Pretty Cool YouTube Video Of My Article

I think this is pretty cool idea. One of the readers of Dont-Tread-On.Me created a YouTube video of one of my articles, The World is Cornering the Elite. I encourage everyone to take action and do whatever they can to spread the word. Check it out.

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  • ewkeane

    There have been reorderings in the past.
    Some are cut off at the pass, like the idea that the Templars had about buying the whole world with money.
    It looks like this order is afraid of going bankrupt. They choose to beggar the world for the sake of luxury.
    There has to be a way to take their hoards of silver and gold from them, but how?
    This great treasure ought to be broken into dime sized bits, and spread all over the land, into the hands of common folk, to do with it what they will.
    What is their asking price for every grain they own?
    If these guys dont retire soon, they risk bloody revolution.
    What is their price?

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