“There Is NO Intrinsic Value.”

There seems to be a debate being pushed that there is NO Intrinsic Value only Perceived/Subjective/Market value.  I hope this video helps you get REAL about what wealth is ahead of the single largest event in human history, the collapse of the dollar.

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  • Hey Chris,

    Thanks for all the work you put into this site and the academy. I really would like to have at least one Freedom Girl as a tribute to all of your work. But I understand the mint is having problems shipping out order from all the complaints I see on the net. If I ordered just one how long would it take to get it?


  • Dylan

    In an economy of living creatures, the primal wealth lies in that which sustains living things. Air first, then shelter, then water, and last food. Precious metals only have ‘intrinsic’ value to industry. Their acceptance as a medium of exchange is deeply imbedded in culture, but they have no intrinsic value in regards keeping living things alive~ at best, they can only act as true wealth proxies, and only if generators of true wealth care about them.

    • Silver Shield

      I would contend that modern human life is not possible with out these true forms of money. At the heart of all of these trillions of dollars of currencies, stocks, bonds, insurance, derivatives, is gold. That is ultimately the heart of all of the financial system. That was the original stock of wealth that everything else was built up on. So call it like precious metals are true wealth and for those that seek to detach themselves from this unreality they will be life savers before the facade collapses in the single largest event ever.

    • Your words, Dylan: “the primal wealth lies in that which sustains living things. Air first, then shelter, then water, and last food. Precious metals only have ‘intrinsic’ value to industry”

      There are a variety of academics that would completely disagree with you. I’ll leave you with one quote and the link it’s from then leave you to conduct your own research :-)

      Quote, “Some scientists and doctors together consider the fact that the lack of silver in the human body is the main cause of the presence and of the development of different forms of cancer”

      Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Does-Your-Body-Need-Silver?&id=390268

      It would most certainly appear that silver, “sustains living things”.

      So on your definition, it has ‘intrinsic value’.

      So does copper by-the-way :-)

      G’luck, bud

  • jim koconis

    chris – your contention that ‘modern’ human life is not possible without ‘these true forms of money’ is preposterous. human life, modern or ancient, is dependent upon the ‘consumption of wealth’ . ‘money’ ,regardless of its form, is not wealth because money is not consumable. dylan is absolutely correct -go dylan! Money is only a symbol of the creditworthiness or the merit of something that has the potential to be consumed – WEALTH. Money is a barren symbol. Money has NO WEALTH. Money ‘evaluates’ the potential of something to satisfy life sustaining capabilities. When we consume (sacrifice) that life sustaining thing it then, and only then, becomes wealth.

    Sure, silver has a value to those who desire it. But that desire can never BE wealth because that desire cannot ever satisfy life. MONEY IS A SYMBOL – it represents credit (creditworthiness, merit, the potentiality of wealth). When that credit is consumed it then becomes wealth. Silver, fiat paper, feathers, electronic bleeps, whatever – all can serve the very same purpose and function. Silver has no more intrinsic ‘value’ than a feather. Silver may ‘evaluate’ credit, just as a feather or paper may evaluate credit – but neither HAVE credit or value or merit in and of themselves.

    • “money is not consumable”

      That would depend on what is being used as ‘money’, Jim. Seeds have been used on many occasions and many seeds can be consumed directly, or better still, put in the ground to create more ‘consumables’.

      “Money has NO WEALTH”…….”When we consume (sacrifice) that life sustaining thing it then, and only then, becomes wealth.”

      See the link above that I provided for Dylan regarding ‘consuming’ the ‘life sustaining’ substance of silver. By your definition, it then becomes ‘wealth’ right 😉

      PS Silver doesn’t have to ‘money/currency’. It has ‘intrinsic’ value regardless, unlike shitcoin or govr fiat that does actually require human consciousness to percieve it has having value.

      You don’t need to understand the science, nor even be aware that silver can prevent cancer cells developing, just like we needn’t know/perceive that O2 is in the ‘air’ around us and sustains our life force.

      So, unlike govt fiat, shitcoin, local ‘nominal fiats’ etc that DO REQUIRE cognitive evaluation i.e. subjective-to-objective perceived value, silver has intrinsic value……it has value whether we are conscious of its existence or not.

      Do you believe a rabbit is aware of metals running round its system thus, “being consumed” – your definition of wealth bud :-), or “sustains living things” – Dylan’s definition??????????????????????????

      Of course it isn’t, the rabbit hasn’t a f’in clue, and so the value isn’t subjective or conscious.

  • Hey, here’s another definition for intrinsic value:

    The substance has value independent of whether humans are aware of its existence or not.

    You have to encourage people to consider govt fiat or shitcoin as having value, either by force – e.g. taxation – or through a sales pitch.

    Silver has intrinsic value, and to suggest otherwise suggests a mind like an intellectual pygmy at best, or a malevolent cunt at worse.

    • dan

      Gareth, silver has no value if no one is aware of it. They would not ‘miss it’ and therefore no one would seek it.

      The purpose of money is as a substitute for barter. As a substitute for barter its primary is used as a unit of account and a reference point.

      The most important characteristics of money are:
      1) Easy to exchange.
      2) Stable Supply
      3) Difficult to counterfeit.

      These characteristics enable it to be used as a reference point for the purpose of profit and loss calculations. From this perspective bitcoin is better than silver on every point. You will note that the volatility of bitcoin and silver over the past 5 years is not that different… silver had a run up to 50 and then fell to the 20s…

      In the video you referenced the 900 men that had to go out to find ‘silver’ and that ‘only silver’ has inelastic supply/demand. Well, you could send a million men out and you wouldn’t be able to produce any more bitcoins. They may only have value as a ‘unit of account’, but as a unit of account it is far better than silver.

      Bitcoin doesn’t have value because of a sales pitch. It has value because it provides a need that gold and silver are not meeting. Bitcoins are helping people put food on the table by allowing them to circumvent the government.

      We all know how great silver is, and bitcoin does not take away the value of silver. But what you need to do is come up with a way to use silver on the internet.

      Here is the reality… if the *only* thing bitcoin was used for was a medium of exchange and no one ever ‘stored’ bitcoins longer than necessary to make exchanges, then they would still have value because there is no need to trust a 3rd party.

      • You’re purely focused on monetary and economic aspects, Dan. Which is hardly surprising as this is your mindset at play.

        The word ‘value’ has a few meanings including “relative worth, merit, or importance”. Silver is important whether the human consciousness is aware of it’s existence or not, just like oxygen was important before we had discovered its existence.

        At the risk of repeating myself: To suggest silver has no intrinsic value is intellectually stupid. Let’s examine the tow words again:

        Intrinsic: Within, internal, independent of extrinsic/external factors.

        Value: Many meanings, but one is ‘importance’.

        Silver has important intrinsic qualities and therefore has intrinsic value that is independent of the human psyche. Do you agree, or do you believe oxygen also had no value/importance prior to mankind discovering its unique properties in the air?

        As for shitcoin, I’m just not interested in it. I’ve even done a mini survey asking the locals if they’ve heard of a: a sovereign, b: a brittania and c: a bitcoin/shitcoin.

        Surprise, surprise, everyone had heard of a sovereign, very few a brittania – but of course they’d heard of silver :-) – and NOT ONE OF THEM had heard of the bitcoin/shitcoin. Think i’ll stick to monetary metal. Also, most of the little shops around my area are ‘cash only’….they don;t even accept govt fiat binary code and so there’s very little prospect of them ever accepting ‘bitcoin’.

        “Bitcoins are helping people put food on the table by allowing them to circumvent the government.”

        I would imagine more on food stamps and other welfare programs than buying groceries with shitcoin, Dan LOL. That ‘pump’ statement will not work here.

        Here is the reality…shitcoin is digital binary code, and as such, is subject to many problems. It has suspect origins, and no offence, Dan, it has suspect pluggers. You do of course realise that you’re a notorious ‘pump&dump’ artist, Dan. Whether that’s 100% true or not is irrelevant to reputation……that’s also a ‘reality’ check for you, Dan. If you want the folk to start bidding-up shitcoin, perhaps you should personally say nothing on the topic 😉

  • dan

    Where are the 8 comments… ?

  • Silver Gonzales

    Chris –

    We ALL love what you do. Your site is a constant source of hope and a sane port of call.

    Silver, march 18 2013: $ 29.03 at 8:43 am EST. How is this possible??

    I am a stacker since Q3 2010. Without your videos and prayer, there are days I would kill myself believing that for buying 1 onz. silver rounds and ASEs, I bought the hype, and I am a loser and have squandered my family’s future while people I know have made (fiat) mucho money on GOOG and AAPL.

    When will the war on silver end? My view is that the powers that be wish that all silver and gold mines stop operating, become privately owned or stop operating. Same for their distributors and sellers such as apmex, kitco,,.

    And this could happen if the price stays where it is for the next 36 months.

    Then the dramatic rise begins, completely bypassing those who never stacked.

    • Silver Shield

      It is not until you go through these consolidations do you see the psychology at play here to keep you from real wealth.
      I bet the house in 2005 on silver without anywhere near the knowledge I have now and have shared with you guys through all of my work.
      I left my family, business, industry and state in May of 2008.
      Then silver crashed 60% the following months.

      Now I was was cut from my family, no job, no insurance, new state, more bills and another child.
      I started to reality check all of the motivations that led me to be the house on silver and found even more compelling evidence to buy more while it was on sale.
      That led me to developing the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.

      That consolidation shook out the weak hands that got into silver for the wrong reasons.
      Those that traded margin or were valuing their wealth in dollars got wiped out.
      Those that measured their wealth in ounces and say that their perception did not change you physical reality in your hands held on for a 400% return in the following months.

      The key for me was that during the 08 dump all of the same naysayers were saying the same stuff.
      Literally the same talking points and toxicity.
      They were wrong then…
      and they are wrong now.

      I have taken a great deal of time recently talking about consciousness and perception.
      The most precious resource is not oil, gold or silver it is the human mind.
      Control their perception and you can control their reality.

      The LIBOR scandal showed how they can create an illusion of a free market and rig the entire thing for power and profit.
      They can print any price they want on their electronic price propaganda.
      They can create winners and losers on a whim in their games of chance.
      They can pump talking points through all of the politicians and media.
      They can use shills in social media to spew toxic thoughts.
      All of this to make it difficult for you to get out of their rigged game.

      TPTB that you speak about know full well that their system only functions if we power it.
      They have many levels of illusions all designed to keep you playing their game.
      You can play thousands of games in their casino.
      All of them play on the most primal instincts of greed.
      And some pop lotto jackpots to show that the casino has winners.
      But they never show the millions of loser that paid dearly.

      The solution to all of these problems are found in the opposite consciousness.
      Not another version of the same problem.

      As for their casino, nothing has fundamentally changed for the better since 2008 actually it has gotten magnitudes worse.
      The systemic risk is not at the institutional level, it is at the sovereign nation level.
      When the next crisis does happen, it will be the big one as there is no higher power to absorb the losses.

      The Dollar Collapse will be the single largest event in human history.
      All contracts whether it is financial, political or social will all be broken.

      Power will fall to the most local and responsive level and people will only trust REAL assets, REAL skills and REAL friends.

      Until that day, there will be many flashing lights trying to get you to play in their rigged casino.

      Don’t be tempted.

      I believe those that consciously walk away from the Debt and Death paradigm and the scarcity and greed that powers it will be the meek that inherit the earth.

      They will be the ones that will show humanity that the abundance mentality will be the blessing of productivity, wealth, freedom and happiness.

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