Mankind Crucified On the Gold Standard

4 comments to Mankind Crucified On the Gold Standard

  • It’s clear really: If you advocate a gold standard you are directly or indirectly working for the Rothschild’s. If it’s directly then you will be exposed, if it’s the latter then you need to re-watch this video, and go away and think.

  • Kurt

    In my opinion, given the recent rash of DDOS attacks, the recent work presented on this website is far too important to be available only online. My question to Mr. Duane is: Will you kindly make your latest videos available for download as you did so generously in July of 2012 with your earlier work (

    Thank you!

  • Rick Fabris

    Chris, here’s an article you may be interested in. It details the history of gold and how it has been used time and time again to destroy the wealth of the people…just as it’s going to be used again…

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