Ross Hansen–What The Man From The Mint Says About Gold And Silver 06.Mar.13 presents

Ross Hansen is the founder of North America’s largest private mint. Therefore, he’s uniquely qualifed to explains what’s been going on in the precious metals markets. Besides the usual cries of manipulation, he sees large amounts of hot money leaving the sector for greener pastures such as the stock market. While larger investors are seeking bigger returns, the fundamentals for gold and silver have never looked better. Ross calls gold the world reserve currency, the realization has yet become widespread, but it will.

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  • James Tetreault

    I found his anecdote about the dotcom ceo interesting and agree with his take on gold and silver being the real reserve currency. But I suspect he’s mistaken in saying that silver industrial demand is down because it no longer has significant use in photographic processes. Among all the various uses of silver for its anti-microbial properties (e.g. I have a terrific running top with silver worked into the material that I can sweat through and it will not smell afterward)and conductive and reflective properties (around 2/3 of an oz. per solar panel) I suspect that the slack has been more than taken up.

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