Silver Shield Report #65- Our Silver Linings Playbook

BTFDThis week I will be going over our Silver Linings Playbook. I think this week marks an incredible time to get involved more actively in the physical silver market. I will be going over the macro economic picture and the runaway train that is gaining inflationary steam globally. I will also how the market sentiment has shaken out the weak hands for the fifth time this 22 month consolidation and why I believe we have cleared the beaches for a new assault past $50.

Today also marks the first time since July 1st, 2012 that we will be opening up the Silver Shield Report to the public.  The Silver Shield Report is my attempt at doing three very important things during the Denial Phase of humanity.

  1. Stack as much physical capital to establish a new society and new values structure.  As you know, I am a very big proponent of silver and this week I reiterate the major factors in why it is necessary to accumulate physical silver in a decentralized fashion.  This capital will eventually form the basis of a commodity banking structure after the Anger Phase of humanity.  This equatable, debt-free, honest banking will reward a new set of values and provide the much needed capital for the next generation of solutions.
  2. Create the intellectual foundation for the freest and fairest society known to mankind.  We will seek to create an opposite consciousness society that centers around the individual.  I have covered sustainable energy projects, car free living, commodity banking, abundance mentality, equitable partnerships, new ways of education and many, many other forward thinking solutions to provide the glue for a very successful societal operating system.
  3. Create a real network of like minded individuals.  Last week we launched a new private forum, wiki and communications system for members of the Silver Shield Report.  This is the last piece of the puzzle as we wait for the drama to unfold.  The problem solving individuals that are attracted to this kind of thought make up a very small portion of society.  They seem to be 1 off variants of the INTJ personality in the Jung Typology test.  When the collapse does happen it will be most prudent for these problem solvers to keep a very low profile.  This private site will provide a constant flow of networking and information in an era where is will be too late for most and too dangerous for some.

In an effort to continually provide more value to those that are supporting my public and private efforts, I have continuously added to the Silver Shield Report.

There are currently over 65+ Silver Shield Reports in the archive.  These Reports represent some of my best and most forward thinking work I have ever done.  If you are in the Acceptance Stage, this information will be invaluable as we progress.

I have also created discounts and special edition silver for the members of the Silver Shield Report.  The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield medallion series is the fastest growing silver series in the world.  Despite major set backs in production and fulfillment, we have sold over 200,000 ounces of silver over 5 months with 4 releases.  We have 30 more designs scheduled for this year including 3 more all ready to be launched as soon as they clear up the back log of orders.  (Another delivery of 50,000 oz arrives early this week and this should get them down to a much more acceptable 2 week mint delivery time.  The Mulligan Mint has also bought and is in the process of installing a caster, an extruder, a rolling mill and all the machines necessary to create their own silver blanks in house.  Finally, they have a verbal commitment from one of the largest silver refiners to store over 100,000 ounces at the mint to help speed up the delivery process going forward.)

Finally the new Private Silver Shield Member Site offers a troll-free environment with a very slick forum, wiki and private communications system.  I am most excited to have a means of communicating that does not go through the prying eyes of Google, Yahoo or worse…  It is my hope that we can get to know one another better in this environment so that one day when we go about creating physical opportunities the learning curve will have been accelerated.

To join the Silver Shield Report, click here.

To login to the new Silver Shield Report Member Site, Click Here.

This week I will also be posting bonus material as I discuss the 8 Variants of the Debt and Death Medallion in the Wiki section exclusively for members of the Silver Shield Report.

As of 5:17 PM EST we still have 105 Limited Edition Slave Queen and 385 New Year’s Coins for Silver Shield Report Member’s Only. Join today!

15 comments to Silver Shield Report #65- Our Silver Linings Playbook

  • MikO

    Please email if you have any problems logging into the new Silver Shield Report Member Site


  • Paul Taylor

    I’m logged in but I can’t see this SSR. All I can see is this page. Number 65 isn’t in the archives either. Trying to download before I spend the day travelling…

  • Anson

    Yikes. I’m trying to join the SSR, but it seems that it’s not going through. Would any of y’all be able to help me out. Much appreciated! =)

  • Joshua Stewart

    I cant log in on the new site but my log in works on this site please advise

  • willy

    How about instead of rewriting the “playbook” every few months, you assist or respond to the ongoing problems and inconsistancies at Mulligan

    • Silver Shield

      I have responded to the problems and voiced my disapproval.
      Shit I even told people not to buy until the lead times get fixed. I wrote that people should buy 100 oz bars and send them to the mint when things get fixed instead of the counter party risk of 6 week lead times.

      All of this goes away when they deliver what they promise.
      6 week lead times are unacceptable.
      They have made some “big boy” moves recently to create silver blanks in house, cutting out the biggest problem.
      They also have a deal with one of the largest silver refiners in the country to loan the Mulligan Mint 100,000 oz on the arm.

      This will put the Mint in a competitive advantage to deliver Mint Direct silver in a much quicker time.

      They are also moving forward on fractionals which will also be a game changer.

      • Golden Ratio

        Glad to hear this news … sounds like the Mulligan Mint is going through intense growing pains. Perhaps you could give us the G2 at the SSR Group Forum about the challenges, responses, and the expectation you have for delivery on your next SBSS release.

        Glad to be a member, thanks.

      • Maynard

        Thank you for being honest. The mint has some serious growing pains, and it has been difficult to be patient. I have seen signs in the past few days that they are making good progress.

  • Liz Stack

    I have been following Chris Duane for the past 6 months. I appreciate everything he has sacrificed to bring education to people who care about the U.S. and want be responsible for themselve and to preare. I tried to sign up for the Silver Shield Forum because I believe it is important to be in relations with like minded people who can support one another.

    If you can give me information on how I can sign up, I would appreicate it. What I like most is the privacy from other internet engines like yahoo and google.

    Thank you,

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