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  • Justin DeArmond

    i live in manhattan kansas and we are in the midst of a hellish winter storm. forecast for today calls for more than a foot of snow for most of the state and the state of Nebraska and parts of oklahoma as well. Dont tell me mother nature isnt fighting back! my reason for commenting is this: last night i went to the store to make sure that we had everything we needed to make it through this bilzzard in case we cannot get out for a few days. i went to Dillons(our version of Kroger supermarket, same company different name) and i have never seen a supermarket like this one. ALL of the milk was gone… ALL of the eggs were gone…ALL of the water was gone… ALL of the bread was gone…ALL of the onions were gone(btw food/soups with onions are great for getting rid of colds/flu..and great for cold weather)….most of the meat was pretty well picked over as well….of course all the processed foods in the middle of the store were pretty much all there but the staples were gone..milk, bread eggs meat water etc…(suprisingly tp was still in stock). What I found most intriguing was the foods, specifically the meats that were taken were the easiest to cook. what i mean is all the lunch meat was picked over, processed hot dogs, sausage links cheese that sort of thing. The food that was the easiest to make or ready to eat was taken first. Whole chickens were still available, rack of lamb, pot roast, briskets etc….the meats/foods that take time and more importantly I think..some skill to cook were still available. What this tells me is that these poor people when the shit hits the fan will take the easiest road possible i.e. processed food…fine and dandy…what will these people do when that is all gone. Not many people have the knowledge of how to cook a whole chicken and then take the carcass and make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. Even making a pot roast for some would be like trying to teach them calculus. My point is what are they going to do when the govt cannot provide you with food anylonger? most people have no knowledge of how to cook an animal or make due with what you have food wise…hell most people have never even seen an animal butchered let alone doing that themselves. you could throw a butchered carcass in front of most people and they would still starve. I think that this is an important skill set to have and one that i believe is severly overlooked even in this knowledgable group. storing food is fine but can you use it to full effect. sure anyone can heat up premade storable food, but can you use canned veggies noodles etc…to come up with a simple soup or whatever, pot pies whatever. All that being said im sure most of us here are well aware of all these facts. I mentioned to the cashier when checking out of the grocery store that we are getting a little taste of what it means to be Greek right now and of course he didnt know what i was talking bout. The bag man looked up when i said that though..he was obviously europeand or middle eastern…i think he heard me loud and clear from the look on his face. I also saw many people buying generators. As freaky as it was last night, like i said this is only a taste of what is comming. I saw it clear as day. Alarm bells were going off in my head the second i stepped into that store and it made me realise once again that this collapse is comming and I had better be prepared not for myself (ok for myself a little) but for my family. I like what was said in some of your videos Chris and it applied very well last night, in fact i was saying it over and over again in my head last night laughing a bit as i did…Beat the rush, panic now!

    • Matt Campbell

      I remember after moving to Indiana in the 90’s, the same thing would happen in every supermarket any time a big storm was expected to hit. No milk, no eggs, and no bread.

      My family, from farther south, wondered every time what everyone was doing with those eggs, milk, and bread. We assumed that the state’s official blizzard meal was egg sandwiches and milk. It was the only conclusion we could come up with.

      I talked to my mother a few months ago, (now some 15 years later), and she had uncovered the terrible truth. It wasn’t egg sandwiches and milk they were having, it was …

      Bread pudding. YUK!

  • Dylan

    Very good. The math segment is priceless. I am reminded of an essay Richard Feynman wrote of his time with a California textbook choosing committee~ 1964 I believe. He was asked to join the committee to aid in choosing math textbooks. Everyone on the committee would look them all over and rate them. All contenders had a deadline by which to submit their books. By his account, they were ALL terrible, but there was one entry that couldn’t be printed in time, so the publisher submitted a book that had finished covers and blank pages. Feynman, being a man of science gave it a big fat zero, of course, but everyone else on the committee gave it high marks! With he way things are going in intitutional education, that book was perfect!

  • Dylan


    Good points. Knowledge and certain skills bestow great advantages given what is coming. The ability to ‘make good’ an animal body~ not only a store-bought muscle/fat/bone package, but also a WHOLE animal, is priceless. An area that personally intrigues me, is wild edible plants. I live in the northeast US, and on the two acre bit of land I live on, I’ve found/identified/eaten 80 different species. That knowledge won’t help at all if initially applied in a blizzard of course, but many wild plant foods are storable over the winter~ the moral being, get thyself acquainted and synced with the ecological cycle where you live. Fundamentally, economics is based on food. Food energy creates and sustains humans. Food is the primary wealth. The amount of wealth (and nutrition) found in the wild plants is immense, and the skill to make use of them effectively, and teach others how to do the same, will come to have incalculable value.

    • Justin DeArmond

      my mother is for lack of a better work an apothecary. her knowledge of medicinal and eddible plants is vast and ive learned so much from her growing up. we always had a garden full of herbs and foods. in many ways i have been blessed with that sort of knowledge. i mean you can go out in your yard at almost anytime during the warmer months and put together a very healthy (unless your yard is sprayed with chemicles)salad. dandilions clovers and many other “weeds” are not only healthy but taste good too! i know plenty of people who whine about not having fast food to eat all the time, who say there is “nothing” to eat, when what they really mean is there is no cookies ice cream or pop tarts to eat. Then there are those who see the true bounty that mother nature has to offer (no matter the season if you know what to look for). If you have the knowledge you can go out your front door and find plenty of food for you and your family. This dosent apply in a city of any magnitude during collapse of course cause the horde will have eaten everything already. The sheer number of ailments that wild plants can cure is staggering. Virtually every disease known to man can be cured by plants. Of course cannabis is the “cure all” but many will not believe the true properties of that plant. a hand full of hemp seeds contains a vast majority of the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. hemp oil can be made into plastic and of course fuel, wood, paper. You can grow 3-5 times the amount of cannabis on a given tract of land compared to timber and you get up to 4 harvests a year on that same land!! hell Henry Ford made a car almost completly from hemp and used hemp for the fuel. its biodegradable and eating raw cannabis buds and whole plant will literally cure any disease known to man. and the crown jewel of cannabis is the hemp oil. IT CURES ALL DISEASES. when you try to explain all the uses of cannabis it sounds fake..if you tell what ive just said to someone they will laugh at you and think you are full of shit and just want to get it legal so you can sit on your ass and get stoned all day. i know it sounds fake but it is true. i truly believe that cannabis will have a very prominet place in the new paradigm.

  • Maynard

    Good one Chris.

    You have talked about the Five Stages of Awakening applying to the process of becoming aware. The Trivium applies to this macro scale also, I believe.

    Understand the problem. Check.

    Course of action to take. Check.

    Implementing action. In process.

    Explaining problem to others. In process.

  • James Tetreault

    Back in the mid to late 80’s I worked a couple summers at a gas station on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I soon realized that the customers expected me to be an absolute idiot. I was working at a gas station, wasn’t I? So, when people had bought several items, gas, oil, windshield washer fluid my buddy Tom, who also worked there, and I used to add things up as fast as possible. “That’seighteenfiftyforthegasadollarfortyninefortheoilandonetwentynineforthewasherfluidsoatotaloftwentyonetwentyeight.”

    Even back then the general public didn’t think most low wage help could make change.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The girl at the beginning of the video couldn’t understand how to give change for the $1.58 burger after being given $2.08. Should you be angry at her or should you be angry at those who mis-educated her ? I am angry at the latter.

  • Matt Campbell

    Chris, I LOL’ed out loud at the “Teaching math in 2000.”

    Thanks man.

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