Why Can’t LeBron James Make Change For A Dollar?

Because he has no 4th quarter.

Congrats Dallas Mavericks!

From everyone in Cleveland.

5 comments to Why Can’t LeBron James Make Change For A Dollar?

  • Nebo

    Nonsense! What does this have to do with anything important? A waste of bandwidth.

  • Silver Shield

    Aww come on, I had to…

  • Vince

    Ummmmmm Le Traitor anyone?!?!?!

  • Haha, Nebo, take a chill pill. You gotta mix in some of the light stuff with the heavy shit that this community shares with each other.

    FuckaLebron. He is just like FRNs… After going to the HEAT and losing the finals??? Hahaha, what a pile of basura!

  • Nebo


    Yeah, I know, but the net and television is full of trivial/disgusting crapola which eats up the time and mind of the sheeple. I’ve been around since way before we had all this ignorant nonsense. Been watch things go into the toilet much of my life. I’m sick and tired of it. Americans used to have “guts”, but now we have two generations of people who have no direction or experience to even know what the term means. BTW, I was studying about where we were headed(and have now arrived) over 30 years ago, so many of the things espoused here are not new by any means. It is interesting to see how people think it is all so profound “finally” want to do something about it. Keep on trucking “kids”. You have a long, long uphill road ahead of you

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