My burning question(s) for “Gay America”

I don’t use drugs. I have never used a prostitute. I do not drink raw milk. I don’t have six wives. I would never (willingly) take part in an abortion. I could go on and on. There are many things I don’t participate in and in some cases find myself diametrically opposed to; but that doesn’t give me, or the state, the right to tell others they should conform to my or the states beliefs. That’s an arrogant and elitist’s modus operandi.

Propostion-8 is no different.  My blog can be found here. Twitter: @Fletchlivin

I have heard many opposing views and with them some very passionate and articulate points (regarding insurance reasons and what not) but at the end of the day it comes down to one simple philosophy; live and let live. 

I understand this doesn’t work for many of us. I understand for many, it goes against their faith. I also understand the culture we are embracing as time goes on is less and less like the culture that this country was founded on and how change from that could be the very undoing of our republic. As so many have said, America will never fall from the outside, it will crumble, like all empires, from within. This from Abraham Lincoln:


 “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

 At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”


I get all that. 

But, our nation was founded on freedom. The meaning is universal and the freedom of authoritarian persecution is at the top of the list. Denying another person to not do something because it doesn’t fit into your view of how the country should live is a contradiction to what being an American is. This is doing exactly what Linclon warns us about, because a freeman is free to live his life, with respect to others, as he sees fit. To be told that a man is lesser and cannot participate in his own free will because he chooses an alternative lifestyle is not free.

For many years women weren’t allowed to vote. Blacks were slaves. These took changes as well. People will argue those are fundamental natural rights that had to be corrected but to deny a persons right to live in peace with basic rights we heterosexuals enjoy just because they are attracted to the same sex is silly.

I cannot speak for anyone else but as a man, no matter how many naked men you dangle in my face… there will be no temptation. I’m never going to want to “try it out”. You can’t be infected gay by gay people. The media will never turn a straight person into a gay person. You can’t pray it away. There is no sinister plot to deride the species of fertility. Actually, I think it’s quite logical to liken being gay to Gatorade: is it in YOU? For me it’s rather simple. Why no, no it is not. 

From a pure primal point of view, as a male, I never had any problems with homosexuals – especially gay men. And no, not because I had some closeted tendencies locked away either. It was because at an earlier age (in my teens) I began to understand a disproportionate amount of gay men were found to be attractive by women. In turn, it brought everyone up in the “pecking order”. This is just simply the law of supply and demand. I guess I have always been a free market guy after-all?

So, “Gay America”, as you can see, I respect your rights to your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness to marry whomever you will. So you to can receive all the perks of being married: divorce, the decline in household income, a DVR full of Dancing with the Stars (pardon the semi-gay pun) etc, I have just a few questions for you and they all stem from this:

Will you support MY rights that are already, you know, on the books; as in the Bill of Rights? The same rights that apply to all of us Americans; regardless of color, gender or sexual orientation.

Do I have faith you will be so vigilant against the PC Gestapo who wish to suppress the 1st Amendment protecting my freedom of speech as your courage to stand up to those who seek to not allow your marriages? To even stand up and protect the rights of those religious organizations that does not wish to marry you (homosexuals) in their churches?

Can I count on you to voice and stand against any encroachment on my 2nd amendment?

Will you stand with me against the tyranny of an executive office who’s not only held in check the previous administrations assault on civil liberty’s but has gone out of its way to expand this assault on freedom with their D.H.S bullet buying surge, their drone surveillance, National Defense Authorization Act etc? All measures that trample on my 4th, 5th and 14th amendments.

I ask these questions not because my support for your freedom to marry comes with a clause or a condition of support. No, my support is based on a simple premise… as long as anyone isn’t harming or encroaching on another person’s property or life I support you. Again, live and let live, a simple premise. A premise that seems to have been lost amongst all the noise that permeates through the united states of division. Are you for liberty for all or for freedom that only promotes your specific agenda? Where do you stand?

19 comments to My burning question(s) for “Gay America”

  • Undertoe

    Awesome. Could not have said this better myself. After all, if we truly separate church and state, which is why my kids don’t get out of school on Good Friday, then why can the Gummint dictate who can and can’t marry based on religious views?

    • Fletchlives

      Thank you and i agree 100% with your analogy and the contradiction that happens when you have the state becoming too involved with our lives, their webs of control tends to overlap one another. This is why the government overseeing who can and cannot participate in marriage is insane. Lets agree it has to be humans and call it a day.

  • Ken Grakauskas

    I agree with this premise. I have long thought that civil unions are the practical answer to this question. I don’t care if you’re gay, or just want to cohabitate non-sexually. Maybe two old ladies need each other and want a civil union. Many more issues revolve around this, the least of, in my opinion, being sex. Health care, next of kin, life/pension benefits, and inheritances rank higher than what you do between the sheets.

  • brbdoll1

    Thanks for speaking out Fletchlives, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Fletchlives

      I appreciate that. I think too many gay people are locked into this political paradigm where they want freedom but dont understand the policies they sometimes support hurt others freedom. Straight people may have a big part in this too but i choose to not identify any groups based on sexual orientation. Why continue to divide, right? People are people.

      • TJ

        Wrong. People are different, and those differences come from nature.

        • Fletchlives

          People are different and that is the beauty of people but we are all united by our natural rights to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right? If we have all of these 3 bases covered then our differences are meaningless because what unites us is freedom. If we choose to separate ourselves and seek out collectivism… Well then it’s survival of the fittest I suppose. By your argument, if we would all just become Christians then our problems would be solved… That’s not freedom. Would you seek to end someone’s natural rights because they simply didn’t agree with your version of what values/rights those should be? Seems a bit totalitarian, no?

          • TJ

            There are no natural rights. Those are figments of the human imagination. My argument is that societies coalesce around common heritage and values. You would have everyone join together in some form of libertarian kumbaya which is just as unattainable and destructive as pure communism. “Your freedom” is tyranny to those who want cohesive natural societies, which are characterized by their cultural, racial, and linguistic ties. My way is that of secession, to allow individuals their choice, whether or not to participate in the social experiments of clueless idealogues. The founders created a nation and a republic, not some raceless, cultureless, libertarian boarding house for the global village.

            • Fletchlives

              TJ – nobody is asking you to participate in gay lifestyles. hahahaha How is man having with respect for another mans freedom ever tyranny? Join together?? WTf are you talking about? I just want to be left alone to live me life as i see fit. How can i have that if i choose to impose my will on others lives? Seems hypocritica, no? If two guys want to smoke eachothers poles in their own home, god bless. Figments of the human imagination? Ok, that may be, but they are in the Declaration of Independence. Or part of the founding documents and nation you want to secede from? Gay animals exist all throughout nature, does that not make them natural? I always find it funny how some people are so dead set against gays. I couldnt care less what people do in their private life as long as they are not hurting an innocent person, the stuff you are typing is laughable.

            • Fletchlives

              Furthermore your hunger for collectivism and isolationism is off the charts. I respect the honesty, if nothing else.

  • TheEngineer

    Every single person who has fought for one right should understand the fragility of all of them. Very well written Fletchlives.

    • Fletchlives

      Well said, sir. That is the crux of the whole argument, isnt it? I thank you for the kind words.

  • TJ

    The record is clear. Their lobby efforts are overwhelmingly for hardcore communism, abandonment of national sovereignty, confiscatory taxation, the police state, forced integration, forced association, the disintegration of the American family unit, and hatred of traditional Christianity.

    • Fletchlives

      Forced integration/association regarding gay sex? They are like 2% of the population. From my view that would be hard to pull off. I don’t base my moral compass on a book written 2k years ago. While I appreciate the order has brought I don’t think humans need said book(s) to live amongst one another in peace. I think we’ve kind of taken a leap forward in mental evolution in that way. Now, I don’t think it’s wrong for you to worship this book/god that way but at the end of the day division isn’t going to change anything. The family unit is disintegrating but it’s hardly to do with 2% of the population and everything to do with adults being too self consumed and/or the decline in income/purchasing power from the dollar. Much of what you listed is a serious threat but its all brought on by fear, ignorance and control; the very same footholds religion uses on its people. Coincidental? I think not.

      • TJ

        That is fine. If I grant you your right to a state representing your view and way of life, why can’t you and the gays and the liberal left grant us ours?

  • Cal

    I am straight as an arrow. And do think it’s not the right thing to do to date a person of the same gender because of one simple fact of life. For life to go on we have to have a man and a women to reproduce and perform offspring. If everybody went gay, humans would die out!
    With that said its not my right to tell soneone what they can do! It’s called free will!

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