EVENTUALLY be made for you and chances of disaster (arrest/loss of silver) will fall to close to zero. Intel, Apple etc. has BILLIONS to set up “networks” making the largest drug cartels look like child’s play.

    REMEMBER, assuming you sell for fiat cash, ASAP!! TURN IT INTO XX WORTH HAVING LONG TERM – timber land, medical office buildings, what ever has TEMPORARILY crashed but WILL return guaranteed! Do not be like Weimar citizens who sold their millions in gold in 1923 only to have their new wealth only buy a single loaf of bread in 1924. Treat the suitcase of $100 bills from Intel as if it is a ticking time bomb (financially it is!).

    What EXACTLY should you buy? No one will not know until the time comes! There were more multi-generational fortunes formed in the 30’s than in any other decade (factoid). Example: Joe Kennedy trading his illegal booze fiat cash for much of downtown Chicago including the Chicago Trade Mart, part of Times Square, huge ranches for 50 cents an acre, etc.. A thousand plus Kennedys today live off loans from “loans” from the Fiji Trust Joe set up. Still, the no taxes trust grows faster than they can spend it! Wonder how elected Kennedys live like royalty yet donate their gvt paycheck every year to charity to much applause? I’ve just told you! Kennedys pay zero taxes yet berate those who pay over 50% as “cheaters”. How cynical!

    Today, farm land is NOT cheap as it was in the 30’s so Iowa acreage TODAY is not a good bet. When you have your suitcase of Intel cash there WILL be things of long-term value that have TEMPORARILY crashed. Buy FAST!

    Always keep a small amount of silver but do not “over stay your welcome”. There WILL be a “sweet spot” when Intel is in DIRE NEED and the “coast is clear”. Eventually investor silver will dry up and so will major silver users. SELL before that happens! When silver is extinct in industrial quantities the price will drop like a rock as demand dries up. Please: no messages that “my cousin told me the gvt has a secret unlimited supply of silver, everyone knows that – you are an —!! – I just go by many hundreds of FACTS/data by miners, dealers, foundries, etc. 95% of the market! I’ll take FACTS over someone’s cousin any day.

    I’ve seen this reposted onto dozens of blogs so I must have hit the explanation “even a caveman can understand”. Feel free to send it to former friends mad as Hell you got them into silver. As I say, no yelling comments unless they include hard data of the silver remaining on our planet. There is no substitute. Many HUGE companies use HUGE quantities of silver! They would use copper or ? in a second if they could. Science continues to pursue the Holy Graille of alchemy – turning lead into silver or gold. Zero success after 2,000 years of trying.

    QUOTE —-
    The End is Near” NOT “The End is Here” for silver. BIG DIFFERENCE! As long as a bankster can drive the price down an extra penny why would they not do so and leave money on the table?. We all know the future for silver but the future is NOT now. If I was a “bankster boss” and had employees showing an ounce of mercy to those dumb enough to buy paper silver I would fire them! Their days of owning the price of paper silver are NOT over! 60 years it has been “theri ball” and it is still their ball! They will not relent one day before they are forced to by the Law of Supply & Demand. YOU will soon have the ball as will all silver investors.”

    BUT PATIENCE! We will have the ball in anywhere from months to a few years. NOT 20 years – again, no comments/e-mails with “world silver supply is unlimited”. Only if you documented FACTS. No one has ever shown me ANYTHING with absolute rock hard facts — just guesses of even thousands of others! I reject the “Al Gore school of scientific ‘research’ – voting”. 600 years ago even saying “the world is NOT flat” could cost you your head! Same thing today with saying we are near (but not yet at) the abyss of the closed silver window and sign saying “SOLD OUT!”

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