The Lines Are Being Drawn

No sooner did I finish my article about the 3 Coming False Flags, do I read that Venezuela is cutting ties with the United States.

“Venezuela has severed its relations with the US after Washington imposed sanctions against Venezuela’s state-owned oil company for supplying gasoline to Iran. According to, Venezuela officially “froze” relations with the United States on Sunday, a top diplomat from President Hugo Chavez’s government said. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro also hinted that re-establishing relations with the US would be “impossible.”” Source PressTV
This is potentially huge news since we get 1 million barrels of oil a day from Venezuela. This adds further pressure to the OPEC meeting this past week. It becomes clear that Russia is the only swing producer of oil for the world economy, and we know what Russia does to gas exports to Europe. Add on top of all of this the fact that China is now the world’s largest consumer of energy. You may laugh at the thought of 3 False Flags, but our Elite are not going to go quietly into the night. Be prepared for anything, at anytime.

5 comments to The Lines Are Being Drawn

  • CactusAttackedUs

    I say good for Venezuela. They’re free to trade with whoever they want. Our sanctions are an act of economic terrorism. I live in the US, and sometimes I feel that re-establishing relations with the US (government) is indeed impossible. Could it be because they’re working for somebody else? Gee, I wonder who…

  • Fink

    Why is an oil nation selling oil to another oil nation. Iran has a shizz load of oil right? Is Hugo pulling an Adam kokesh?

  • Spokoze

    Well, maybe we should effective immediately revoke the visa’s of all the Venezuelan’s playing baseball in the United States just to make sure we have Hugo’s attention.

  • James Woroble Jr

    A million barrels of crude oil is of no use if it is not transformed into the various REFINED PRODUCTS! It is this critical function that makes Venezuela so important to both Iran and the U.S..

  • Yep, Iran produces alot of oil but cant refine all that oil themselves, so they have to send it abroad, like here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to get it refined.

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