Virtual Reality Real Consequences

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  • How how

    Well I got in bit coin at 9$ , just sold some and got me some silver coins … 4500 coins…Who’s stupid now ? Lol … Don’t try this at home kids …

    • Silver Shield

      Since you are high on your own hopium don’t listen to those that say take your chips off the table and get adult money with real responsibility like physical silver.

  • Marvin Mots

    “virtual reality” as you point out, is a seductive alternative to reality and we must climb OUT of that box.

    You helpfully point out that “facebook friends are not real friends.” But the Silver Shield Group is afflicted with this same problem. We replace facebook internet chit chat crap with Silver Shield Group internet chit chat crap. No big difference in my opinion.

    The way forward: engage reality by a. meeting others from SSR in the flesh for the targeted purpose of creating real wealth in one of the many community need areas that we have identified and b. skill teaching/learning and wealth generation in the flesh for that targeted need. Such separates the wheat/meat from the chaf/chit-chat.

    Certain members of the Pennsylvania group climbed out of the virtual reality box by meeting with each other and pursuing common interests. A handful of people on the East Coast have done this with with several non-virtual meetings in Virginia and in New York for a communications group. Such groups are by definition invitation only (happy feelings/emails and dreamy bullshit wishes dont count, but instead discovering who we can really count on to make small sacrifices for each other), such group is alive and truly creates wealth (our group has several high quality antennas to show for it for example) and create real trust and mutual aid. Internet chit chat crap virtual reality does not. This is the next stage that we CAN FOCUS ON NOW AND PROGRESS while we are waiting forever for the stupid paradigm to turn over. We need to be the master of our own destinies and should not be completely subservient to banksters and wait for the frikkin change we are all expecting (next year? 5 years from now? after we die?).

    There is a way forward. Set aside some time and invite others over for a weekend to accomplish something in permaculture, car/bicycle repair, battery building/recycling, solar or wind generation, water purification etc.

    In my opinion this is the next step for SSR members.

  • Not being a member, I think Marvin is on to something. Plant a garden with a friend and create a new reality.

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