Chris Duane–The Freedom Girl Is Very Hot And So Are Her Sales 22.Feb.13 presents

Sales of the new Freedom Girl medallion have been stellar. In a way these coins do more to get Chris’s views and message out than all the YouTubes and website postings ever could. While precious metals prices have recently been slammed down to extremely attractive levels. The result of this slamdown is that you’re able to purchase precious metals at extremely attractive prices. Food and energy prices continue to increase and this will eventually find its way into precious metals pricing.

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6 comments to Chris Duane–The Freedom Girl Is Very Hot And So Are Her Sales 22.Feb.13

  • jay

    the freedom girl SALES are great…it’s the delivery that is horrible. This business model is not sustainable and will soon wear out its honeymoon. You cannot keep coming up with new products and taking money when you have not even shipped the old products. This needs to be corrected, our patience is wearing thin and we are tired of being played for the fool by purchasing something that may or may not be shipped. Ponzi schemes are everywhere!!!!!

    • Silver Shield

      I agree.
      40,000 produced over the past few days and another 50,000 next week will drastically improve the turn around times.

  • Nick

    I’m with Jay on this one. I’ve ordered more from SBSS than from APMEX and combined for the simple fact that I love the artwork and the message. Unfortunately I’ve ordered the slave queen and freedom girl weeks ago, my money has been withdrawn from my account but still no metals. I thought this issue was fixed from the trivium debacle. Which took months to deliver by the way. Chris, I like the message but you’re going to loose my business if you don’t fix these problems. I will attempt one last order on the next design, but if it takes weeks or months, you will have lost a valued customer.

  • Golden Ratio

    Well put Jay & Nick.

  • Silver Fan

    I would like to put out there that when jay says ‘our patience’ he does not mean me. I speak for myself thank you. I am completely in good hands, and not worried a bit. You took a one man manual press mint into a superstar company and they have dealt with the growth greatly. I plan to order every coin, regardless of the delays in growth.

    Nick. I am hard pressed to believe it took months for you to receive your coin considering these have only been out months. You just got your D&D coin?!? You just got your Trivium?!? Problems are problems and they are being dealt with in an honest way.

    I know that Chris has clearly admitted there is a problem and has clearly stated multiple times if the wait is too much, order 10 or 100 ounce bars and wait for the delays to diminish, then send in your bars in exchange for the coins if you still want them.

    Simple solution to a simple problem. Threatening to not buy something that the seller clearly doesn’t care about profits on (I dare you say otherwise at $2.99 premiums) is amusing to say the least.

    Just know YOU have other options that YOU can choose. Chris has made it clear he does not want to sit on your money and has delayed further releases and even told everyone to buy silver elsewhere in the mean time if the wait is a problem.


  • ROS

    The problem is that they don’t seem to able to stand by THEIR delivery promises.
    Even as they shift the time frame. I cannot understand how CD has seemingly separated himself from the CONTINUING delivery debacle. Every stacker forum
    of note is filled with people saying they won’t order anymore silver from Chris Duane, not Mulligan Mint, This is Chris Duane’s baby, that who people identify with. He cannot stand to the side and agree with his angry customers, it is his credibility not “Will’s” or some other non responding name that trotted out.

    As a business owner I am astounded at posts on FB, Blogs, Message boards of customer after customer who are not even getting a response. Paying customers ignored. Its is the height of arrogance for CD not grab this run away horse
    by the reigns himself. Now. No one wants here how hard everyone is trying when posts on SBSS ordering site don’t even get addressed.

    I have SQ orders from 4 weeks ago that are not even shipped yet.

    The heck with opening up SBSS, or advertising ANTS rounds for crying out loud.

    Get personally involved now, or you may find that each coins mintage is lower than the last.

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