Finally Getting My Debt and Death

Here is a video of the Mulligan Mint pressing out the final Debt and Death Medallions.

In the video Will says these are for damage replacements and the first customer who ordered them… and that customer is ME.

I sent a few thousand ounces back in August to start this project. I have been very patient to make sure others got their silver first.  As of today I have not received my original order. With another 50,000 ounces coming in early this week, I am finally getting caught up on what is owed to me.

This has not changed the ounce count as my order was in the total mintage count from the beginning.

Mintage Counts
1 Hard Strike                                               20
2 Soft Strike                                               100
3 SBS -s oil    est?                                     300
4 SBS -s Clean   est?                                560
5 Regular oil   est?                                  3,000
6 Regular/Proof                                     41,547
7 BU             est?                                    4,000
8 Wide Reed  (Owed and Damaged)      3,900

Total     53,427

Time left: Feb-21 18:21
17 bids
Free shipping

In the eBay offer the seller explained how these were replacements for damaged Debt and Death he sent back.

UPDATE:  Today I received this message from AOCS regarding the number of these manufactured:

"The official number of Debt and Death medallions minted have not been released and will eventually be posted on the website. There were roughly at total of 54,000 of these medallions minted in total. About 3/4 of the way through minting the Debt and Deaths they changed the reed, turning the wider reed into our signature reed. If you received a Debt and Death BU with the wider reed, the number aren't exact right now but there were a couple thousand made."

On Feb-20-13 at 12:18:13 PST, seller added the following information:


These D&D medallions were only produced to replace 4 month old damaged product orders.  The mint melts down all inbound damaged product.  These are not currently for sale from the mint.  The mint is not doing another new run of these.

Please see the Q&A below from the Coins for the Cause director.

On Feb-20-13 at 12:35:25 PST, seller added the following information:

To those who are reading the Kitco forum about this listing:

I did not send anyone any replies that I ordered these in January.  That is a complete falsehood.  I ordered these early on when the D&D medallions were first announced by Chris Duane, and waited a very long time to get the medallions.  When they arrived, they were not of the quality I was expecting, so I sent a note to the mint asking what they could do for me.  I was impressed by their customer service:  They told me to keep the coins I had until they finished their production run, then they would send me replacements, after which, they would pay for the return shipping of the original coins which were lower quality.

In other words, the mint EXCEEDED my expectations by a fair margin in that, they not only made it right, but sent me some of the nicest medallions in my collection, and while I was waiting for them, I did not have to relinquish my existing silver.  It took until last week for me to recieve the replacements, but I had the same amount of silver in my hands the whole time.

I have nothing but respect for AOCS, the Mulligan Mint, Chris Duane, and Will, the Director of CftC.  They have done right by me every step of the way, and done so with class and honor.

Please stop the rumors that Coins for the Cause is minting new D&D’s.  This is not the case, they are simply replacing damaged product.

On Feb-20-13 at 12:46:23 PST, seller added the following information:For the Kitco crowd, please go to tfmetalsreport forums and look up the “Silver Bullet Silver Shield Medallion Review” thread started by Pourty.  (I tried to post a link, but ebay won’t allow it).

Please read the thread to the end.  My screen name is Pourty, the whole story is documented there.


2 comments to Finally Getting My Debt and Death

  • Matt

    how about this thread on Kitco about the numerous problems
    AOCS / SBSS order problems?

    • Silver Shield

      I think for the most part they are totally justified.
      The BS about the Debt and Death is unjustified as I have been waiting for months for mine and the few hundred of the damage replacement coins.
      All of this goes away when they deliver what they promise.
      6 week lead times are unacceptable.
      They have made some “big boy” moves recently to create silver blanks in house, cutting out the biggest problem.
      They also have a deal with one of the largest silver refiners in the country to loan the Mulligan Mint 100,000 oz on the arm.

      This will put the Mint in a competitive advantage to deliver Mint Direct silver in a much quicker time.

      They are also moving forward on fractionals which will also be a game changer.

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