Silver Shield Report #72- Stand Still

When everything else in the world is moving the best thing you can do is stand still and observe.  This week has been one of the most drama filled weeks I have had in years and it happened the first week that I have taken for my family in years. 


First we had the inevitable Bitcoin implosion where it went up to $265 and dropped to $65 where the “free market” MT Gox suspended trading for a day.  I was invited on to Fox Business News last Friday to be an in studio guest to talk about it, but I could not make it.  I have not even had access to a computer (I am doing this report on a little iPhone) to take a victory lap and have had to watch Mike Adams “Donald Trump” himself for entering the ring a few days ago, instead of my intellectual disgust for this fraud spanning back to 2011.

Then there was the recent attack in the Gold and Silver markets where Friday an estimated 500 tons of gold were dropped into the market on a single day.  That is more than what the major nations used to do in a year!  I am waiting on silver number, but we already know the story, billions of paper ounces dumped in secession on a empty market.  They even played cute and dropped it below $26 on their 7th attempt in this 2 year consolidation to $25.90 to try to freak the momentum monkeys to sell.  After their silver slams, MF Global and PFG Best, I don think there are any humans left in that market.  All the real money is sourcing their metal higher and higher up the food chain.

It seems God has thrown a dash of reality in the face of the bankers Matirix illusion, the Doc reported that on of the largest silver mines in the US that produces 10% of the 40 million ounces a year the US produces had a massive landslide.  You would think that these guys would not build something that would allow billions of tons of dirt to threaten years of work.  Who knows this could be like Francisco d’Anconia blowing up his copper mines and Atlas is Shrugging. :)

One way or the other it is back the truck up time.  We have already seen the massive disconnect in the paper price and physical demand that I reported on earlier on last week.  This recent PM attack with the back drop of Nuclear threats for North Korea, Japan’s nuclear monetary policy, Cyprus’s hair cut, BitCONs Brazilian and Ben Bernanke still breathing is insanity.  This is why I spent so much time about talking about our perception is not reality.  They use the digital dance of numbers and stories to get a certain reaction out of the populace and for the most part it works.  At some point those that walk away like we have are totally immune to their game and a reality starts to differ from the perception they weave.  This is the end game!

I have stated that at some point the physical reality will be so different from the lies on TV that even the most ignorant sheeple will see that it is all BS.  This will be the equivalent to Baghdad Bob saying to the Iraqi people that they are winning.  This will be too late for them, but that will be the beginning of the Anger Phase of humanity.  Panic will set into the populace that they are woefully unprepared  for a harsh new reality that has permanently changed their lives.  They will see that they have no REAL wealth, REAL skills and REAL friends.

That is when we need to really stand still with a good safe distance to live vicariously the largest drama the world has ever seen.  I believe the full Anger phase of humanity will take at least 4 years to play out as the Global Criminal Elite fight each other for the REAL assets and productive capacity of the world that will shape a new world order.

No matter who wins I am sure that they will try to use the Hegelian Dialectic of a Problem—>Fiat Dollar, Reaction—>Gold Standard, Solution—> Fraudulent Gold “Backed” Digital currency.  Next week I will complete my thesis by exposing Jim Rickards and Jim Sinclair for what I believe is their role to provide the intellectual foundation for this next generational fraud.  It is my hope that with this information people will see the trick before it comes and not fall for it.  The answer is decentralization and competitive currencies fully backed and trust worthy, not another lesser of two evils.

Finally the Mulligan Mint.  I will have better information I hope tomorrow, but they have still not delivered all of the silver to customers that I was promised last week.  That is why I have held off launching again, even though it is freaking killing me what a gift we have right now with $26 silver!  I was a lot more pissed off earlier this week as my patience was worn thin.  I think they only have a few thousand ounces left and that is probably owed to less than a hundred people which is a HUGE improvement from the 92,000 oz and 6,500+ orders we were when we shut down sales over a month now.

For those of you that joined the Silver Shield Report for the discount on silver, I honestly don’t know where I stand right now with the Mint.  I do know that I am on the right path and that when ever an obstacle or greedy opportunity is put in my way, I always make the right move.  This leads to greater abundance on the other side.  I believe that the mint should be done Monday as that was supposed to be the Tax Slave Day launch, but I thought the same thing last week.  I know we have a great team down there and that they have all of the pieces in place to really make it big with full productive capabilities from start to finish, new supplier partnerships and and my designs.  One way or the other, nothing is happening until everyone is made whole.

I am very sorry for this short report, but I have been hamstrung all week.

I will be back next week full force.


26 comments to Silver Shield Report #72- Stand Still

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    this is a wonderful summary to put things in perspective. “Baghdad Bob” is a great reference. Eagerly look forward to the analysis about Jim Rickards and Jim Sinclair. This is the kind of information that makes a big difference to me……

    • Silver Shield

      I would much rather expose the traitor than the enemy we know, because when the time is most dangerous the traitor will cause more damage than the devil we know.

  • Irving14941

    Great report. Much appreciated.

  • Irving14941

    Fyi, as much as I love the Health Ranger (Mike Adams), the dude supported Bitcoin and was accepting Bitcoin from his health-related web store.

    I’ve got the screen shots to prove it.

    • Silver Shield

      Did he really take Bitcoin tips? I have less respect for him than BitWhore Max Keiser. At least he is promoting what he pumps.

    • Silver Shield

      Send me the screen captures and links I see a video coming for Mike.

  • Mary

    Listen Chris,

    You take care of yourself and family and DO NOT get discouraged about the mint issues. Anyone starting up a business and having rapid growth always encounters growing pains. Trial and error=improvement and perfection. With no risk there is no reward and you have the courage to put yourself out there. Stick with the positive people and ignore all the people whining about the coins. I cannot believe there are people who have joined the SSR and do nothing but complain in all their comments. Where are the people who are being the change we want to see in the world?

    Opposite consciousness is a true belief system and if people truly get it…they will rely on themselves and stop waiting for someone or something (silver) to rescue or save them. The paper price of silver can go to 0 for all I care. There won’t be an ounce to be found anywhere. It has always been money/wealth and it always will be. I challenge anyone to read through all of Charles Sovoie’s work on the suppression of silver throughout history and then care about the dollar price of silver. I agree that it’s ounces in hand that will preserve purchasing power in the future.



    Sinclair, Rickards, you name it and everyone who’s talking publicly has an agenda. I don’t care if it’s Faber, Roubini, Celente, etc. Anyone talking to the masses has something up there sleeve. I just don’t trust many people anymore. I trust myself and my gut instincts. And I trust you Chris Duane for being a decent human being and trying to do what’s right.

    • Silver Shield

      I have gone through far greater difficulties leaving my family than this speed bump.
      As far as the rest of the talking heads the big difference is they are trying to predict and self promote in and effort to get you to follow them.
      “If you can describe a problem better than your audience can they will assume you know the answers and follow you anywhere.” Eben Pagan guru to gurus.
      I have said listen to all and follow none so much my tongue is tired. I teach the trivium and leaderless resistance and gave away my Academy so that you don’t need a leader. That is real independence.

  • speedspirit

    It seems that these strong takedowns preempt an event so I believe we are about to witness something. I am also suspecting the forum has been compromised. A DHS young agent aquiring names and addresses by offering great deals. We must know Chris has the attention of government agencies. TPTB are in control for now and are setting the scene for caos until the sheeple beg for control and we will be overrun with government controls. Just saying careful who you trust with your address.

    • Silver Shield

      No one should be giving addresses or asking. The reality is nothing is safe on the Internet but their greatest weapon is your fear. I have exposed myself because I believe in the abundance mentality and that my efforts will resonate much farther than I could imagine. Simply being a member does not mean anything we have nothing to hide or fear. Nothing I say here I would not say at Super Bowl half time show.

      • I might actually watch that game if you were the half time show, but I think another “blackout” would happen just as you approached the microphone. Coach David

    • Maynard

      What are you talking about? Great deals on what? I haven’t seen anything like that. PM me or something. I’m concerned.

  • Andrew Hitchcock

    GREAT IDEA CHRIS! Lets get you on the SUPER BOWL 48 half-time show. I do believe people might actually listen then…. Peace, Andrew

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    The advice to “stand still” is such a wise thought and acquires greater significance with time.

    The Chris Martenson site on the other hand is going ape shit with long winded definitive analyses and resolute conclusions about soon-coming deflation.

    I just want to get back to work with others (in particular SSR guys) to build some real wealth: a. develop trusting relations, b. new technology suited to advance our position in the new paradigm, and c. tools and materials stacking. If we focus our time, energy and spirits on a, b and c, we really dont need to feel or think about,react to or get close to (mentally or otherwise) the parasite scum who are gaming the system with their gold and silver price manipulations. Why waste our precious time on endless chit chat crap and endless mind energy on the elite’s excrement. A, b and c are so much more precious.

    • Silver Shield

      Deflationists are painfully ignorant of how a debt base currency operates or the psychology the criminal oligarchs use to scare to people into submission.

  • Maynard

    Talk about a premonition… Who knew this week would be full of so much movement?

  • vincent formoso

    are you back? we missed you

  • How’s the baby-bump doing, Chris? Hope all’s well.

    Many bigger merchants are either sold out or have a long delay before posting over here.

    It’s, er, interesting.

    • Silver Shield

      Dora is well.
      I am just cleaning up this mess personally and will have everything resolved one way or another today.

      • speedspirit

        Looking forward to hearing how its resolved I personaly held back some dry powder for just such a situation.

      • Glad your Mrs and the mini Chris/Dora is well bud.

        I’m not concerned about the silver market, we all kinda knew it’d hit this stage at some point.

        All the best to you and yours, my brother from a different mother :-)

      • Maynard

        I’m not trying to KYA, but you have many devoted on the forum to helping you resolve problems. I think I understand your mentality, but don’t be afraid to ask.

        Not that this is your only concern, but I think many have heeded your advice and stacked bullion… cheapest we could find. I, for one, would have never done that with your suggestion only… Goes against what you say- kind of. I’m not a fan-boy, but definitely believe in your work and your word.

        Thanks, Chris. Keep doing what your doing. We’ve got your six.

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