All Hail The BitCoin Hype! AutoTune Edition

5 comments to All Hail The BitCoin Hype! AutoTune Edition

  • fish

    hey, thanks for helping perpetuate the debt and death paradigm.

    • Silver Shield

      BitCoin is not an opposite consciousness solution to the Debt and Death paradigm. It is another distraction from the REAL wealth (like SLV) that people will desperately need when the even larger something for nothing dollar scam ends.

      I know of two Bitcoin guys that I have turned to silver who cashe Doug at least part of their winnings for silver.

      You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

      You never count your money when your sitting at the table…

  • AgainstTheGrain

    But Chris bitcoin is almost over $100, surely it must be real…

    • Silver Shield

      Wait until it gets to a million! 😉
      It is on the front page of Drudge and CNBC while Silver and Gold get hit… again…
      Somewhere TPTB smile…

      • AgainstTheGrain

        What I don’t understand how anyone can even mention this crap in the same sentence with precious metals!? Digital code = silver in your hand? 2+2=5? Mind. Blown.

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