Silver Shield Report #70- The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

This week we will have our annual Anti-Hegemon report.  The world stage is dominated by three collectivist powers vying for control of the worlds wealth.  They use three different collectivist scheme to create paradigm where individuals sacrifice for the common good of their particular scheme, while the result is still the same wealth is concentrated up to those that own and control the scheme.

This week was the 5th Annual BRICS summit in Durban South Africa and as usual the western media all but ignored this momentous event.  I will cover the big developments that I saw develop at this summit and what it means for the world economy and our Ultimate Exit Strategy.

I will also cover the latest from the Mulligan Mint in terms of production back log, new partnerships, scheduled release dates,  the rapid progression of the next 8 designs, and how the value of the brand will grow with these new partnerships, demographics and awareness.

The-Silver-Shield-Ad241I will once again close the enrollment for Silver Shield Report next weekend.  I do this ahead of the launches of the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield coin launches, the new partnerships and media we have lined up.

The last time we had open enrollment was July 1st 2012, this is the last week the Silver Shield Report is open to the public and you can join here.

Inside the Silver Shield Report you will see my best and most forward thinking solutions on how to create a society of the opposite consciousness of the current Debt and Death paradigm.  This information is really only valuable to those that are in the Acceptance Stage and ready to start doing positive and productive things with their life.  If you are not quite there I suggest you join the FREE Sons of Liberty Academy that will speed you through the entire Awakening in as little as two weeks.

For those of you ready to get out of the Fear or Hope Loop, you will receive …

  • The entire archive of 70+ Silver Shield Reports covering a vast array of forward thinking topics.
  •  A new Member’s Site with a community forum, wiki and a private communication system.
  • We have recently added special discounts and limited edition Silver Bullet Silver Shield silver.

Members can login to the new Member’s Site here to see this latest SSR.

We also have hundreds of positive testimonials of people who have joined the Silver Shield Report

2 comments to Silver Shield Report #70- The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

  • Trey Grafa

    I am not sure whether I am a signed up member or not. I have received conflicting indicators in the past. I have regularly ordered you past coins and wished to continue to do so. Please add my name to your list if not already added.

  • SilverJunkie

    The lost password link does not work for trying to get onto the new new Member’s Site.

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