BitCoin Bubble Psychology

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  • “Actual things are a hindrance to speculation” Excellent!

    “You are ignorant to……” sounds like the usual response, “You don’t understand how bitcoin works……” :-)

    Good video, Chris

  • Hello Chris,

    Is it problem for you to put links to videos that you use in your presentations ?

    I would like to look those Englishmen’s video with South See bubble.
    Even Isaac Newton lost a fortune in that, after initial gain.

  • jimbo

    Bitcoins seem like the Tulip Mania in Holland 1637.

  • Joshua Stewart

    Thanks for opening my eyes to bit coin I got out with 100% profit and I will be using that profit buying more SBSS coins as soon as the store opens back up!!! I agree Bitcoin is a scheme but less ponzi more pump n dump huh?. just my 2cents cheers have a great week I really am excited about the new videos awesome work!

  • James Tetreault

    I’m not especially computer savvy. Karl Denninger over at is. And he laughs dismissively at the notion that you actually have anonymity in the use of Bitcoin.

  • vinny

    Hey chris, I was thinking today about bit coin and I also watch brother johnf videos. I was thinking to myself that i would like to be a momentum monkey and try and make a few bucks. so i did some research and stuff to see what its all about. im checking out the sites and i make a discovery. There’s another crypto currency called litcoin. its up like 300% + this week. then i also seen that theres other crypto-currencies too. theres a bunch. so I started thinking. what the fuck is difference betwwen a light coin and a bit coin? well theres about 4 times as many light coins as bit coins. and thats it. so BITCOINS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RARE RIGHT? how is that possible when every joe shmoe computer programmer comes out with their latest version of bitcoin? there goes supply and there goes the price. I mean seriously what is the goddam difference between a bit coin and a light coin????????

  • vincent formoso

    this guy wolfe posted this on brother john f’s blog….

    I understand the Bitcoin and I believe in most everything about it. It makes sense in every way but one. Where Bitcoin falls short is that it is duplicate-able and backed by nothing tangible. Yes you may have a limit of 21 million bitcoins. But you can easily have the technology duplicated over and over… Bitcoin 1 Bitcoin 2, Bitcoin 3, Litecoin, Litecoin 2, Litecoin 3, etc….

    Therefore Bitcoin is only succeeding because of its “First Mover Advantage” and the “Early Adopters” are the ones pumping it up to suck everyone in. Then they will cash out.

    I just watched your Bitcoin report V 35 and you already agree with my point. You first went to the Bitcoin Chart, then you started showing 5 or 6 Alt Crypto Currencies. As you stated yourself, “People are taking profits in the Bitcoin, and moving to other Crypto currencies.” Therefore the Bitcoin market is no longer 21 million bitcoins because there are “substitutes” for Bitcoin. Soon there will be 100 million, a billion, or trillion bitcoins (including substitutes). So where is the value when supply in the market is unlimited?

    The market will become diluted with Bitcoin copycats and a greater supply for the product. Bitcoin is not the product, the crypto currency is the product. Bitcoin is the Brand and the value in Bitcoin is based on BRAND LOYALTY only. The loyalty will fall fast when the “early adopters” bail out and cash out.

    Imagine if McDonalds was selling burgers for $300 and everyone else sells them for $5. Is McDonalds that special to pay $300? People will substitute McDonalds for Burger King at $5. That is what Free Markets do. The same will happen with Bitcoin.

    The Bitcoin fad will be finished soon and will return to a value of ZERO. When it crashes, many people will lose money. Maybe this will be a wake up call for the real thing that has lasted 6,000 years.

  • Rg

    Great video and explains why we should all stay out of the bit coin hype. Max and Alex are 2 side of the same coin or should I say Con.

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