Jeffrey Christian–Why Gold And Silver Crashed 16.Apr.13 presents

CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian joined us today. He gave his opinion on why the gold and silver markets experienced such a violent crash, losing so much of their value in just two days. Jeff believes that it’s simple supply and demand factors kicked in and that the decline was long overdue. He believes that the metals could shortly bounce back to around $1400, stay in this range for quite a while and  eventually reach new nominal highs again by 2020, although he’s not issuing any buy recommendations at this time. While he doesn’t think that the metals were in bubble territory, the smash down has taken out the remaining weak holders and it paves the way for a recovery at some point in the future.

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4 comments to Jeffrey Christian–Why Gold And Silver Crashed 16.Apr.13

  • John

    So who is giving us the BS? There is a surplus, but yet the Comex is on the verge of default.. Is this all head games?

  • SilverEye

    The man is a liar with no moral conscious. A supply and demand issue? RIGHT? demand is wiping out supply. But Dumbo argues there’s too much metals around? IDIOT!

  • Jay

    Read Dr. Roberts’ opinion(s)why the “metals” took a hit.

  • when one company owns the vast majority of any commodity something is amiss. When one company owns 97% of shorts many naked then something is crocked as hell and there has to be some connection with the government regulators allowing this breakage of the law. JPMorgan can only see daylight if they can forcve the price down to where they can recover from short sales and go long. Its all fishy from top to bottom.

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