4 comments to DEBATE: SILVER 100% MANIPULATED EVERY DAY – Bix Weir vs Don Harrold

  • Rainmaker

    I listened until the 38 minute mark during lunch but had to turn it off because I was afraid I might get indigestion.

    I don’t always agree with Bix and I find the Road to Roota theory is a little hard to “digest”. Most of the time, however, I find Bix insightful and thoughtful, and in general I appreciate his positions regarding the markets etc.

    Who is Don Harrold? One minute he understands the evil of fractional reserve banking and the next he is asking why Cypriots are not buying gold and silver. Don, not saying you are a bad person, but listening is like talking to people who understand that something is wrong, but persist in the process without understanding economics per se.

    • James Tetreault

      Yeah. Mr. Harrold is argumentative in an irritating fashion. One omission by Bix was that when Mr. Harrold criticized stackers saying that you shouldn’t buy silver because prices could be slammed down to zero. Mr. Harrold suggested that you should wait and buy then But this assumes a bizarre circumstance of suppliers continuing to bring silver to the market even as the official price goes way below their cost to supply it. SRSRocco over at TF Metals report says that the average cost of producing an ounce of silver is at least $30. Why in the world would ANY supply be available at, say, $3 per ounce if the cost of production is >$30 per ounce? The thing that Mr. Harrold misses or ignores is that you won’t always be able to buy what you want at the official price. And it’s better to be a year early than a day late.

      • Rainmaker

        Dear JM,

        Your points are valid, especially with respect to cost and production.

        I have a friend of mine who bought a monster at $38.00 an oz or so. He keeps telling me how much he lost. I always reply that he has not lost anything, he still has the box. Then I ask him for his stock portfolio statement and he tells me how much he is up. Its a single sheet of paper. I again explain that unless he liquidates the profits and exchanges it for tangible assets, all he has is a piece of paper, including his initial investment.

        That’s the same mentality as Harrold in a nutshell.

        Good luck to them that cannot see the forest from the trees.

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