What Will You Do 4 Operation Empire State Rebellion?

This June 14th on Flag Day, Anonymous is planning to Launch Empire State Rebellion to expose the crimes against humanity of the privately and foreign owned Federal Reserve. One of my favorite movies of all time is Fight Club. At the end of the movie the rebellious movement commits to their largest operation, the elimination of the banking system. They destroyed all of the computers that held all of the debt that enslaved everyone.

One way or another, all of our debt will be eliminated, it is a mathematical certainty. Our debt will either end in a hyperinflationary collapse or a massive default, either way it is going to collapse just like the buildings at the end of the movie. The best part about the destruction of this system, is that it would take very little to bring it down. We do not need violence or explosives, we need merely to expose the evil so that people no longer actively or passively participate in the system that enslaves us.

What are you going to do this Flag Day? I don’t care what you do, but do something you have never done before to make a point. I have been reading a tremendous amount of the sacrifices our Founding Fathers and patriots made for our freedoms. These men endured horrible and hopeless conditions to fight off a tyrannical system. Here we have an enemy that is dying of its own cancerous creation, and all we have to do is shine the light on it to kill it. We do not need to fight evil. We need only to expose the evil in the good we think we are doing. Our debt perpetuates war, police state, corporate bailouts, propaganda and bought off politicians. Do something bold to expose this.

90 days ago, we requested Ben Bernanke’s resignation as Federal Reserve chairman. Mr. Bernanke has not complied with our request.

  • The Federal Reserve’s policies are systematically looting the country to enrich one-tenth of one percent of the population.
  • The Federal Reserve has deliberately driven tens of millions of people into poverty.
  • The Federal Reserve is responsible for Crimes Against Humanity!
  • The Federal Reserve gave trillions of American taxpayer dollars, in secrecy, to the people who were most responsible for causing our economic crisis.
  • Our tax dollars were handed out as all-time record-breaking bonuses to top executives at the “Too Big to Fail” global banks.
  • The Federal Reserve gave American taxpayer dollars to foreign banks and corporations.
  • The Federal Reserve directly subsidized tax evasion by funneling taxpayer dollars into to the Cayman Islands.
  • The Federal Reserve gave American tax dollars to their primary dealer banks, so the banks could then lend that same money back to the US government at higher interest rates, leading to significant profits for the banks, at the further expense of the American public.
  • Through bailout programs the Federal Reserve socialized financial losses onto American taxpayers and privatized profits into the hands of global banks.
  • The Federal Reserve aids and abets trillions of dollars in accounting fraud.
  • The Federal Reserve routinely manipulates the stock market.
  • The Federal Reserve deliberately caused inflation in the price of food, gas and basic necessities, while devaluing the dollar!
  • The Federal Reserve represents the central planning force behind a global banking cartel that has deliberately impoverished people throughout the world.

US Politicians have not taken action to break up the Federal Reserve and the “Too Big To Fail” Banks.
US Politicians have not taken action to prosecute the people who caused our economic crisis.
US Politicians have not taken action to end the system of political bribery, the campaign finance and lobbying racket, which allows global bankers to control our political process.
Democrats have failed us.
Republicans have failed us.
No one is defending our interests.
We cannot remain passive while our future is going up in flames.
It is time for us to stand up for ourselves.
It is time for you to stand up for yourself.
We must restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.
We must now launch Operation Empire State Rebellion.
The operation will commence on June 14th.
As a first step, we are calling upon you to occupy a public space until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down.

Operation Empire State Rebellion, Engaged.

14 comments to What Will You Do 4 Operation Empire State Rebellion?

  • Jon

    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    Say you want a revolution
    We better get on right away
    Well you get on your feet
    And out on the street

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    A million workers working for nothing
    You better give ’em what they really own
    We got to put you down
    When we come into town

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
    How do you treat you own woman back home
    She got to be herself
    So she can free herself

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on
    Now, now, now, now

    Oh well, power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    Yeah, power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  • lastmanstanding

    Jon. Alot of people have no power, they are weak…It is that simple. jon Lennon was a commy fucking pussy and so were the rest of the beatles.

    Get a set of balls and stand with the founders of our incredible nation…the United States of America.

    Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Henry and the rest…

    Lastman and Patrick Henry are the of the same blood…They (the founding fathers) started it… Lastman and those who believe in living free will finish it. 50% of people that live in the US currently will not survive.

    This will enable many who have lived oppressed worldwide to “live the dream.”

    That is how the planet works.

  • Sean reposted this at SGTreport, but I figured I’d make my same comment over here… since it makes more sense to pose the question on your blog directly…

    *** *** *** ***

    Hmm…. can I play Devil’s advocate? I don’t mean to go to bat for the other team, but if Bix Weir happens to be reading this, Bix, back me up…. Bernanke has NO CHOICE but to print money… he’s doing what’s he is supposed to do. He’s supposed to prevent a deflationary collapse from causing everything that Webster Tarpley warned us would happen if the US defaults…. He’s supposed to ride paper money until it collapses into hyperinflation, “helicopter ben” style, and then the Road to Roota sees us having to back a new currency in gold, in order to try to recover. The system was “screwed” way back when Greenspan was in office…. Asking Bernanke to resign is like asking the new football coach to resign because the old coach sabatoged the team and then quit the job. And for that matter, what was Alan Greenspan supposed to do??? By the Time that Paul Adolph Volker left in 1987, we were already too many years into the shenanigans for Alan Greenspan to magically turn it all round without destroying the free world economy. So do we go string Volker up by the balls? Ultimately, these crooks have passed the baton from one croney to the next ever since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.

    I know… let’s execute Woodrow Wilson for signing the Federal Reserve Act! Oh shit, I guess he died a few years back already.

    It’s up to us to invest in precious metals, protect ourselves, and not expect any high profile resignations from anyone.

    • Silver Shield

      The Federal Reserve is criminal and their owners need to be exposed. Bernanke is a puppet I want the guys that signs his check.

  • I hear ya, and I agree with the spirit of everything you feel, and almost everything you’ve written…. I agree that it’s corrupt as all hell… I just force myself to ask the question, “what REALISTIC thing would I like to see Bernanke do differently?”

    The answer: nothing.

    Do I want him to stop the currency printing, and launch us into default and deflation? no.

    Do I want him to get up to the microphone and scream, “the dollar’s gonna crash, and we’re all gonna starve!!!!” again, no. It’s his job to maintain people’s confidence in the system. It’s OUR job to undermine that confidence. It’s just a big game. :-p

    Has there EVER been anything that he could do to “fix” the system, fundamentally? once again, no.

    Is it reasonable to expect him to “out” the entire secret society, military-industrial, Grunch, illuminati mega-structure behind him? not really. his “replacement” won’t out them either.

    Since we’re also after the people signing his cheque, is there anyone with the last name “Rothschild”, “Rockefeller”, or “Lucifer” who can be fired from public office? no.

    will Bernanke’s resignation result in an “honest” Fed chairman being appointed to replace him? no.

    I’m just saying…. rather than taking up a chunk of public property for extended time periods, there is no act of protest greater than quietly accumulating precious metals. No high-profile resignations required.

    it’s not that I disagree with you about the nature of these men, or these corrupt systems… we’re on that same page, generally speaking…. I’m just trying to be realistic about what we can accomplish with any given strategy. Demanding uncle’s Ben’s resignation is a tall order, and I don’t see anything meaningful that we’d get from it.

    …a few exciting blog posts, maybe.


  • Alex

    To SJB

    Thank you for reinforcing the only thing we can actually accomplish: continue to prepare by buying PM.

  • Jeffersonian12

    My plan for Flag Day has been in the works… liquidating IRA’s, Money Market, and Savings accounts to purchase food, PM’s, and other necessities. Question: How aggressive will the IRS be in pursuing taxes on the early withdrawl of IRA funds?

  • KEN

    I agree with the notion – that we want this printing press to continue.

    Think about it in terms of a great party – at some point we all know that at some time we will have to FACE THE MUSIC; the music will stop, people will wake up, and the place will have to be majorly cleaned up. Maybe we might have to even head to the jail and get some rowdy friends unlocked. IE HANGOVER 3.

    Now the question is – do I want to party for as long as possible or start Hangover 3?

    Most of us would answer keep on pressin’ until we have to.

    That is what Ben Bernanke is unfortunately doing.

    Do I like it?

    Absolutely not — but everyday that the party keeps going is one extra day to cash out 401K and take care of my family. Every day that the party keeps going I am able to try to warn my friends, families, and strangers that I
    come across.

    Every day is an extra day to prepare.

    We all know that the jigg is up.

    We all know that the paradigm is going to change somehow.

    None of us at present can completely know how this could change — either a painful change for better or utter horror or some combination in between.

    I believe that we could all make strong cases for any scenario.

    But for now — I am riding the party wagon that puts off Hangover 3 into the future. This allows me to warn all of my friends, family, and associations so that they can save their families and friends.

    For Flag Day — I will send out an email to all of my family and friends in hopes that they will continue to wake up.

  • Scout

    Tomorrow, Flag Day / Active Resistance Day, is the day we can begin boycotting and putting the pressure on Lame Stream Media, as brilliantly suggested here:


    “Oppressed people of the world need to force the media into a “commune state of shame” for protecting Bilderberg sociopaths. A spontaneous effort of applying pressure on the organizations that own and set reporting on programming content is a starting point. Escalation to a national boycott of their media venues and advertising revenue is the common language these elites understand. MSNBC Chris Matthews is a prime enabler who needs to learn the meaning of “I am partly responsible because I knew about Bilderberg”.

    The continual breakdown of society is a designed result of the global elites. Each of us has a responsibility to take this warning to friends, family and strangers alike. Become your own media message and use every means of non-violent resistance as a model for your gospel of universal liberation.”

    Turn off your televisions, and radios. Stop buying their newspapers and magazines. Boycott those businesses known to be part of the problem. Use the Internet for reliable alternative news sources and to ferret out the truth.

    And most important: spread the word, the truth, to all you know.

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – think of it, ALWAYS!” ~ Gandhi

  • James Woroble Jr

    The American Revolution Begins With The Kick Off Of Operation Empire State Rebellion – Activists Take Over Liberty Park

    The American Revolution Begins With The Kick Off Of Operation Empire State Rebellion – Activists Will Occupy Liberty Park In New York’s Financial District Until Demands Are Met.


  • […] now have Alex Jones getting together a protest to Occupy the Fed. (Which is a copy of  something Anonymous tried a few months ago. While this strikes closer to the hear of the beast, nothing will come of […]

  • […] have Alex Jones getting together a protest to Occupy the Fed. (Which is a copy of  something Anonymous tried a few months ago. While this strikes closer to the heart of the beast, nothing will come of […]

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