The Game Is Rigged


Stop playing and walk away.

3 comments to The Game Is Rigged

  • Farmer

    This is awesome Chris.
    People who are not aware of the truth are easier to reach when you bring up poison in the food and water.
    Aspertame, gmo’s, high fructose corn syrup, fluoride in the drinking water, and msg.

  • James Tetreault

    How can men and women working in the media see something like this and not feel utterly ashamed that they aren’t saying anything about it? You don’t have to believe anything in particular about Monsanto to find this extremely suspicious. Do the free glasses of champagne at the corporate soirees really paper over one’s conscience so easily? Does it take a few extra times getting to meet a movie star or other celebrity to make a journalist feel special and override that voice in the back of his head that something’s not right here and he should do something? Whatever it is that it takes, their corporate masters apparently supply it because not one “journalist” in the mainstream media is screaming about this.

    It’s at times like this that any vestiges of sympathy for “journalists” in the old media dying on the vine disappear. They made themselves irrelevant. Enjoy those last few glasses of champagne, a55holes.

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