The 3 Coming False Flags

I have been tempted to write about False Flags for sometime, because I feel we are on the verge of seeing another one very soon. False flag operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. (Wikipedia) False flags do not happen very often, but when they do happen, they change the paradigm we operate in. Now that we supposedly killed bin Laden last month, it seems like the deck is clear for another one.

Historically, false flags are military in nature, but I feel going forward, they will morph into something worse. Every system built on debt needs constant debt to be created, or the system implodes. If the Elite can expand the system through asset bubbles, then all is well. What happens if they can’t get more debt created? They need to either steal other assets to provide capital to the system or they need a reason to create massive debts that the masses will sacrifice for. Wars do both. With war, the Elite can confiscate natural resources of other nations and provide the context to create massive amounts of new debt.

Our system is failing and there is NO fixing it. There is so much inequity built into the system, at every level, the only answer is a complete collapse. This collapse will leave a generational scar, so that humanity never again consider fractional reserve banking and the war machine it enables. Until that collapse, the Elite will do what they have always done, create more debts and wars.

In my opening blog post this year, Doom is Always 6 Months Away, I wrote that the Elite see their power paradigm collapsing on its own cancerous self. A silver default, debt doom, dollar collapse, peak oil or whatever leads to the end of the Anglo American Petro Dollar financial paradigm. I hypothesized the our Anglo-America Elite might need to pull off 3 false flags in order to fail forward. This might include the typical Military false flag, an Economic false flag and an Internet false flag. These dramatic measures will seem necessary to the Elite and the horrific toll on humanity will be justified in their minds. This upheaval will be the time for the Elite to settle all of the threats to their power paradigm.

The first of the three threats to their power is the death of the dollar. The dollar is the basis of all of the Elites power, without it or an equivalent of it, they have no means to create the debt that enslaves nations, states, corporations, and citizens of the world. This debt provides the Elite and unlimited checkbook to fund the most powerful military in the world. It controls the world’s natural resources so that their corporations can harvest them. It also protects the shipping lanes that transports the rest of the world’s trade. This debt also buys the political power for which the Elite rig the game to their favor. Finally, the Elite use the their money to own all of the major media in order to distract the masses from the real problem in this world, the Elite bankers.

It is no secret that the dollar is going to die, it is a mathematical inevitability. Nothing can stop the ultimate collapse of the dollar. Our monetary system is based on debt and in order for it to work, more debt needs to be created every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before. If it does not happen, there would be a massive wave of defaults that would suck the system dry in a few weeks. When you truly understand this debt based money, you realize that debt cannot ever be repaid because there would not be 1 dollar in existence. In our sick system, money is created when debt is created. When debt is paid off money is destroyed.

The Elite don’t necessarily care if the Dollar lives or dies, they just want to control the world’s reserve currency. They would ultimately like to have an global international currency that would be far away from the pesky national politicians. So if the Dollar is doomed, how can the Elite fail forward? Create a financial crisis so incredible that desperate people will beg the Elite to make the pain stop. They did it in 1907 to set the stage for the Federal Reserve. They did it in 2008 when they held up America for $700 billion. They will do it again and use the line of stability as the main reason why we should accept their new corrupt plan.

I don’t think they can pull off something so large like that without a much larger distraction to silence the masses, which brings me to the second threat. The only thing I think big enough to scare the masses under the “protective” hug of the Elite, is another World War. Nations outside the Anglo American empire have been gaining power the further we slip into debt and this is a huge threat. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, South Africa and many more like to a lesser extent like Japan, Germany, and France have been on the losing end of the Anglo American Empire for over a century. These nations have a history of Anglo American losses like the Cold War, Opium Wars, Operation Ajax, CIA attempted coup of Chavez, Apartheid, Hiroshima, Treaty of Versailles, and Waterloo. These are only some of the examples our Elite have used in the past to ensure our supremacy. The Elite feed us some lie about us making the world safe for democracy, while they pull the most evil and disgusting power grabs to eliminate threats to their paradigm.

I believe that the collapse of the dollar will be blamed not on our corrupt and doomed monetary system that the Elite are in sole control of, they will blame it on China. Let me first state that I am NO fan of China. Their Elite have human rights violations against their own citizens that would make you sick to your stomach. Let’s be honest, China would not be a threat to us if our Elite did not build them up. Our Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy to justify their war machine. The War on Terror was a good ride, but after almost a decade, it is getting a little old. Our banking system needed another country to buy into our paper Ponzi scheme. China became the most obvious target, after Japan gorged itself on our debt to death. Our Elites, made deals with their Elites, to move our manufacturing overseas to use their slave labor and pollute their environment. The Chicoms got all of the technology, manufacturing and dollars to build up China as a threat. Our Elite did this to make tremendous profits and keep the dollar paradigm going. In the end, I believe the Elite intend to use the Chinese as the next enemy in a paradigm shifting war.

When China said no more American debt, the Federal Reserve stepped in as a buyer of last resort. This has bought us some time, but it is becoming obvious that even when QE3 happens, this won’t end good. The American economic system is like the heroin guy from the movie Se7en, any flash of inflation or deflation will create a massive heart attack. The Elite must some how solve Triffin’s Dilemma where a world reserve currency reaches its apex and must be allowed to default, but somehow not drag down the rest of the world with it. The Elite have been trying to get regional and ultimately global currencies in place to solve this dilemma. Now no nation is going to give up their power to create money, especially now that we are looking at the Euro imploding. The only option in to do it the old fashion way, through war.

The only thing the United States is good for is exporting debt and bombs. There is way too much at stake for our Elite to just walk silently into the night without a fight. They are trying to keep things going by fighting now four wars in the oil rich MENA region, but the writing is on the wall. The debt ceiling will be raised, more money/debt will be created and the war machine will churn. This will not end because the Elite will say, “we can’t do this anymore.” If anything, history has shown when the chips are on the table and they are up against the ropes, they double down and go off to war. The destruction of the dollar will either be the cause of war or the war will be the destruction of the dollar. If there is a Economic False Flag, like a massive treasury sell off, that will be the cause for war with China. Or if there is a Military False Flag, that will be the cause for the dollar’s destruction and forced introduction of a new money paradigm, possibly a global currency. The Elite will use this upheaval to destroy any competitors. In the smoking aftermath of the war, they will impose an new paradigm based off of the same destructive seeds of the old paradigm.

“Never waste a good crisis.” Hillary Clinton

There is a third threat to the Eilte’s power paradigm, the Internet. There is no doubt that the Internet has gotten away from the Elite and their lies have been exposed. Small sites like mine a hundreds of others show over and over again, the Emperor has no clothes. I can see an Internet False flag to coincide with this Economic and Military false flag. They will blame China for massive Internet shut downs of many sites. I believe that the big corporations will still have functioning internet, but small sites will be shut down. If this does not happen, they may do something more tyrannical, and shut down sites that speak out against this lie of war and debt.

Most tyrannies go after the heads of the revolution like local leaders and/or opinion makers like journalists and bloggers. They may ignore us at first, then call us crazy or unpatriotic, but ultimately they may detain or kill us. My hope is that people see the big picture and spread this truth so that it becomes impossible to put the genie of truth back in the bottle. One of the major reasons I created the Sons of Liberty Academy is to provide enough high level information to as many people so that they may conduct a leaderless resistance to the real enemy of us all, the Banksters.

My other hope is that those that are in charge of squelching dissent during these trying times will be Oath Keepers, who will not follow un-Constitutional orders against their fellow citizens. The most likely outcome is the the government minion’s pay checks will bounce and their pensions stolen before we get to that kind of tyranny. At that point, those minions will most likely be the strongest allies to the truth movement, as they spill the beans and point the fingers. I wrote and article Who Will Be the Most Dangerous Man in The World?, in it I describe a man that sees what he is doing evil and has the power to destroy the system he once created. Daniel Ellsberg exposed the Vietnam scam and ended that war. We cannot fight evil, we only need to expose evil and it will cease to have power. The real challenge is to show people that the good that they think they are doing is really evil and they will no longer do it. We need to convince our fellow citizens that debt and war are evil and that we rid this scourge from humanity once and for all.

The timing and order of all of this is unknown, but just know that it is going to get dramatically worse before this gets any better. Every 80 years or so a paradigm dies and a new one is born out of the ashes of the old. 80 years ago we had the Great Depression and World War II and this was the creation of the current paradigm. 80 years before that we had the Civil War and 80 years before that we had the Revolutionary War. So far the United States has survived and gone on to become a Global Super Power. This time around we could have the possibility of a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, or a World War or even the combination of all three. There is nothing writing saying that America will go on. If fact given our horrible record of debt and war, this system deserves to die an awful death.

What lays ahead? I don’t think the United States will be invaded, but we will retreat from our 777 military bases all over the world. We will no longer be able to consume 25% of the world’s oil and create unlimited amounts of debt. Our lives will become much slower and local. If the Internet does continue to be free, there is a great chance of a new Renaissance for humanity as we move past debt and war. If the Elite somehow win, you will see the rise of American Oligarchs. The Elite will fund and create front men to buy up strategic assets while there is blood on the streets. This happened during the collapse of the Soviet Empire and I believe it will happen here. During the collapse of the Soviet Empire the Ruble was devalued, the economy collapsed and people starved. The Rothschilds came in with hard currencies like the Dollar and the Deutschmark and set up average men with banks and capital to buy state assets for a song. When our crisis comes, the Banksters will be screaming for state assets like land, roads, buildings, mining and drilling rights and other assets. They are doing this in Greece and they will do it here.

While all of this may be too scary or too much for you to believe or even too big for you to deal with, I encourage you to not hide from this coming reality. Things are only scary if you do not understand them. I have created the Sons of Liberty Academy to speed you through the 5 Stages of Awakening. When you are aware, you can prepare. You can stay ahead of the curve to at the very least, stay out of danger, and at the most, be able to spot opportunities along the way. Mental preparation is by far the most important thing you can be doing right now. Nothing will help you mentally prepare as quickly as the Sons of Liberty Academy. After that, you need to physically prepare to have food, shelter, and the means to protect yourself. Finally, I recommend you read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield to create generational wealth on the other side of this coming paradigm shift.

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  • shadowsister

    What will they be throwing at us next?
    Here are some giant signals!

  • bakerboi

    Whoa, Now that was explained in laymen terms. If you read this article from start to finish and still not understand what’s going on then you are the sheep. A lot of us are walking around with our Eyes Wide Shut and we see what’s going on, but don’t want to believe it. Silver Shield I appreciate all of your hard work and will be getting your awakening program. I myself want to expose so much that I too know and read, I want to blare it across FB and everywhere, but I fear what people may think of me, but as I grow in my knowledge and my desire to want a better life for my kids, kids I’m starting not to care. Peace be with you and yours and hopefully one day we will have a day to rejoice. but there will be blood in the streets before that happens. Believe that.

  • Bert

    Awesome article, you spelled it out.
    Back when TARP passed was the moment I fully woke up and started investigating.

    Oh, I’ve thought the system was corrupt and misguided for decades.
    Certainly the forced and bogus WMD/Iraq invasion was cause for alarm. However the way TARP passed was spooky. Despite overwhelming public resistance it was like there was some unseen power directing Congress and the Media.

    Recently I came upon some comments to an article in another blog where someone — as you have, plainly spelled it out. He listed the first 35 people on Forbes richest 400, then he posted the following


    Note however that in this list you do not see any names like Dupont, Astor, Vanderbilt, Roosevelt etc in the list. Hell the only Rockefeller that turns up is David pretty far down the list. George Bush doesn’t even turn up on the list at all! Now let me ask you, do you think these family fortunes simply disappeared here? Of course not, just all the Old Money has long since sequestered itself into stocks and bonds, and individual members of those families don’t show $1B net worth, but in aggregate they hold as much or more wealth than all the Billionaires actually listed. These folks sit on the boards of major corporations taking home those $1M paychecks, but they don’t show the individual net worth of some of the recent tycoons. They still are out there running the show though.

    All this money is wrapped up under layers and layers of holding companies, quite a bit of it held offshore of course. There simply is no way to account for it all, and the IRS couldn’t touch most of it even if they wanted to try, which they really do not. The IRS is a tool to sieve money from the working slaves, not the Masters of the Universe.

    Capitalism and its monetary system is one big joke, and the JOKE is on you. For a solid 100 years in this country at least, and really quite a bit before that, the working man has been systematically ROBBED by the Pigmen who control the banking system and own the maor corporations. You are a slave, that is all you ever have been, and this country has been Fascist since long before you were ever born. Live with it.

    end quote

  • Dennis

    I believe the quote, “Never waste a good crisis.”, or “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” was originated by Rahm Emmanuel. Otherwise, a great article. Thanx!

  • jack nichols

    Chris you will be remembered in History like Patrick Henry or one of the founders. You are a true American Hero!!!

  • hahaha

    “My hope is that people see the big picture and spread this truth so that it becomes impossible to put the genie of truth back in the bottle.”

    • Silver Shield

      I love how LOL is a magic wand that people use to laugh at things they don’t fully understand.

      Like a nervous child.

  • anon

    “Hard currencies like the US Dollar….” We know what you meant, but that is poorly worded

  • Revoloushun

    As we continue to connect the dots and rabbit holes of equity, consider that the preponderance of foreclosed private property is now allegedly “owned” by FANNIEMAE. Hence the equitable answer to the Chinese demands for substantive collateral. Afterall the FED must KowTow to those that hold the note, they must “save the economy” lest their fiat money being a paper house, go up in a proverbial smoke.

    A real and possible question: Will the Chinese arrive at some point on the Golden shores of America seeking to utilize and even take hold of their land? Not only the private properties held by FANNIE and FREDDIE but also those vast tracks of FEDERAL LANDS out west. Who really holds the equitable title to those lands that the U.S. GOVERNMENT has been so diligently”preserving and protecting”?

  • sam ad ams

    . cant run far, cant hide?
    bond fund mgr co says ” U S total pub pv debts $75t+ seventy tril
    (tom) gdp $14 t/ yr, Prof $200t. total debts”

  • James Woroble Jr


    The ‘Revoloushun’ is on track… :-)

    US Gives China Eminent
    Domain Over US Property
    Beyond High Treason

    A. True Ott, PhD, ND


    BEIJING, China — Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have just CONFIRMED that the United States of America has tendered to China a written agreement which grants to the People’s Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China’s continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves.

    The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China. (CONT)

    This should also answer the question of why America doesn’t tap it’s vast oil reserves (Example. See: Gull Island, Alaska discovery during the Prudhoe Bay / Alaska pipeline development) while importing billions of barrels. IT’S NOT OURS TO TAP! ITS BEEN COLLATERALIZED TO CHINA!!!! And you thought these Chinese were stupid to continue buying worthless US Treasury bond junk. :-)

    BTW- The same traitorous Yiddish dyke bitch Hillary who did this deal is about to be appointed head of The International Monetary Fund (with both China’s necessary approval and that of the global Jewish banking monopoly (For the politically correct, you may substitute ‘heterosexual Eskimos’ here should your pink silk undies bunch up like a vacuum pack food sealer).

    “Let China sleep for when she wakes she will shake the earth”
    — Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Lizajanie

    Well, there’s one more thing that could “scare the masses into a protective hug from the Elite:” an alien invasion. Don’t laugh, they’re already preparing us for this through TV, movies, etc. But, the question is, “Will it REALLY be fake?” Many people, much smarter and in-the-know than me, believe that the fallen ones ARE the aliens and will, in conjunction with the Elite, pose an ominous threat to society and frighten the masses to the point of accepting ANYTHING. Of course, it will be the GREAT deception and people will fall for it. Tragic.

    • Silver Shield

      I fully agree with that idea and all of the media attention with aliens and the fact that both the Vatican an UN have offices set up for this is a concern.

      I have no doubt that the trillions we have spent in black ops budgets have created some wicked technology that we would take for Alien technology.

      In the end there will be a human controlling it.

  • Dwight Trotter

    Newcomer here, so this may have been covered by other posts. Just read this article and the accompanying posts.

    I detect an undercurrent of “all our problems are caused by the evil bankster elites.” No love for the greedy and evil among us, and there are plenty. But if I may, allow me to posit a scenario: if your intent is to rule the world, what would you do to keep the masses from figuring it out? How about pointing to them to a red herring? How about engineering some sets of circumstances that “clearly” show who is to blame?

    Ever wonder how the German masses of the 1920s-40s, many of whom were undoubtedly good people just trying to manage through a very rough period in German history, could be seduced into thinking that the wrong group of people were responsible for their misery, to the point that they would allow what followed? Or how the Russians, proud people that they always have been, could be hoodwinked by the Bolsheviks and reduced to slaves of the state? Is it possible that with enough propoganda thrown at any of us often enough, we will believe a lie? And here we are again, with “the banking elite” as the bad guys. What if we’re being duped again by the real PTB into thinking the same thing that brought Russia and Germany to their knees?

    Communism has NOT gone away in Russia; the ruling elite just dropped the uniforms so they could suck in Western money to bail out their fatally flawed system. China is NOT a capitalist system. They will allow Western money to flow in until their coffers are full enough to support their long range plan Capitalism, banking, and the freee enterprise system are NOT our enemies. We have enemies, but if they can keep us looking in the wrong places long enough, they can sucker punch whats left of us more easily.

    If any of this strikes a chord, or you just want to follow the line of thinking, I suggest

  • Scout

    Outstanding presentation, Silver Shield! Great coverage of your articles on a regular basis now at

    As we prepare mentally and physically for the inevitable collapse of the world as we know it, let us also remember to prepare ourselves spiritually as well.

  • laura m.

    Lizajanie: I agree with you, and others have exposed the alien scenario; it’s too bad patriots who have educated and informed others for decades have failed miserably and many have given up the battle as they see no hope in the dumb masses waking up to truth. Friends and I have recently thrown out books, dvd’s and all materials pertaining to educating on the NWO and it’s history. Since churches and civic org. to incl veterans org. have no interest in this anyway, why pass it on? Several took things to these type meetings and saw no results ten years ago! Voting also produces zero results since politicians on all levels of gov. are puppets. Americas future is zero.

  • James Woroble Jr

    [SOLD] Ameri(K)wa!

    China Wants 50 Sq Mi Self-Sustaining City In Idaho

    Not a penny down, ’cause they already paid Hillary and The ‘bama for it!!!

  • Mic

    Wake up! People of American, wake up! You guys owe the people of the world a heavy moral duty. You have allowed the banksters to pass the Federal Reserve Act! You have allowed them to create money/debt to enslave the whole world! Wake up,my dear American friends! Open your eyes to see how ridiculous and desperate your country has become! Pick up the courage of your founding father like Thomas Jefferson/Andrew Jackson to kick them out one more time! Force your politician to honor your Great Constitution!! Once these bastards have relocated to the IMF to issue the world currency, the world will lose every chance to change it’s miserable fate. The US Congress is the last democratic body on the earth which is capable to stop the banksters to conquer the world. If you guys do not make Ron Paul a president, if you guys continue to focus on things designed by the elites, if you guys continue to turn a blind eyes to the invasion triggered by your executive branch, if……. One day, you will suddenly wake up and find out that your country has been raped and robbed. Remember, you owe the world a heavy duty!

    Your Chinese Friend

  • @ Lizjanie & Silvershield, I agree with that also, that they could do that and just might, look at the “Messiah Project” along with “Project Bluebeam”, there are some very sinister projects that DARPA has been involved in along with the JASON society, people REALLY aren’t in the know on the darker side of the subject. These aren’t even the tip of the ice berg when in comes to these blacker than black operations. Just throwing in my .2c…..

  • What shall we do? Who, other than the Lord, can we trust. Aliens, evil bankers, democrats, republicans, the chicoms, etc……… Are they the enemy? Do we read to much into things? The economy, where I live sucks. But, the movie houses, the restaurants are buzzing. Is it because people are selfish and don’t care? Or is there nothing really going on and the media and the power’s that be are losing because no one is paying attention to them. I recently read that the US debt is equal to a half a million per household. As if the people are responsible for it. Come on, I am not responsible, and I am not paying. Unless we take up arms and arrest the politicians who are responsible it is just talk and it will keep on going. Aliens……………………………………please.

  • Not mentioned as “false flags” possibilities is geoengineering, weather used as a weapon, tectonic weapons and psychotronic weapons–all of which Rep. Dennis Kucinich attempted to ban with House Bill 2977 (proposed October, 2001).

    Blaming mother nature for “natural” disasters is the scheme. It may have already happened MANY times.

    I’m reminded of Benjamin Fulford’s interview with Hazo Takenaka, former finance minister of Japan who is reported to have been threatened by European and American banking oligarchs with an earthquake machine (HAARP). Two days after Fulford published on, a 6.8 magnitude quake hit beneath the nuclear facility in Nigata, Japan. This interview and quake occurred well before the “natural” disaster of magnitude 9 quake and tsunami this past March.

    The USS Ronald Reagan carrier group was in the general region of the epicenter. YouTube the “SBX Seattle” and see the massive mobile HAARP-technology platform that MAY have been the epicenter of atmospheric heating over the region of the earthquake. HAARP is known to be capable of heating the atmosphere.

    It isn’t hard to imagine a deep ocean nuke set off to reflect from the west-facing wall of the Marianas trench to push a tsunami toward Japan and minimize the tsunami spread across the ocean. A deep ocean survey in the region of the March 11 earthquake may reveal such a nuclear blast region. Just hypothesizing, of course.

    The Dr. Strangeloves are having their way with us. With 9/11, 7/7, weather control and HAARP, anything is possible to arise from the devils.

    Thanks to YouTube dutchsinse channel, we know that weather control is an ongoing feature of creating chaos.

    The Fourth false flag is man-made “natural” disasters.

    The best statement in the article is this: EXPOSE EVIL AND IT WILL CEASE TO HAVE POWER

    We have work to do spreading the information and educating to the criminality. ALL TOGETHER NOW!

  • Rick

    I generally agree with the article, but I do have a comment on fiat being the root of all evil. It is only excessive debt, generally used to fund current consumption that gets you into trouble.

    Unless we go to a barter system, there will always be a need for some form of currency. In principle, when a commercial bank creates money, there is an asset/investment backing it up (eg. a building, inventory, equipment). In theory, this is no different than backing currency with gold or silver, which are just different assets. Creating currency backed by the debt having a claim on the assets created, allows an economy to grow without the limit of an arbitrary measure like the amount of gold, silver, or colored rocks in the world. Even the value of a commodity is arbitrary in that they are only a valuable as what someone else is willing to give in return. Because colored rocks are somewhat common, they would have the same problem as fiat, in that they are obtainable without limit.

    The predictable but real problem with fiat has been that in return for the convenience of not having to haul around two sheep and a duck to do our shopping, we have given great power to men entrusted to protect the value of the fiat. Without the constraint of virtue or another limiting factor, like gold, immoral men are only too willing to abuse it. Debt prudently created for investment is a virtue, and can be repaid with the future increase in value of the investment. Debt for current consumption must be paid back from future claims on the only real thing of value for any human being… Time. It is the one resource that is absolutely limited for each of us, and we are stealing it from our children.

    We work and trade bits of our time, our life, for money, which gives us a claim on someone else’s time. Not being able to reap the benefits of your own time, but rather having to give some of it to someone else, is serfdom. Income tax is a tax on TIME, albeit paid in dollars, and in that sense we are all serfs of the government. The result of currency devaluation (inflation) is that the dollar I receive today for my time is repaid by someone in the future who can earn a dollar for less of their time. I have indirectly become their serf. It is unfair.

    In any case, the political class found that by deficit spending they could continuously get re-elected and the only cost was to lay claim on the time of future generations, who don’t vote. This guaranteed that the fiat systems would get out of hand. It is a convenient way for the elite class to enslave everyone else without the inconvenience of having to herd them into pens. But then, by our inattention to what they were doing, we continue to re-elect the same people who bait us into further enslavement with the false promise of security. Trading freedom for security results in having neither.

    I could go on. Mercifully, I won’t.

  • Cumbre catastrophe

    Mossad was caught planting weapons on Canary Islands in the last couple years. Russians had been tailing them, and intervened to stop it. Israel then claimed the incident was a piracy problem. Many of the patriots like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Alex Jones and others promote the existance of aliens and REFUSE to ever confront the truth of the Zionist Pharisees in Israel and the evil they do. (Aliens is a specifically Cabala doctrine). Instead they idolize the antichrist nation and promote its theology (which is Cabala-Babylonian Talmud Satanism- NOT Torah Judaism). These false patriots are the most seductive and dangerous of all.

    Anyway, after this Mossad op was revealed, Israel quickly began to push some bogus news stories of “Muslim terrorists” recruiting in the Canary Islands. Like Mohammed Atta’s hangouts in Vegas and strip joints huh?

    Folks do you see where this false flag would go? Major WW3 in retaliation, with all the Evangelicals cheering that it was God’s punishment for dividing the ‘Promised Land’ etc etc etc.

  • lastmanstanding

    James. I predict a flood of Chinese blood…should that occur. Only an asshole like obama and our current politicians would let something like that happen in Idaho.

    It will only take a small percentage of Constitutional believing Americans to fix the issue…are you one of them? We are so underestimated.

    My friends and I with Gods grace will cut a swath a thousand miles wide for our kids and grandkids…A swath of freedom for our ignorance.

    Apparently, you have never been to Idaho.

  • I think that certain aspects of coming events are often overlooked. In the past few decades we have managed to destroy our farming, manufacturing, and textile industries, while bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants to make sure that those who were displaced by unemployment had no where to go.

    We have waged war on poverty, education, drugs, and inalienable rights. We lost all the wars we were waging that would supposedly enhance our lives, and along with that we were duped into believing that freedom was secondary to safety.

    Most of America bought into the service economy, the building of debt, and a number of economic falsehoods that led up to this point. Everyone who had suffered a loss was made into a spokesperson for the destruction of the Bill of Rights.

    The courts fostered false legal paradigm in order to centralize power, and gave immunity to its own standing army of thugs who have no origin in our founding documents. The end result is a prison system that was made into a business and countless people framed for crimes they did not committ, or the legislature had no right to enact, and prosecuted by persons who had no lawful authority to do so.

    There will be a tipping point that will turn all this wrangling into a blood bath because there will be so many who have been wronged, so many who depended on a false government, and so many who will have nowhere to turn except to the neighbor who they think might have enough food to feed their starving family.

    When those who are blind finally wake up they will be calling for anything and everything to stop the pain, and those who were wronged will say enough is enough, and the blood will flow.

    You can’t ignore all the harm that the blind, and the ignorant have caused, and this will be a major cause for a Civil War.

  • James Woroble Jr

    I’m giving 200-1 odds the next one is Chicago… the Sears (Willis) Tower… AND A NUKE!!!

    Where the hell is the constitutionally devoted faction of our military, sworn to protect us form enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!

    • Silver Shield

      Chicago would be high on my list with Rahm there.

      The new owners of the Sears tower are suspicious.

      I wonder if they took out terrorism insurance policies like Silverstein?

  • Aodhan

    What are some thoughts on the events at Fukushima? Is this where we all should be focusing our attention right now instead of the collapsing economy? Is this as grave as some are predicting? Will any of these economic worries even matter if those reactors hit the water table and create an uncontrollable Yellowstone Geyser of death shooting into the atmosphere for our hemisphere? The silence of corporate media is almost deafening…which makes me think things are really bad.

  • James Woroble Jr

    They indeed did. And the same Israeli owned security company that ran operations at the WTC in New York, runs the Sears Tower presently… and Silverstein is a major investor in the building.

  • Silver Shield

    Let me know when the terror drills are and “security” upgrades.

  • Robert

    This article was a long read but it all makes sense. I was born in a communist country so I have lived through what we as Americans are about to experience. It is so sad that people will not learn from history. These FOOLS have no idea what they’re flirting with. By the time they figure it out it’ll be too late, then the crying starts.

    I really appreciate the efforts you are making here, I only hope enough people will listen. Empirical knowledge tells me the vast majority will get totally blindsided by what is to come.

    God bless the Patriots

  • Professor X

    Oh……its coming, & its on! As far as false flags, they ARE comin, but Im still up in the air too, as to what. Definitely cyber attack Id say, because the internet is exposing the white shoe boys a little too much for their liking, & they cant deal with it anymore. The usual “terrorist” attack, probably as well….. but will it be the usual Islamic fall guys, or “domestic extremists”? Economic terror is a given, & already in the works.

    But, I think theyre getting ready for something BIG. Maybe not in the immediate future, but smaller events will lead up to it so everyone is shaken by the time it comes. And, the alien invasion thing is not as ridiculous as it sounds. I was an F-16 mechanic in the USAF, & we chased UFO’s on a somewhat regular basis…..but…they never seemed very interested in getting close, just sort of “acting” like we were concerned about something in secure air space. Scrambling fighters after them almost seemed like a routine drill or something…as if to say, whoever was in charge wasnt really concerned. Hollywood is interlocked with globalism, & we see alien invasion movies increasing. The History Channel is balls to the wall lately with alien stuff as well…. & who owns the History Channel? NBC/GE, Hearst, & Disney……3 of the biggest f@cking NWO lackies on the planet. It doesnt hurt to mention that a key component of the NWO is discrediting religion, so as to take full attention of their future subjects…what better way to do that than programs like Ancient Aliens, where they say aliens are actually what we call God. Possible??…yes. Does it just so happen to conveniently fit the current agenda as well?…yes.

    Whatever it will be, it will be grand scale enough to justify a sort of wordwide marshall law. Be ready for it…….

  • corxi

    Great article, thank you! May I add that this is the right time to hoard useful items such as water filters and the likes, personally I’m waiting a little longer for food, though I have a reasonable stack already.

  • James Woroble Jr


    “This year, EH11 (2011 Eagle Horizon exercise)will continue with the EH10 scenario, an improvised explosive device (nuclear) exploded in the Midwest.”

  • First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin: planned for 6/26/11 or June 26, 2011.

    The German solicitor Torsten van Geest wrote a 405-page long ‘injunction order’ against the Chancellor and Minister of the Interior of Berlin, hoping to prevent this terrorist attack planned for the opening of the women’s championship.

    Google will help you.

    Sighingly yours,


  • Silver Shield

    The CIA hack stinks to me because it would seem too obvious…

  • James Woroble Jr

    Falls Flag Alert: “Signs Al Qaeda More ‘Determined’ Than Ever To Attack America!”

  • rmcnnlly

    It’s time to reach out to the best leaders in the resistance to begin organized resistance with a plan. This is what the elite fear, and that time has come. I suggest a convention be convened, with a list drawn up of people from different segments of society according to their abilities, knowledge and position in society….including the powerless……like a division of power between the House of Commons and the House of Lords….or our own Congress. And then we begin the process of retaking back our country, our sovereignty, our money and our future.

  • Landon B

    the Norway situation is a false flag operation. Proof positive was Amy Goodman’s interview of Jeff Sharlet

    The words zionism, Israel, Daniel Pipes were not spoken, even tho the Norway bomber was motivated by all of those. The Oslo bomber was hand-picked by central casting precisely because he could/would evoke all the things zionists hate most. He is a Sabbath goy — see

    Israel is a gangster hideout for the banksters. Young Israelis are protesting the lack of affordable housing in Israel, and are threatening to squat in some of the “ghost buildings” — luxury apartments owned by dual citizen Jews who spend only two weeks each year in their Israeli residences. Why would anyone own a property that they live in only 2 wks/year? To shelter their money, that’s why.

  • Loki

    How many of these elite guys do we have do deal with? Where do they live? It is disingenuous to talk about them like they are invisiblle aliens or something. If we have to deal with them, we need to know who they are and where they live. Can you just publish a list so we can get on with it?

  • Joeseph Williams

    I am an educated man who until a few years ago believed the lies from the Government Media Complex but the truth became very apparent to those that were not corrupted. I am normally an optimistic person but to save the dollar would be futile.

  • John Osborn

    It is funny to see all the corrupted people who dont even see this financial freight train that is about to hit them yet they step in front of it. 99% of people will lose everything including their life savings then get angry when they realize all the sacrifice they went through to save their nest egg. The ones who bought gold and silver will be the safest. They will also be able to easily move with their fortune in their pockets.

  • Carolina Girl

    Thank you for this article! I am glad to see things spelled out in such an easy to understand format. I have been on a blog Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing-Matt TwoFour, it started my quest for the truth. Please keep doing your blog. Thank you.

  • Sv3ngali

    Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis . . .

    was on the shirt Tim McVeigh was wearing when he was arrested for the OKC bombing. -LESS THAN 3 HOURS AFTER THE BLAST…… And they claim to have no prior knowledge…..

  • JohnZ

    Chicago is definitely on the list for a false flag event.
    1) Rahm the bomb Emanuel is currently mayor.
    2) Larry Silverstein who leased the Twin Towers and 30 days before the event purchased a multi- billion dollar insurance policy against a terrorist attack.
    3) Silverstein now owns the Sears Tower….has a different name now.
    4) There is , according to reliable intelligence reports, a nuclear device that is reportedly missing and is thought to be withing the area of the three surrounding states. It may even be within the city of Chicago. The nuclear device was sent to the U.S along with several others for dismantling but the one that is has been missing for some time now.
    5) Several attempts on the oil refinery at Texas City outside of Huston involving explosions and fires. Capt. Eric May, founder of Ghost Troop has exposed a plot to set off a nuclear device in that area. After exposing the plot of course those who were involved simply slunk back into the sewer.
    6) A possible explosion within the financial district of New York will be blamed on OWS. Members are already being rounded up Soviet style and charged with terrorism. You’re next.

  • David

    Where are any recent posts? The Connecticut school shooting has to raise red flags.
    I’m just now getting my mind wrapped around all this. Be I gullible, dumb, naive, I don’t think so.
    However all I see are the blogs now talking about, the connections of the shooters fathers from Ct. And Colorodo.
    Some weird link. Not much else I can find…….
    No recent posts, am I to worry……
    Dave, in Dallas

  • jim

    30 years ago I had a vision of the invasion of this country by china,15 years agoI begin to see that the elite wanted a civil war here and that is what they have been working on. I belive the two are tied together in a way.I know that the elite want this they sent me a letter 6 years ago spelling out what they were going to do an wanting me to join them in this .I have moved since then and have hid out.

  • My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward
    to looking into your web page repeatedly.

  • […] Läs på lite om false flags, speciellt denna artikel av Chris Duane: The three coming false flags. […]

  • […] på lite om false flags, speciellt denna artikel av Chris Duane: The three coming false flags. Andra kända false flags: Gulf of Tonking, Vietnamkriget, USS Liberty, USS Maine och Reichtag? […]

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