The Game Changer- Unite or Die

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”– Patrick Henry

One of the biggest struggles in the American Revolution was not necessarily against the British Empire, it was uniting the diverse opinions of the American Colonists. Our Founding Fathers spent years trying to get consensus on what the American experience would be like. The end result was Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. All of the military battles and political declarations were in defense of this basic idea. Once united on a singular cause, Virginians fought and died in Massachusetts and Pennsylvanians fought and died in South Carolina.  The colonists adopted this ‘Join or Die’ mentality knowing that if they stood individually, they would be no match for the Empire the sun never set on.

“In order for men to do great evil, they must first believe they are doing good.”– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

When we study the Revolutionary War we tend to focus on the people, dates and battles, but the real battle was exposing the evil empire. The Founding Fathers attacked the idea of the Empire through works like Common Sense and the Tea Party. These were more powerful of a weapon as a musket. It is impossible to ‘fight’ evil, all  you need to do is ‘expose’ evil. Evil only exists in the shadows and as soon as the truth comes out about it, evil losses all of its power. Evil only has power so long as the people who support it believe that what they are doing is good. I have always been amazed that the average German citizen supported the fascist Hitler regime. When you realize that they thought they were doing good and the economy was growing, how could you not support Hitler? Look at us, we are supporting a system that relies on debt and war. These two ideas that we would never consider doing personally, but we support passively. We understand that debt is slavery. If you add up all of the debt on our backs, it is close to 1/2 to $1 million per person. We understand that we are now fighting 2,3,4,5,6… wars in the MENA region all to protect the petro dollar. Somehow we think that stealing and killing is patriotic. We must expose the twin evils of debt and the war machine it funds. The best way to ‘fight’ this evil is to expose it and offer a better solution.

The Total Freedom concept is one that I have been exploring in the Sons of Liberty Academy. It seems that everyone is striving to become Financially Free. I can tell you from experience that is a fools errand. If you are Financially Free, you are not Totally Free. To be Totally Free you need to be not only Financially Free but also Intellectually, Politically, Physically, Emotionally and even Spiritually Free. If you are not free in all of these areas, you are still a slave to the paradigm. The Elite that control our paradigm are attacking you on all of these fronts by convincing you that what you are doing is good. Let me give you a few examples…

Financially Not Free- Debt is good they tell you. Debt is slavery in reality. Our whole system is corrupt from the very beginning, because in our sick system, the very money we work for and save is debt. So even if you have no mortgage or student debt and even if you have a fat bank account of FRN’s, you are still in debt. Dollars are debt to us and an asset to the bankers who create them. Every dollar in existence is a debt to us and an asset to the privately and foreign owned Federal Reserve.

Intellectually Not Free- People have cognitive dissonance when it comes to so many issues. Let’s take abortion and war. Democrats don’t value lives of domestic babies but do value the lives of foreign babies. Republicans don’t value the lives of foreign babies but do value the lives of domestic babies. If either party was intellectually honest, they would either value life or not. You cannot both ways.

Politically Not Free- You are not politically free because the Elite own and control both parties. Look at the past 30 years, regardless what President is in office or what Congress is in power, some things never change. More jobs are shipped overseas, more debt on our backs, more illegal immigrants, more wars, more concentration of wealth at the top, and more police state. Nothing changes, because we have NO say in our lives. Our politicians are completely bought and paid for and everything is going to plan.

Physically Not Free- Obesity, Cancer and Depression are rising every day. Obviously something is very wrong in our physical lives for this to be growing at such astounding rates. We have been somehow convinced that factory fast food is good for us. If you want to stop all of these epidemics, change the way you eat and live.

Emotionally Not Free- We are inundated with people and programming that promote narcissism. If this narcissism if left unchecked, it leads to psychopathic behavior. The longer criminal psychopathic behavior goes unchecked by justice, the more it infects our families, corporations, political institutions, and society. Eventually those that are most psychopathic, consolidate wealth and set the agenda that promotes the normalization of the sickest aspects of humanity.

Spiritually Not Free- Even if somehow you manage to become free in all of these areas, if you do not have a greater connection to a higher power, you will never become your highest self.

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”– Ayn Rand

There are a great many of individuals doing fantastic work both exposing evil and promoting these freedoms. There are about 50 or so guys that I read on a frequent basis that are doing excellent work fighting this battle. Despite all of the work they do, the game is not changing. Sure an article or two gets some major attention and truth leaks out into the general population.  For the most part, America is totally unaware that their world is going to mathematically end. They have not thought about it, because they believe fairy tale of the Elite and they think what they are doing is good. Americans have been bought off and silenced with junk food, electronic gadgets and pills to try to make us happy slaves.

The Internet is by far the greatest weapon of truth out there. There is a bull market is freedom and anybody can get a website up to start telling their truth. They reality is, that very few will get the attention since the Elite’s Mainstream Media dominates the web traffic. These sites get millions of unique visitors every month. These sites tow the company line of the Elite and serve to either distract or disinform their viewers. Sites like CNN and Huffington Post get something like 20 million unique visitors to their site every month. These corporate mockingbirds are a major reason why the average American does not ‘get it.’ Even the very successful Drudge Report, only gets like 2 million unique visitors a month. He does a better job of exposing what is really going on, but for the most part, links to only Mainstream Media articles.

Then there are these 50 or so guys who are doing excellent work on their individual blogs. They might only get 20,000 to 200,000 unique viewers to their site. This is where I feel the real truth comes from. These bloggers are unconcerned with some corporate boss or large business. These opinion makers call it as they see it, and most often, it flies in the face of the Elite’s conventional wisdom. These bloggers might have found some success with either advertising, newsletters, or member sites, but at the end of the day they are in a rat race. If they stop writing, their business dies. Corporate media does not care if their writers stop, they will find another because they have the viewers.

I created the Sons of Liberty Academy to create a program to speed the average American through the 5 Stages of the Awakening Process and promote Leaderless Resistance. I wrote the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield to expose paper wealth and the value of real tangible wealth. While all of those ideas have been successful and interesting, they do not answer the big question on reaching out to more people. How do we create massive awareness? How do we reach critical mass? How can we make sure that after the collapse the same criminal Elite don’t get a shot at creating the next paradigm? I think I have another game changer and I want to put it out there.

The Game Changer- Unite or Die. The Big Idea is, what if 20 or 30 of these bloggers got together to make a united site where they would post their original work. How awesome would it be if they all got together and took on the Elite’s Main Stream Media. Here are some of the benefits I see from this idea.

  • Synergy of the same efforts would create something much, much stronger than any of them would do individually.
  • The combined audience of all of these writers would be close to the Drudge Reports audience right off the bat.
  • People would be more accepting of these truths, because of the amount of attention the new site would generate.
  • United under this Total Freedom concept they would cross pollinate different writers audiences. Some viewers might come in under a Precious Metal article but might find a political conspiracy article or holistic medicine article.
  • The authors can keep their own sites and business models and print independently of each other on the new united site.
  • The united site would provide much more interest in the authors other projects.
  • There would be more consistent traffic to the site with so much content created by these authors.
  • The authors would be building a real business not another rat race with an equitable and performance based interest.
  • By printing original content on the united site, hundreds of other sites will link to the new site drawing and keeping viewers.
  • Major media attention would be created by the announcement of some of the biggest writers in the business uniting.
  • Major advertisers would support the site because of all of the attention.
  • This united site will not be a one trick pony like just a just a financial site. It can cover the many other aspects of freedom.
  • This site would be multi-media. Some guys are writers, some are video, and others are radio. Together there would be an opinion and a media for all.
  • This site could be a great place to develop new talent to expand the size and scope of the movement.
  • More and more major sites are running in to copyright issues as content producers demand more and more from the bigger sites. This plan would allow the content producers to have an interest in their own major distribution site.

This is NOT a new idea, Pajamas Media was created many years ago with this same plan. Pajamas Media was started “with the intention of… aggregating blogs to increase corporate advertising and creating our own professional news service.” They now get 16 million page views a month. Their intention is to overthrow the mainstream media. Individually, none of the bloggers were really big names in the beginning, but collectively they got the attention of people. The names I am thinking about have built incredible individual name recognition and I believe that we should be able to far exceed Pajamas Media’s success.

I have passed this idea on to a few other bloggers I know and I have been highly encouraged to reach out to others. Unfortunately, I do not have all of the contacts of the people I would like to reach out to. For the most part these bigger guys get a couple hundred email a day into their public email and I am sure this would get lost. If you think this is a worthy cause and want to encourage it, please send this article to your favorite blogger. If enough people show interest, they might be encouraged to throw their energy behind this idea. There is really no downside that I see other than some of these writers are fiercely independent. Even that, is not really an issue, since they would have little or no contact with others and they would have full access to author on a major site. I am sure most of our Founding Fathers were much more independent and they put aside their differences to fight for a singular cause. Their efforts united the colonies and fought the battle of exposing the British Empire. This effort could free the world from debt and war for good.

“Those that did not see this coming will not know what to do when it get’s here.” -Jim Puplava

I believe this could be a real game changer in the fight for freedom. These authors have been trying for years to warn their fellow citizens about the total calamity coming to our paradigm. The reality is that the Elite will be the ones to shape the next paradigm, if we do not offer another option. Through this united site, we should be able to reach millions more before the collapse. After the collapse, these writers can shape the opinions on how best to re-establish real freedom to the world.

“If you play by the Elite’s rules, the Elite will rule.” -Silver Shield

Anyone interested in this idea, please email me at

21 comments to The Game Changer- Unite or Die

  • Fink

    Great article again. And Idea.

    We have a lot in common in our awakenings, however I come from a liberal democrat side. the irony is that my mom buys PMs but calls herself a communist.

    my big problem, much like everybody else experiences, the looks of being crazy, or a conspiracy nut. the normalcy bias shift is so extreme that they awakening is either impossible of extremely easy due to the high contrast. I mean I can explain to someone to have some exposure to PMs but they won’t do it because Ron Paul is a kook, or Glenn Beck is a spokes person for a shady company. I fear telling people that yes actually it IS un-American to deviate from the constitution. Not only that people hear I am stacking and they just say “everything will get better, I am an optimist, you are just being pessimistic” What can we do? I think is it really our job to wake people up or is it to just make preparations quietly and help those that are waking up themselves. I think maybe the latter – but your mission is different, it’s honest and open.

    my point is the less extreme the message the easier it may be to nudge someone – the elites took their time by the order of a hundred years thru a death by a thousand cuts….how are we to change someone instantly?

  • Fink

    I should have reviewed what I wrote. there are a couple wrong words and lack of question marks in there…i hope you get the meaning

  • I would be very interested in contributing to such a project. I’m sure there are many others as well.please keep us informed.
    Thank you for sharing your vision!

  • You leave one glaring omission about being spiritually free. To be so you must be free of a “religious” institution, whether Islam or Churchianity. I don’t mean atheism or secularism. Jesus Christ came to this world to set man spiritually free, liberating them from dead religion based on works of righteousness and “saving” them with the life of God. All religion is deadening, stifling life. In order for this to happen, you need to understand that Christ is the savior of the whole world. Only then can you walk in mature love — not hating others who don’t agree with you. Those who disagree aren’t going to be in a permanent Hell. It just isn’t so. Having a proficient knowledge of Greek will help you understand this. All Bible translations have it wrong. Only in Greek is the message of Christ fully represented. The problem is that after the reign of Justinian, dogma perpetuating the concept of eternal damnation was introduced as a means of controlling the people.

  • I would definitely be interested in contributing to such a project. Feel free to send me more information as the project takes shape.
    Would also love if Silver Shield would be interested in participating in our upcoming Silver Viral Project- which will attempt to drive the silver message into the mainstream by inundating forums, blogs, social sites, etc. (where gold/silver are not currently the focus) with “propaganda” promoting silver. Obviously to be successful this campaign will need much more than just SilverDoctors’ promotion to become successful and see the silver message brought to the masses- we will need the unity and assistance of many other blogs and sites such as yours.
    The focus will not be to promote SilverDoctors,, or any other specific blog or site, but to get all of our readers to begin teaching others everything they have learned about silver, and initiate discussions involving silver in mainstream forums and sites. The goal is to repeat the message enough times to FORCE the public to take notice!

    Feel free to email me about your coordinated blogging site, as well as if you would be interested in participating in the Silver Viral project-


  • Darrell Smith, I am very interested in what you said. I grew up in church, only to realize they were fed lies and passed it along. The bible has it right,but the translation storiesare wrong. I would like to converse with you if at all possible. When I clicked on your picture, it only took me to a hebrew website. Thanks, Bart

  • monty luke

    been awake for most of my life ,I always asked why and was a outcast for this ,getting people to think about what they do and why is a task ,,some are lost ,,majority dont care,,We walk among the sleepers ,living a lie is easy , to carry the truth is not a task but a honor but like merle said we are all just a snowballs headed for hell ,thanks for your work ,you are one of the best I refer you constantly to all I see,,,monty

  • ib12541

    Good idea but I see a problem. The site would be very easy to take down by you know who. They do it all the time. Better to spread out I think.

  • George Silver

    On ZeroHedge and Infowars there is a complete list of Bilderberg attendees. Why not publish this list and have a campaign to boycott their products and services.

    The Bilderberg do so much to us I think it only fair that we should boycott them.

  • Daniel

    I have had a few success’s in my endevors of trying to enlighten the family. Since being called paranoid or compared to a Randy Weaver, I have been able to get some family members aware. They are not prepping though. People actually are awake but not getting ready!!!
    Reminds me of my Deer Camp. When the alarm goes off at 4am. I will only ring the wake up bell once. Some members get up and are not prepping for the hunt and arrive in there stands in the daylight, some are prepped and ready in there stand early before daylight. I have kept loggs and recorded times temp. The succesful hunters are generally the well prepped who are prepped to sit before daylight and stay until sundown if needed. My find is PREPPERATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS- DEER HUNTER!!!

  • chow

    “We must all hang together,or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    I think this quote was by Benjamin Franklin during the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Am I wrong?

  • Thankful

    To free oneself from organized religion is not required to be spiritually free; freedom from the slavery of sin is. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography etc. are slavery; sin ruins lives and destroys peace, it removes our focus from our responsibilities and to our desires. It is the real enemy. Spiritual freedom is to throw off the chains of sin to live a virtuous life, which enriches both our families and society. Organized religion which focuses our attention on others and our relationship with God is good and builds community; which we are designed to thrive in. In coming closer to God we can better resist evil and live a good and holy life, groups of individuals committed to living this way support one another to work through difficulties and establish safe places for children to live and grow. We sometimes fall but then ask forgiveness and make amends; we rebuild our lives and strengthen our character like our ancestors. In recent years we’ve become soft and easily corruptible which is why sin is so much more prevalent, sin has also become normalized because it is so common. So how can we be surprised at our leaders when we have many of the same faults? We need to set aside any rivalry of religions as we discuss how to rebuild our country; focus instead on similarities; on virtue and how to live it, on natural law and how to preserve it. Mankind should have freedom of religion; to worship the way they see fit as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others (like property rights). Man should also not condemn anyone, for that is the job of God alone, for even the most wicked can be pardoned if they are sincere and only God knows a mans heart. But we are obligated to admonish the sinner because of its horrendous effects on families and society; we are to correct bad behavior when its fruits are evil in our children and in society, to inhibit the growth of evil.

  • Professor X

    Fantastic idea Silver Shield…….. Ive only written 3 things on this website so far, & already have 3 different blogs who apparently picked them up…….didnt know what a “ping” was before this morning when it was in my email (lol). If blogs were united, imagine how much Article/attention pick up that would generate? I’ll be passing this article around…..

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