Arch Crawford–Cycles Are Down-Another Flash Crash? 15.Apr.13 presents

We touched base with Arch Crawford today. While we made it through March without a crash, commodities seem to be getting killed now. Gold is making new lows and the stock markets are getting hit as well. Oil has broken its key resistance point. Arch is concerned about chart formations for the rest of April and still believes that May 20 will be a very signficant date. In any event, it appears that something major is happening now and the market action is just an indicator of more important underlying issues ahead.

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1 comment to Arch Crawford–Cycles Are Down-Another Flash Crash? 15.Apr.13

  • Robert

    Once in a while, Arch is right, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Arch has been wrong about a lot of things. Arch was wrong about the “major crash” that would occur in 2010. Now he’s wrong about the crash that was to occur by February/March 2013.

    Come on people, Arch is wrong far more often than he is right !!!

    And for those of you who follow astrology, Arch has Mars square Saturn in his chart. This is indicative of someone operating under a false premise in life. Not that he is false. He does believe what he says. But his thinking is flawed. His predictions are flawed.

    At this point, there are plenty of people out there who have been financially hurt by Arch Crawford’s predictions. It’s time for people to NOT take him seriously anymore.

    He’s lost money for a lot of people. Me included.

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