Iran Is NOT The Threat… WE ARE.

Ken O’Keefe is a former US Marine that has personally disarmed three Israeli commandos that raided a Palestinian relief effort.

He drove to Baghdad to act as a human shield prior to the War in Iraq.

In my search for truth, justice and peace no one else I have met has walked that path as excellent as Ken O’Keefe.

Please take a few minutes to hear Ken speak from Iran about what the REAL threat to peace in this world is.

Here is his message…

I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I have made some important conclusions.

First among them is that it remains an embarrassment, that idiot flag waving Americans have sat by while their Constitution was used like toilet paper and their government became a bought and paid for circus of clowns.

Second is that due to this despicable state of affairs of failing to pay attention on our watch we Americans have continued to be complicit in mass murder that is truly unparalleled in the modern age. God help us for what we are collectively responsible for.

Third, our American sons and daughters continue to be used as the meaningless pawns they are and ultimately, aside from those our sons and daughters murder in foreign lands, aside from those we rape and torture, our sons and daughters themselves are the biggest victims of all. We so pathetically spouted “support our troops”, like idiots, incredible idiots, while effectively sentencing them to a fate that makes post-traumatic stress disorder almost inevitable. Look at the drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide rates of returning soldiers and compare it to the returning soldiers of Vietnam, what the fuck are we doing to our supposedly cherished sons and daughters?

I have come to another conclusion, America is almost assuredly going down and going down hard, so hard that it might just bring the whole world down with it, for this reason more than any other I feel a need to exercise the best virtues I obtained as an American born son and do my best to sound the alarm. To reach out to every genuine, not fake ass idiot patriot, but to reach out to the genuine patriots.

And lastly, we need to acknowledge 100% that the American government is bought and paid for by the Zionist, Jewish supremacists, Israeli “dual citizens”, which in truth is a pyramid with the Rothschild’s and their bankster kin at the top. These are the puppet masters and they have used America as their strong arm, if we are so blindingly stupid as to continue this role as their enforcers, we will exterminate not only ourselves but possibly this beautiful world we live in.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.

It is time to stop being chumps, it is time to actually give some meaning to the word patriot. It is especially time for those in the police, military and government who took an oath to uphold the Constitution to honor that commitment. Are you a person of honor? Or are you a fraudster? A coward?

I couldn’t care less about fake patriots, but real patriots, I am serious about working with you. Get the fuck up and take the fake ideals of America and make them real. If that were to happen I will happily ask for my citizenship back… until such time I do not give my allegiance to this criminal entity and thus I am not a citizen regardless of the judgments of this corrupt government and its minions.

When America truly becomes a nation of honor I will be proud to stand among its citizens as a genuine member of the family. Let us make this so.

Thank you to Anthony Lawson for his reading.

Ken O’Keefe

5 comments to Iran Is NOT The Threat… WE ARE.

  • Brian L.


    That just made me want to give up my citizenship. Thank you for the truth. How can I help you do what you do?


    Brian Lewy

  • speedspirit

    Excellent video Chris. Although all the weapons Americans are amassing and ammo is it enough to take on the forces that will be put in place to keep Americans from reaching those who are really responsible. Killing are friends, brothers and military personel isnt the same as getting those in charge. By the time people are angry or provoked enough to act “they” will be in hiding and out of harms way.

    You do so much to awake anyone who will listen but in reality its a lost cause. You originally thought that “they” would loose power with the crash of the dollar. Now you suspect a new debt and death paradigm backed by digital gold. And where does that leave the awakened? You speak of holding silver till your childrens generation for what a world unrecognizable? Enough is enough. Time to man up and attack these asshole politicians with an army of cell phone cameras and show what is really going on whereever it can be found. I would like to really see whats up at Denver Airport its not armed just go in there with 1,000 people and really see whats up. Show the world.

    To tell the World we the citizens of America do not respect our government and there actions are not supported by the majority of citizens. We do not want conflict. we do not want War. We do not belive in the President or any other elected official at this time. We do not believe in Wall street or to big to fail banks. We need to get creative and get the word out there and it will grow. Videos are nice but its time to take it to another level for the sake of the children and for us.

  • David Richardson

    He make a lot of good points.

    “Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.”

    These terrible but very arguably necessary WW2 events were long before his time, and I don’t think he knows anything about what was going on at the time in that area. My father was a B-29 navigator in the Pacific Theater, and was stationed on Tinian Island when the bombers left on these bombing runs. To hear a real WW2 veteran FROM THAT ARENA OF WAR speak about the number of casualties [American/Allied forces but a much greater number of Japanese military and civilian] that would have occurred if land invasion had been necessary, one gets another perspective. Japan would not surrender against all odds until these bombings. That said maybe the U.S. provoked war with Japan for all I know.

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