4 Things You MUST Have

5 comments to 4 Things You MUST Have

  • SpyderTL

    Just FYI, Silver is now cheaper than Bitcoin…

    Buy low, sell high!

  • SpyderTL

    Say what you want about Bitcoin, but I don’t think it’s being manipulated… by the Feds, anyway.

    I’ll bet you a paper dollar that Wall Street will have a Bitcoin ETF within 6 months. Or maybe a Comex futures market. You know, to “manage risk”.. :)

  • JonL

    Just bought more junk silver!
    Keep stacking …….

  • nick

    The mindset is the most important asset to get thru this. Thanks Chirs for the great information you present here and sola, tgtnt and sssb Your information has help me fill that void i was missing in my life and answered a lot of my question why we get the same shit in the political system. I see more and more people are awakening and seeing the shell game for what it is. Thank you.

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