Silver Shield Report #69- Winning the REAL Money War

There is no doubt that the currency war is heating up but the REAL money war has not even begun. Right now many nations are playing games with their currencies trying to delay the inevitable. This current currency battle of measuring one illusionary currency against another will soon end and the REAL money war will begin.

The REAL Money war is the play for REAL assets across the globe. We have all heard about sovereign nations like Venezuela, Germany and Austria scrambling to find their gold and repatriate back home. Now even Texas is moving to create a sovereign gold vault that would seek to shield itself from Federal power. Once the currency war ends there will be riots, civil wars, regional conflicts and possibly world wars all to secure the REAL resources of the world. They will need REAL money to fund these wars and gold will be integral to the establishment of the next Debt and Death Paradigm.

This week we will look at how we can stay ahead of the curve and position ourselves to WIN the REAL money war.

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