Important Silver Update


In this important silver update we will cover…
  • The latest on the Mulligan Mint.
  • When the last orders are going out.
  • The next launch day.
  • The extension of Slave Queen and Freedom Girl
  • Changes in ordering.
  • New Retail Partners to more efficiently handle smaller and mixed orders.
  • New suppliers.
  • The close of the Silver Shield Group.
  • The next new coins.
  • The 8 coin pipeline.
  • And a technical silver chart that will clearly show the massive divergence between the paper price of silver and the REAL physical demand of silver.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 10.34.25 PM

12 comments to Important Silver Update

  • Lance Krueger

    I ordered feb. 24. I spoke to office April 5. I was told they were sending out orders from the first week of Feb. So how will you have ALL of Februarys orders out in the next 9 days????
    I was also told that outside companies had coins to sell, and the lady told me I would probably get coins from these outside retailers BEFORE i will get my order from you!!!
    So the big, outside retailers are more important to SBSS than the little guy, me.
    So SBSS is just another capitalistic company, taking advantage of the situation.
    I lost all respect for SBSS and anything SBSS has to say.

    Lance Krueger

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      I also have two large orders in the later time frame you mention that are still not received BECAUSE small orders are taken care of first. I think that any outside retailers had their plans before you and me and got their coins by making big orders on the first day of sales. They are trying to satisfy the large number of small onezies and twozies first. This is a big reason why onezies and twozies will not be sold anymore (too much labor, causes these delays). I am convinced that big outside retailers are not preferred. They were first in line and then vast quantities of onezies and twozies got in the way. BTW my very early orders were filled fast before popularity spread and onezies and twozies took over………..
      I really dont think that they are misleading.

  • Graig Leclerc

    Hey Chris can you post the chart in a downloadable format please ?
    Again great video your insight and analysis are always apreciated !

  • Silver42

    It is nice to see Provident Metals as one of the major retailers. I have worked with them before and they don’t over charge for their silver and they have great shipping rates and customer service. I like buying a couple of the SBSS medallions to collect, but I would rather put the majority of my money into constitutional silver, so this will work out nicely and I can get both types of silver for one shipping price.

    • David Richardson

      Re: Provident Metals price on small quantities of 90% dimes & quarters is $3.26 above spot per troy ounce of silver sold. Old dimes will be increasingly rare and expensive compared to 1 troy ounce generic .999. The idea of The Mulligan Mint mass-producing 1/10th troy ounce coins at close to generic 1 ounce premiums, by re-purposing the old penny machine[s], is a good idea. If Rob can pull that off I suspect it will be very successful.

  • Jack

    Having purchased around 50 rounds in BU and proofs in all the different designs from you guys I appreciate all the efforts and setbacks you encountered. The launch of the SBSS coins was hugely ambitious to say the least and to mint all the different designs in such a short amount of time. But when you say you won’t deal with the onesie-twosie orders any longer I feel is a slap in the face of many of the people who supported you.

    • Silver Shield

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
      Like not doing international orders, the smaller individual orders cannot be done efficiently.
      People who know me and my work know that this was not done to insult people.
      I will not have the mint shut down for another month.

  • Very good pictorial info with the novel graph, Chris.

    There’s a Chinese proverb that roughly translates as “a single grain of rice can tip the scales”, so you, I, or anyone else could be the one to buy that ounce of silver that set the alarm bells off.

    PS It does makes sense for you to be more of a wholesale supplier than a small customer retailer IMHO.


  • vincent formoso

    Why did they re-suspend orders until further notice?

  • Iwanttoseecomments

    Please fix your comments section, I have to post to read them.

  • lost on silver

    Wow, another great day for silver. I am sure glad I bought all this metal. It will be great watching it go to $5 an ounce. I am just sooo rich now!!!!

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