Update 35: I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.28.44 PMI originally met Rob Gray through a friend and member who introduced us both related to his testimony before Ron Paul’s subcommittee.  Thereafter, we had conversations for several months about silver, etc. and even traveled to Silver Summit together. When I started business dealings with Rob Gray we had a business deal that I would design and promote my Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions and he and his new Mulligan Mint would produce and fulfill them.  Seemed like a very simple straightforward business relationship.

I performed my half of the deal well beyond anyone’s expectations, but there seemed to be constant issues on Rob’s end of the deal, such as complaints about PayPal, credit cards, delays in delivery, shoddy production quality, awful customer service, etc.

Knowing that starting something like this is not easy, I was very patient and did my best to try to support their effort for over 7 months. I tried pumping the breaks with delayed launches, but that was not enough. Then, things started to not add up for me.

Given my concerns, I halted ALL sales March 11th to clear a persistent backlog that grew to an estimated 92,000 ounces or roughly $3 million.

I was given assurances that all orders would be fulfilled by April 8th and we were going to launch on April 15th. I then come to find out the Sales Director, Gus Demos, who was my main contact with the Mint, abruptly quit on April 11th.

I immediately cancelled the Tax Slave Day relaunch of Slave Queen, Freedom Girl and the Redoubt coin. (I did this despite record demand for silver and incredibly low silver prices.)

From that moment on all the pieces started to come together as people started comparing notes about what they knew of Rob.

  • Why was he constantly try to run so fast when problems need to be corrected?
  • Why is he taking several recent vacation trips to Singapore in the midst of all these problems?
  • Why did he purchase a new mansion on an airstrip in Plano, Texas?
  • Why did  the sales director abruptly quit?
  • Why were paid retail customers waiting while he sold to dealers behind my back and my strict orders to stop ALL sales.


After many months of broken promises and constant aggravation of taking all of the heat for things I had no control over, I decided to fly to Dallas and confront Rob Gray face-to-face to resolve all open matters between us.

Despite his previous gregarious conversations and his jovial personality, at this meeting a different Rob Gray was present.  This one was curt and cold.  I sat down and simply and frankly told him I had no interest in continuing a business relationship and simply asked for my dies, the SilverBulletSilverShield.com URL, an accurate customer accounting of what is owed, affiliate commissions, final customer ounces delivered and/or collect all that is owed, and what was owed to me (including 1,500 personal ounces I sent down for minting from bars to my coins).

His response was “what if I just say ‘no’, what are you going to do?” I responded with “That’s not what I was hoping for, but I will be forced to go another route.” Thereafter, I stormed out after only 5 minutes when Rob Gray told me that I would get “nothing“.

Based on all my experience and dealings with Rob as well as the learned experiences of others, I suspect something very nefarious is going on at Mulligan Mint. As a result, I will be talking with customers, employees, affiliates, refiners, retailers and Free Lakota Bank and Mulligan Mint investors and depositors and telling anyone interested anything and everything I know about the situation, Rob Gray, Mulligan Mint, etc.  I think if I shine a very bright light on the situation, maybe we can all get the answers.

I will have MUCH more, very soon, after I have a clearer picture, when I have a conference call with the major creditors that I know of.

I will leave all options open after that.

Here is a just the beginning of what I have recently found out when people start talking.

33 Page Report On Rob Gray the Hypnotist, Water Ionizer Salesman that says “Mr. Gray may actually deserve an Oscar nomination for his theatrics in some of the videos that have been posted on this website.”

Free Lakota Bank is not a FDIC Bank…

South Dakota Dept. of Labor warns about unlicensed Free Lakota Bank

And not a bank of the Republic of Lakotah…

The Republic of Lakotah is in NO WAY associated with this new “freelakotabank.” Caveat Emptor!

So who’s bank is it?!


I do not care about my lost time, energy, money, opportunity, reputation, or silver.

I ONLY care about the truth.

 Feel free to add your story in the comment section below so that the people that are on the fence can have their Usual Suspects moment.



Chris Duane


P.S. Just as I was about to post this, I get an email blast from the Mulligan Mint that they are selling The Survival Podcast Ant Shield?!

Somebody better let Jack know what is going on before his good name and customers get caught in this growing mess.


Listen to all, TRUST NONE.


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero


Update 1: The first lie I have heard today is that Rob refused to give me my dies, because I was working with Gus to start our own mint.

I want the dies because…

  1. Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.28.44 PMThey are mine.  I am the designer and copyright holder of them.
  2.  I want to secure them from being used to diminish the value of all of the SBSS coins on the market by continuing to produce them beyond my approval or control.
  3. I don’t need to own a mint.  There are far more respectable, well oiled operations which OH BY THE WAY are much cheaper (33% cheaper) and have much better quality and turn around times.
  4. I want to work with a few mints so I am never in this position again.
  5. I want to relaunch fairly quickly.  I have waste far too much time and I will not wait for months to start some other capital and labor intensive business, especially before a dollar collapse.
  6. What mint in the world tells their customer that they will get “nothing”?!
  7. I will never use these designs ever again. (Which will increase the value of these coins, but not if the dies are not secured.)

So now with that out on the table, I want Rob Gray to turn over the dies that are not being used to fulfill customer order and just so we are really clear I would love it if they just took a HAMMER to it to damage it enough so that I cannot use it, but I can still see what it is.

I have a die count and wait for Rob’s response to this one.

I am sure that thousands of SBSS investors are going to be VERY INTERESTED in the outcome of this particular issue.

Update 2: I was told that Rob had a meeting with the whole staff after I blew out of there and that he said he would give me my 1,500 ounces.  I would love to know when and where I can get it, Rob.  I would think this would be very easy for you to do since that is provable theft in my opinion.

Update 3: I have completed my research and will be moving on many fronts to protect those that are involved in this mess.

I have gotten word that the new date they are stringing people along with April 26th.  Snap out of denial and stop hearing what you want to hear.  April 8th was the drop dead date… then the 15th… get a refund or a tracking number!  If you bought by credit card…

What they probably did not tell you is that their caster is down and blanks are pretty hard to come by right now.  It sure does look like they are trying to get this stuff out and when you tell a guy like me that I am getting “nothing” that frees up (in Rob’s mind) some time and capital.  I know he has bought time with some others that want to believe, but the fact is the circle is getting tighter as people start talking and wising up.

I have also heard complaints about the Free Lakota Bank is not returning calls.  Shocker…. I will be releasing more on the truth about Free Lakota Bank later. I already suspect that I am going to get “nothing” also.

I am posting some helpful links and phone numbers and suggest you do your own due diligence.

  1. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
  2. The Federal Trade Commission hotline 877-382-4357
  3. South Dakota Attorney General 605-773-3215
  4. You can also contact your local State Attorney General

Update 4: The only thing that really matters is your name.Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 4.01.46 PM
You got it from your father,
It was all he had to give,
So its yours to use and cherish,
For as long as you may live.
If you lose the watch he gave you,
It can always be replaced,
But a black mark on your name son,
Can never be erased.
It was clean the day you took it,
And a worthy name to bare,
When he got it from his father,
There was no dishonor there.
So be sure you guard it wisely,
After all is said and done,
You’ll be glad the name is spotless,
When you give it to your son.
– Anonymous
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 8.17.09 AMUpdate 5: Free Lakota BankI got an email this morning that they are doing extremely well and they have hired extra staff, so answering some of these questions should be very simple.  If you have silver with the Free Lakota Bank, here are some questions you may want to ask…

  1. Where is the bank? Where are the offices? Who is the staff besides Eddie Allen in Dallas? Is there anybody in the 605 area code associated with the Free Lakota Bank?
  2. Does the Mulligan Mint in Dallas have the Free Lakota Bank safe in their mint?  Are there more safes? How are the assets segregated? Where is you silver?
  3. Is it insured? Can you see proof of insurance?
  4. When was it audited last? By whom? Where are the results?
  5. What Republic of Lakotah  projects  does the General Development Fund go to?
  6. Do they even have a location on the Lakotah property after all of these years?
  7. Why does the Republic of Lakotah say they are, “in NO WAY associated with this new “freelakotabank.” Caveat Emptor!“?
  8. Who owns the Free Lakota Bank? Is it even a legal entity? Where is it registered? If not, who lays claim to the assets?
  9. According to Whois Domain Lookup Rob Gray registered the domain Sept. 7th 2008. What is his relationship to the Free Lakota Bank?
  10. Can funds from the Free Lakota Bank be used for private or personal investments? What safe guards or transparency are in place to ensure your investment?

The good thing is that according to the site “Withdrawing: Any and all withdraws from the Free Lakota Bank will be issued in AOCS Approved Silver medallions. The currency can be shipped direct from the bank or may be issued by an AOCS Trade Coordinator or Authorized Dealer.”  This is great since the minting fee to produce these coins is relatively high and since they still have unjustly kept my dies and my coins are AOCS Approved you should get your silver in Freedom Girls or Slave Queens.  Considering the premiums on these coins right now compared to the raw value of silver, this might be a good time to explore those options.

Update 6:  The “Buzzard Dollar” is reborn.

The Morgan Dollar was derided as one of the ugliest coins in the US Mint history and was loosely called the “Buzzard Dollar”.  In an effort to quickly roll out another coin to keep the game going, the Mulligan Mint is using an altered Morgan Dollar Reverse as the back of the Redoubt coin.  What makes this worse is that the .999 looks like a 666.  At least they had the decency not to use my Reverse.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 4.18.22 PM

Original Morgan Reverse on Left. New Redoubt Reverse on right.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.51.47 PMUpdate 7: More excuses to buy more time… Today comes the announcement that the Mulligan Mint will ONCE AGAIN fail to deliver on their promised deadlines.  We have people from January still not fulfilled despite a $10 drop in the price of silver…  Rob Gray told me that I would get “nothing” and I have since severed ties…  and they still have the still have the arrogance to launch with two new partners and coins?!

And since when do they care about quality?  From day one quality has been a major issue that has never been resolved.  I would ask you to find out what supplier “failed” with sub-par blanks, but I already know it is BS.

Failed with the end of March deadline…

then April 8th…

then Tax Slave Day April 15th…

and now April 26th.

Something really stinks!

File an online complaint with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

 Update 8: May 2nd and STILL all orders are not fulfilled.

Despite all of the fake promises to fulfill all orders we are close to a MONTH past the April 8th deadline and orders are still not fulfilled.  I mean there are orders from January/February and $10 higher silver NOT fulfilled.  The customers that are left are the largest orders by volume and there is no way of knowing how many thousands of ounces are still owed.  Snap out of denial and take action.  Small claims court could be an option or you can file a complaint, do your own due dilligence.

  1. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
  2. The Federal Trade Commission hotline 877-382-4357
  3. South Dakota Attorney General 605-773-3215
  4. You can also contact your local State Attorney General

Update 9: Moving Forward with Silver Bullet Silver Shield

I have been like Janus wrapping up the past with lawyers and investigators and working towards the future with new partners retail and production partners.  I am going forward alone to continue to do what I do best design and promote SBSS silver.  I have no interest in the minting or sales of these coins and will only act as the intermediary between the largest retailers and the two mints that will produce the coins.  I have established a connection with a reputable mint to produce Proof SBSS and I hope by the end of today I will have a BU production mint locked on.  These mints are long established, independent, family owned mints that have a reputation for great quality, dependable delivery times, excellent reputation.  I am excited to see what these coins can do when I can launch  more designs, get quicker turn around times, and superior quality.

I am shooting for the end of May to launch War Bird and Love.  I hope to launch 1 coin a week after that.  I will continue to work solely with Heidi Wastweet and limit the time these coins will be available. Despite the crazy market for silver, I am shooting for the same price points of $2.99 over spot for BU and $14.99 for Proof.  I believe the combination of my designs and promotions, Heidi’s excellent work, low price points, the largest retailers, and finally a dependable and quality partner producing the coins we will be able to restart the fire very quickly.

Update 10: Enter the Clowns

How many other bloggers are going to try to jump into my boots?  Well the latest is the stoner, BitConer Adam Kokesh, this despite all of the drama of tremendous delivery failures, shoddy quality, awful customer service and the final coup de grace of Rob Gray telling me that I would get “nothing”.   It seems that some bloggers will turn a blind eye to sell their customers out for a quick buck. (Or so they think.)  The wonderful thing with this is that I have warned everyone and their customers will provide the money to fulfill orders from months ago that are still waiting.

Despite all of the efforts the Mulligan Mint is trying to do to stay alive, I do not believe they will last long since this is such a small world in the silver community.  You don’t stay in business too long by screwing customers and partners over.  I don’t think too many people are going to trust them and it is clear many of the major retailers will no longer expose themselves to the inherent risks associated with them.  I will do everything in my power with speaking out, investigators and lawyers to take care of those injured in this drama.  The good thing is that I was ONLY involved with them for 7 months and they have nowhere near the 92,000 ounces once owed when I shut down sales on March 11th nearly TWO MONTHS ago.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.28.44 PMI want everyone to watch this latest video from Adam Kokesh as I break down the lies and you will hear from his own mouth that Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint are going to try to sell Slave Queen and Freedom Girl with other backs on it.  This is the sleaziest thing I have ever heard any mint doing.  Since I am the Copyright Owner, ANY infringement will only lead to more people to be involved in my lawsuits I am pursuing.  It is insane to think that a manufacturer has ownership of intellectual property that I own.  Rob says he paid for the dies, but that came from profits of the sales I brought in and their part of the dealer was to produce and fulfill.

What person in the world would ever trust the Mulligan Mint to produce their coins, when they clearly intend on stealing it for their own.  Then think about the current owners of SBSS coins, I want these coins to be fulfilled and retired long ago and now it seems there is going to be no end until a Judge puts an end to this once and for all.  I don’t want the dies to produce more, I WANT THEM DESTROYED so the BS ends.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.51.18 PM


‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair

Feel free to thumbs down on YouTube, but don’t bother commenting, you will just get banned.


00:32 “Obviously and blatantly wrong”  Originally an 92,000 ounce back log from March 11th that was promised to be taken care of originally in 2 weeks by Rob… then promised to have everyone delivered by April 8th… then the sudden resignation of the Director of Sales April 11th… everyone owed money and or silver while he takes trips to Singapore and buys a mansion on an airstrip… no replies to my emails… selling major retailers despite my  total shut down of  sales on March 11th further pushing PAID customer orders back… missing the April 15th relaunch date because they still did not deliver…  no responses… then BS emailed excuses… and FI

NALLY I had to fly down to Dallas to see for my face that Rob had no intention of making things right when he told me to my face that I would get nothing that I was owed and I could not even find out what the customers were owed.  So yeah Adam, something was obviously and blatantly wrong.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.52.48 PM


00:36 “claiming he lost a lot of money without documentation to back it up. I wanted to see the numbers…”  I have never seen a clean Profit and Loss statement the entire time.  Throughout the entire ordeal I was extremely patient as they were struggling to keep up with the tremendous demand I created but when I became suspicious something was nefarious going on I sought to mitigate the problem by shutting down sales in March and trying to make a clean break.  Every time I asked to see a statement I was told that they were between book keepers and they were always days a way from getting it done.  Never was their a real accountant allowed to see the books.  My estimate of loss is from the former Sales Director on what he told me that I am still owed, and even he will will tell you that he has no idea what that really is since not even HE was allowed to see the books.  Meanwhile Rob plays in Singapore and goes home to his Mansion on an airstrip…

00:42 “Pretending he did not make any money.”  I never claimed not to make any money, just not what I was owed.  I did get my only wire of $75,000 in March and that was just fraction of the money and silver that I was owed.  I also waited for months for my own silver while others got fulfilled using my silver for a rolling inventory.  I was able to finally get my metal back this spring.  Like a good Marine leader, I always was patient and put myself at the end of the line in terms of fulfillment and payment.  Never would I consider to lead others into a danger for a quick profit.  Meanwhile my “partner” was running up hundreds of thousands in credit card bills traveling the world with his family and buying mansions.  The thing that is very obvious to me, everyone is owed money except Rob.

00:52 “I checked the books, I have seen the paper work”  Really because I never have.  Perhaps you can send it to me or my lawyer or post something online?  Where did you get your accounting degree from?  Do you typically trust people that have been shown to lie especially when it is clear that they would profit off of it?  Did you disclose your $4,000 a month sponsorship for the Mulligan Mint before you did this video?  Was the trip to Dallas paid for buy Rob?  Can you tell me how much I sold because I never saw the second set of books that showed the hundreds of thousands of sale to online retailers?

00:58 “For the little value you contributed”  Laughably insane statement.  Before Rob met me he was selling copper coins and water ionizers.  I brought him publicity and business.  I estimate that 90% of all of the business that went through that place was a direct result of my connection and reputation.  The sales, the investors, the depositors, the other bloggers, the retailers… They went from 4 employees to 45 while I was there.  There WAS NO MINT before me, just an empty warehouse with no presses.   And despite whatever you think it was worth it was a 50/50 split in profits on my stuff and 30% of Coins For The Cause coins that include your sorry silver sales Adam.

01:03 ” You made out like  bandit to the tune of $182,000″  I got one wire for $75,000 in March and NO 1099 for all of last year’s business with the Mulligan Mint.  And that still does not get over the fact that my customers are still not fulfilled, I am out my 1,500 ounces and according to the former sales director an estimated $250,000 and that is before the Coins for the Cause profits.

01:07 “And now you are thinking you are going to start your own mint, on a lie.” The only lie in that statement is that I was planning to start my own mint.  I never even considered starting a mint when there are clearly others that have been doing it much longer than I that will take better care of my designs and customers.  In fact I am talking with 3 mints to produce future coins.  The mint is the easily and most needed replacement of this whole drama.

01:22 “Never see a deal like this again” Geez I hope so, I would hate to be ROBbed from ever again like this.  It is not all about money, I have walked away from my family’s inheritance for a greater purpose and would never sell my soul for money.  I have better mints, with better quality, better prices, and better turn around times and a larger more reliable retail network to work with.

I will be adding more to this later, but it is just all BS…  feel free to jump into the comment section and help wade through the lies.

Update 11: Desperation sets in at the Mulligan Mint.

With now three failed posted Silver Bullet Silver Shield launches and a withering retail support the Mulligan Mint seems intent on either continuing selling Slave Queens and Freedom Girls with or without the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  (Start watching 9:50)  The best thing about this people will not being trusting Mulligan Mint or Adam Kokesh.  Like I told Rob Gray,  you only get one name in this world and I am confident despite all of this drama, my name is still very well intact.


The time, money, publicity, retailers, suppliers, customers, employees, investors, depositors, and legal action is slipping away from what once felt the abundance mentality.  I believe that the we are weeks, if not days, of the final implosion of this drama.

I will caution everyone in dealing with the Mulligan Mint or any paid trolls the same warning the Republic of Lakotah warned about Rob Gray’s Free Lakota Bank… Caveat emptor!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.04.16 AM Update 12:  Coins For (Rob) The Cause Affiliate Webinar

There is an affiliate webinar tonight for another coin launch trying to recapture the magic of what they once had with the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

Like a husband that in unfaithful with his wife by cheating on her with a mistress in Vegas, it will never be the same again.

The silver community is far to small to break trust so egregiously, at so many different levels to think things will ever go back as it was.

You ONLY get one name and those that are affiliated with the Mulligan Mint would be better off looking for something else than ruining their name trying to resuscitate this mortally wounded enterprise.


 Update 13: Supposedly All Retail SBSS Orders Are Fulfilled…

That does not include the thousands of ounces that were sold behind my back to retailers or what is owed to me.  This does NOT put an end to the drama by any means.

  • They still owe thousands of ounces to major retailers that have been waiting to fulfill their clients.
  • They are still over a month behind the promised date of April 8th deadline Rob Gray promised.
  • They still produce shoddy quality work that is an insult to the fine art Heide Wastweet sculpted and the message of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.
  • Their customer service is atrocious and full of excuses/lies.
  • The risk of massive delays in the silver stacker community is unacceptable.
  • They still are using my brand, copyrights, designs, promotional format and trademark without my clear warning not to.
  • They are threatening to use my designs to unlawfully enrich others by taking Freedom Girl and Slave Queen and putting another back on it for Adam Cokesh.
  • They still owe me at least 1,500 physical ounces of silver to me.
  • They still have not handed over the SilverBulletSilverShield . com website to me, even though it was promised that it was “mine” by Rob Gray.
  • They still act like nothing has happened and not made any effort to correct the grave failures they alone have caused.
  • They still have not destroyed or turned over the dies of all of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series that are my designs and copyrights.
  • They still threaten to add insult to injury by creating these designs to destroy the value of limited run SBSS medallions.
  • They still have not made me whole for all of the abundance I have created and earned.
  • They still use hired/invested guns to spit on me for the abundance I have created.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 7.13.39 AMUpdate 14: If It Takes Months to Fulfill 300 Orders…

…how long will it take to fulfill 55 million?  The Mulligan Mint is trying their 4th?, 5th?, 6th? failed launch in the aftermath of the end of their involvement of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.  How many of these ill conceived coins are they going to try to push out without addressing the systemic failures they have?

The latest attempt is based off of the homo erotic, violent movie 300.  The idea is that if 300 men can can stand against a invading army, then what could 55 million do?

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

The first flaw I see is that those 300 men were bound by honor and trust.  They we powerful because they had implicit trust for their brothers to watch their back.  The actions of Jack Spirko and the Mulligan Mint have shown that there is no honor in stealing someones designs, silver, ideas and names.  Trust has been broken simply delivering silver, much less putting someones life on the line.  I thank God that this happened now and I got to see the true nature of these actors before TSHTF.

My experience in the Marine Corp taught me to never break trust, even if it means taking the hardest blows for yourself.  The reason why I am the last one holding the bag, is that I consistently put myself last to make sure others were taken care of.  That is why the customers are getting fulfilled and I am out over $250,000, my silver, my dies, my website and the rest.  The slanderous attacks from the likes of Jack Spirko and Adam Cokesh show that these men are more concerned with their own asses rather than doing what is right.

“100 Billion Dollars!” – Dr. Evil

BDD_DR_evil_12.16.08The second flaw I see is, where are they getting 55 million from?  Even in the sheeple world, Mitt Romney only got 58 million votes in the last Presidential election.  Why stop at  55 million if we are just making up numbers?  Why not 1 billion?!

I estimate that there are between 2-5 million one offs of the INTJ personality that would even consider that their world is flawed.  The grand majority of them are either ignorant or invested in the current paradigm to even begin the process of awakening.  And those that do take this journey, only a small percentage of those people make it to the Acceptance Stage, where they take positive productive action in their lives.  And of those people that have made it that far they have no room in their lives for deceit or risk that is clearly at play here.

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” -Henry Kissinger

The third flaw I see is, why a Sentinel?  Sentinels are guards of a collective.  They are men that follow orders of rulers and not allowed to, even for a moment, think about what is best for themselves.  My indoctrination in the Marine Corps infantry demanded ‘instant an willing obedience to orders’.  This brain washing technique is used to trick well meaning men into sacrificing themselves for the Debt and Death their rulers profit from.

Leaderless resistance is about every man a leader, not a blind follower.  I created the Sons of Liberty Academy for that very reason.  Every person should have the knowledge and logic to do what is best for themselves and their loved ones.  The resonating power of awakened and empowered individuals, stands in stark contrast to what is being portrayed in this ill conceived coin.

“Hurt people, hut people.” -Will Bowen

The fourth flaw is, the abusive psychopathic nature of these 300 warriors.  So much of our media is designed to desensitize us to psychopathic behavior.  At every turn, we are to think that it is acceptable, or worse cool, to act like a psychopath.  In the movie 300, the Spartans physically and mentally abused their young boys to become unemphatic killers.  This brings out the animal instincts that are the worst in humanity.

More military men are dying from suicide than in combat.  Is it any wonder why hundreds of thousands of strong men are suffering with the abuse, violence and guilty consciousness that arises from this mindset?  We have brain washed kids with violence for the power and profit of those that own this paradigm.  The real trauma to humanity is felt on both sides of the destruction we deal on a daily basis.

“Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes.” -Alexander Haig

The fifth flaw is that this is another collective effort against a collective problem.  These guys cannot seem to help themselves to put themselves at the head of a collective they run, as they put all of the risk on to those that listen to their orders.  This is not only obvious in these bloggers selling coins with a mint that is fraught with risk, but even Adam Cokesh planned armed march into Washington D.C.  This plan is an obvious publicity attempt to further enrich Adam Cokesh, but even Alex Jones can’t even get behind it.

“Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me… You can’t get fooled again!” – George Bush

The final flaw is that they must think that we are either greedy or stupid.  It is insane or insulting to think that they are ever going to find success ever again in this very small silver community without admitting and correcting the past.  People supported the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield because of the message.  They no longer need to deal with the risk, awful customer service and shoddy quality of the mint.  Especially because yours truly, who got this thing all started, is left empty handed.

The Silver Bullet Silver Shield is about empowering yourself and walk away from the toxic things in your life.  The wheels of justice grind slowly, but the individual withdrawing support is final.  I appreciate all of the hundreds of emails, comments and conversations of support and I am confident that I will be able to pick up right where I left off with better partners and momentum.

I understand that I only have one name and I have done everything in my power to protect it and others that have trusted me.  If the Mulligan Mint, and those involved in this drama, have any shot at any success in the future, it would be in their best interest to make everyone whole and move on.  I would have nothing to say anymore about this, if that was the case.

Interesting side note: The Mulligan Mint was named after Midas Mulligan from Atlas Shrugged.  The irony is that before Midas shut down his bank, he made sure all people were made whole.

I am still waiting.

Update 15: The Mulligan Mint Has Gone Rogue

The Mulligan Mint has broken off all mediation talks and are planning on stealing my next 4 designs.


I will be releasing my first YouTube video and proceeding with my pending litigation now that all talks have ended.



Update 16: Honest Men and Thieves video released


Update 17: Desperate, Delusional, Idiots

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 9.13.42 AM

It seems the latest actions from the Mulligan Mint are best described by the hundreds of emails I got over the past 24 hours as desperate, delusional, idiots.  The  insanity of Rob Gray claiming, “co-founder of Silver Bullet Silver Shield” reeks of desperation.

I wrote the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield February 25th, 2011.  The article was read by over 400,000+ people and translated into 7 different languages.  It was the reason I got to meet David Morgan and it was hailed by Jason Hommel as “The BEST article written on silver in Ten Years!”

I then went on to create 6 1/2 hours in 45+ videos on YouTube starting January 24th 2012.  The Silver Bullet Silver Shield videos were seen by over 1.8 million people world wide.  All of this while Rob Gray was probably selling water Ionizers or copper coins at carnivals.

It is my success that Rob sought to leverage to his own  personal fortune.  My brand, my ideas, my designs, my contacts, and my reputation.  That is why he contacted me to write his opening statement for Ron Paul August 2012.  He has no ideas of his own and only seeks to ensnare others into his trap.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-18-at-12.28.44-PM-150x78 I am the ONLY Copyright Owner and that is on tens of thousands Certificate of Authenticity they sent out.

I am the designer of all of all of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions.

I am the creator of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield articles, videos, DVDs, and silver medallions.

Rob can ignore reality, but like Ayn Rand said , “You cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

I once asked Rob Gray what he wanted to be when he got older.  He told me that he wanted to “be a billionaire.”  I  thought that was weird asked him why?  His response was, “because I am smarter than everyone else.”  This is the first time that I really started to ask myself what have I gotten myself into.

This claim of Rob Gray “co-founding” Silver Bullet Silver Shield is almost as insane as another delusional psychopath, Al Gore, when he claimed to invent the Internet.


Dick head

BTW Do dickheads always wear their hats like this?

IMG_7227While Rob is a psychopath that does what comes naturally to him, the person I am MOST disappointed is Will Lehr aka. Silver Willy.  He was one of the first Silver Shield Group members and I have been nothing but supportive of Will. I even helped him get this job at the Mulligan Mint.  I have given him ample opportunity to make things right and that he was only staying around until he got the customers fulfilled and me paid.  Now that both of those are dead issues, he is now complicit is stealing my designs and brand and deceiving the public into thinking that Silver Bullet Silver Shield back to the way it was.

Will Lehr is empowering something he knows to be very wrong and perhaps a few emails or phone calls will convince him to man up and walk away. Will Lehr <will@coinsforthecause.com>  I don’t think a lot of people will trusting Will anyway since he is now know as Slick Willy.

Here is a Children’s Cancer Charity Auction video I did with Will when he was at another place he hated.


Update 18: Are You A Sellout?

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” -Matthew 16:26

It must be crunch time at the Mulligan Mint since they are going to jump the gun and launch MY Freedom Girl and Slave Queen today, a full 4 days in advance of their previous launch date.  They have stolen my designs and perhaps today they will see that they have sold the only thing that is truly worth anything, their reputation.   I had the biggest bloggers wait for months for their affiliate commissions as the tried to fix the books.  Do not be tempted to try and make a quick buck you will probably never see, promoting thieves.

Again, anyone promoting or supporting the Mulligan Mint in this criminal effort, should be shunned from this community.

Mulligan Mint Thieves

Update 19: Mulligan Mint Implosion Contest

Mulligan Mint implosion contestIn the middle of all of this drama I thought it might be fun to have a contest where I can give away all of the silver Rob gave me when I met him in Washington D.C. for Ron Paul’s Congressional Testimony last summer.

All entries will be posted in the comment section by the first to answer to the questions below.

1. Whoever guesses the day the Mulligan Mint closes for good, will receive my 5 oz Lakota Proof round numbered “300” on the side.  This round was used by Rob Gray in his congressional testimony and was held by Ron Paul himself.

2. Whoever guesses when the day that Free Lakota Bank closes for good, will receive 4 1 oz. Proof Lakota rounds.

3. Whoever guesses the day that the first State or Federal agency or tax authority raids the Mulligan Mint, will receive 3 1oz. Proof Andrew Jackson rounds.  (Two can play the irony game.)

4. Whoever guesses the day that Will Lehr quits/fired from the Mulligan Mint, will receive 2 1oz. Proof Ludwig von Mises rounds with the words “Tu Ne Cede Malis” or do not give in to evil.

5. Whoever has the highest rated comment on the Honest Men and Thieves video, will receive a 1 oz. BU Andrew Jackson round.

6. Whoever guesses the day Rob Gray flees the country to Singapore, will receive a 1 oz. Rob Gray copper round business card with his own personal narcissistic, vanity phone number on it that we can call looking for him, 855-Rob-Gray.

The Grand Prize is for whoever guesses the day that I get all of my customers fulfilled, my dies, my URL, my silver, my money that I am owed and this entire drama ends, will receive a 3 oz triple stacked 2012 Trivium in a cracked die collar.  This symbolizes how the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield built the Mulligan Mint and how it will ultimately break it’s back. 

Mulligan Mint implosion contest1

Update 20: It’s a Trap!

It looks like they plan on launching today.  Like I warned all of the other bloggers, future sales will only go to bailing out the previous people who bought into this. This needs to end, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE MULLIGAN MINT.

Update 21: The Original Email That Started The Silver Bullet Silver Shield coin.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.35.20 AM

I have the entire email chain from start to finish of my ideas, for my designs, for my coins ,with my brand, backed by my reputation and effort in the silver community.    I am the one that came up with the designs, elements, layout, symbolism, message, branding and so forth.  Any false claims on my work will be met with litigation and public scrutiny.

Update 22: Tell Rob Gray I said, “Hi”

In what will no doubt be his last public appearance, Rob Gray will be at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference in New York, May 13-14.  I would love to know the silver community’s response to his arrogant presence given the fact that he has now crossed the line and not only stolen past profits and silver, but now is stealing and producing stolen designs of mine.   Please send me any video or YouTube links asking Rob to explain himself and his actions.  Things like, how is he the co-founder of Silver Bullet Silver Shield?  Or how he thinks my copyrighted work is his?  Or if he owns Free Lakota Bank?  Are Free Lakota Bank’s depositors money used for personal ventures? Or if he needs any tax advice?  Don’t expect him to flinch since these guys swim in their own self delusion, but it is very helpful for people to see the insanity.

Update 23: Mulligan Mint is “best in the industry!”

Speaking of delusion, watch “Why The Mulligan Mint”for a good laugh.  Rob Gray actually says that the Mulligan Mint has the turn around times that are the “best in the industry!”  This only 20 seconds after the head of production said that they weren’t and they show that little toy caster that snails out silver as slow as anything I have ever seen.   We can also forget about the epic delays from day 1 that all of us have experienced, or the shoddy quality or awful customer service or that they can steal your designs if you make something that really sells.  You can forget about leaving a comment since they would not want people to laugh too hard.  You can feel free to laugh at it here though in our growing comment section.

Update 24: Silver Gold Bull, Silver Doctors, Provident Metals And Many Other SBSS Retailers Will Not Support The Criminal Relaunch Of My Designs

I am very happy to hear that the majority of the former SBSS retail partners will NOT be supporting the Criminal Relaunch Of My Designs. is a huge vote in confidence from the customers that made this decision very easy for these retailers.  The out pouring of support for my claims is only icing on the cake for these professional retailers break ties with a mint that has clearly shown that they cannot deliver on time, cannot produce quality products and cannot properly support the customer service.

There is no question that I am the creative force behind all of the designs on the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.  Anyone that illegally profits off of my work and supporting the ridiculous claims of the Mulligan Mint will face both publicly and legally prosecuted.  The entire silver community is watching who will seek to risk their reputation and customers money for false promises.  Especially since these relaunched coins were supposed to be limited in nature.  Producing more of these designs, like Ben Bernanke, only seeks to destroy the value of what needs to be protected.

With the now 45 new designs Heidi Wastweet and I are planning to launch, there is much more abundance coming from us.

Thank you for the REAL support you are all offering.

 Update 25: Important Revelations

After weeks of hiding behind paid or invested shills, Rob Gray is finally answering some questions himself.

RRobi31729 on YouTube got and exclusive video interview with Rob Gray at last week’s Metals Conference in New York where he got some very good revelations about what is going on.

I would like to give my shot by shot analysis of his explanations and let you decide.


2:00 He asks who is the designer of the coins and Rob cleverly answers that Heidi Wastweet is the sculptor (sculptress) knowing full well that I designed everything.

3:00 When asked about their relationship to me Rob nervously flicks his face and simply says that he partnered with me.

3:30 When asked about moving to Singapore, Rob responds that they are in fact planning on opening a second operation in Singapore.  This is very important because one of the things that made me end this relationship is the fact that while his Mulligan Mint in Dallas was shut down for weeks with a 92,000 ounce backlog, he was off gallivanting in Singapore trying to raise more money to start another mint in Singapore.  He was not doing jack about the customers he left hanging in Dallas while he was staying at $500 a night hotels, half way around the world.

And now that he has just burned 95% of his retail sales to the ground by his actions, why does he even need the capacity in Dallas, much less in Singapore.  After all who is going to trust the Mulligan Mint with their designs, after they have stolen mine?

While Rob uses the libertarian, ex-patriot rational for leaving the country, the real reason why he is leaving is because he fears his past catching up to him.  I now have information (Update 26) of a former investor of Rob Gray that sued and won a $125,000 judgement!  And that Rob then declared bankruptcy and fled Philadelphia.  I am positive he is going to flee to Singapore as his past catches up to him again. (More on that later in Update 26.)

4:30 Why are you continuing minting Freedom Girl and Slave Queen?  He says that they committed to limited time launches and uses his failure to produce in an adequate fashion as a reason for continuing the unauthorized use of my designs and brand.  The truth is he needs cash and now that it is painfully obvious that his customers have voted for me with the pitiful sales of the relaunch, time and cash are closing in.

5:31 How does the Silver Bullet Silver Shield go on without Chris?  He shows the Molon Labe coin and says that Heidi designed it.  Like Obama taking credit for job others created, NO Rob, I did that.   I am the one that came up with the ideas, elements, wording and the original art on it.  And then shows the Cannabis medallion that I also designed and first showed publicly in my Honest Men and Thieves video at 8:53

6:22 I will never come back and expose myself, my designs and my reputation to Rob Gray or the Mulligan Mint again. The only rational discussion I am interested in is getting back what was stolen from me.

8:56 When asked about quality, it is simply too little too late.  For 7 months we all dealt with horrible quality and now?! he does what he should have been doing all along?

Rob says that people should send their coins back and that they would pay for shipping. Yeah, like anyone is going to trust sending these coins back to a Mint that took months to deliver these shoddy coins in the first place!

9:33 Rob insults the customers by mocking them when it is clearly shoddy quality that even my 4 year old son can see. I personally have kept all of my coins, because they are all unique, but that is no way to run a mint.

1:55 Rob asks for the customers to be reasonable and rational.  The only reasonable and rational thing to do at this point is to never do business again with the Mulligan Mint

3:33 When asked why he has not responded to my allegations, Rob tries to take the high road as he stands in front of all of my designs he stole.  The insanity of that fact is felt by anyone who knows what is going on.  Forget about the hundreds of thousands in profits and silver…

3:56 “We have a partnership and he has some responsibilities.”  I fulfilled my end of this deal by creating the hottest selling designs and generating the marketing to promote them.  (All of this he admits later in the video.)  When Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint failed over and over again to do their part of the deal to produce and fulfill, I ended it.  I have no commitment to the Mulligan Mint, especially now that they stole my money, silver and designs.

4:28 “Tens of thousands of customers” Is that why you cannot sell anything anymore?  The relaunch has failed because they never addressed the reason why people made it successful in the first place.  People in the silver community are not stupid.  They walked away from the Debt and Death paradigm and they are not going to put up with the same behavior inside this small community.

4:51 “I don’t know what Chris expects from us?”  Here is what I would expect from you, Rob, deliver the remaining dealer orders that you STILL have not fulfilled, give me what I am owe in terms of profits and silver, turn over or destroy the dies, and hand over my SilverBulletSilverShield.com website.

I also do not actually expect you to do anything of that sort, which is why my lawsuit will be on your desk this week.   I might also be releasing all of the information about the past in Philadelphia Rob thought he ran away from including…

  • The investor lawsuit Rob Gray lost which led to his bankruptcy.
  • What happened with Rob’s grandmother Anna’s last will and testament.
  • The trail of destruction of companies, investors, employees, and vendors Rob left behind.  TyentUSA_Exposed
  • And much more…

5:40 “There is not one customer waiting for orders.”  While retail orders have been fulfilled, there are still thousands of ounces still owed to wholesalers and yours truly.  Once you see the past in Philadelphia Rob has, you will see the pattern of abuse is at the investor, employee and vendor level.  Why piss off a $100 customer, when there are bigger fish?

6:24 “We have partnership with the largest refiner in the western hemisphere.” NTR-OPM is now the largest silver refiner, not Republic Metals.

“Chris walked 2 days after we signed that deal knowing full well that we have reserves of silver.”  Rob had talked for months about the deal with Republic Metals, but he could not provide proper accounting to satisfy them as far as I last heard.  Heck I never saw a straight set of book because he never hired a proper accountant for fear that someone would hand over the books to the government.   And after what has happened now, I would be shocked to learn that Republic went ahead to supply silver on the arm like he wished for.  Perhaps a few emails into Republic Metals will clarify that…  info@republicmetalscorp.com

7:01 “Encourage Chris to sit down like a gentleman and work things out.”  I entered into two mediations with two people we both respect and both times Rob would not make good on his past debts to me, before we even talked about any future possibilities.   All he was interested in is getting me further into debt to him and never making me whole.

I even offered twice to forgo all profits owed to me just to get my silver, dies and URL and end the insult to injury.  As a part of the mediation, I even offered to take down all postings and send a mass email to my 40,000 person email list and 36,000 person YouTube community stating that I no longer had any claims against Rob, if he returned what was mine.  Twice he rejected that generous offer.  Now I have a slam dunk case and will no longer negotiate.

7:35 Going forward is Chris continuing to get “his” (profits)?  Rob says only after I come back to the table and stop slamming him here, will I get what is owed.  Again, that was part of the mediation that once I was made whole I would take down all videos and articles related to this subject.  He seems to not grasp the concept of what came first and what needs to be done first.  He stole my money, silver and designs long before I did one article or video speaking the truth about him.  At this point it really does not matter, as the lawsuit will settle this.

7:55 Rob admits that I did my job “awesome” and that he is the one that failed.

8:05 Rob admits that when we first started they were sub contracting out the work to other mints.  This will be very important later on as he will try to claim like I owe him something for the risk he took in starting his mint.  I have no ownership or obligation to the Mulligan Mint or the investors that knowingly or unknowingly funded this operation.

“The mint they subcontracted to went out of business.”  What Rob fails to say is that mint was Old Glory Mint was involved in a $100 million PONZI SCHEME!

8:38 See the millions of dollars in facility.  The question is not if there is machinery or silver there, it is whose money is it and do they know that it is used for Rob Gray’s personal ventures.  Or how many investors bought into mint.  I must have talked to dozens of people that said Rob offered them 5% to 10% of the mint for as low as $80,000 to as high as $250,000.  I wonder how many took him up on that offer and if at the end of the day that number adds up to 100%?

9:21 On moving to Asia… He wants to have all of his “hot” technology shipped to Asia.  Earlier he said he was going to have his extrusion press across the street in Dallas, now he wants it in Asia?  I believe that he is just looking for another “investor” to fund that dream.  After all why build another mint in Asia just to ship silver strip half way around the world to do all of the work out here?  Especially when he can do it in Dallas and there are plenty of companies that would do it quicker here.  And I highly doubt that the “deal” with Republic Metals would have come through on that business model.  Or that the Dallas Mint will stay in business one day after a mint opens in Singapore.


3:22 “We can do 150,000 ounces a month and want to get it up to 4 to 5 million.”  Is that why it took the Mulligan Mint months to deliver 92,000 ounces?  And whatever capacity he may have, they are certainly not going to sell that much.

“Solid distribution network” most of the retailers and customers I have spoken to would never go through the long wait times, shoddy production and awful customer service, ever again.

“Chris will be excited to see the world’s largest precious metals dealer will be carrying Freedom Girl.”  If Apmex does decide to carry Freedom Girl now, after they wisely sat on the sideline not willing to risk their reputation with an unproven Mulligan Mint, that would be the worst decision they make. 

First, they would now be involved in my lawsuit.  I am the copyright owner and Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint do not have my permission to continue to use my designs, brand or trademarks.  I would be forced to include anyone that is profiting in this continued abuse of my copyrights.

Secondly, the customer base would let them know immediately what is really going on behind Rob’s slick pitch.  I don’t know what Rob told them, but there are thousands of people who have read my article from 2011 and the videos from 2012 and my continued publicity for my coins that know full well what is really going on.

I would be more than happy to Apmex to the other dealers who have already made their wise decision to shun this criminal behavior of stealing designs, money and silver.  This silver community is too small for this to last long.

I can also provide contacts with the multiple state and federal investigators that are looking into this matter.

You can let your voice be heard.


5:02 About Chris’s “goals”.  Rob is constantly suggesting like I have some ulterior motive like starting another mint and that is my “real” reason for this breakup.   I just signed a production agreement with a ISO certified mint to produce the next in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.  I have NO investment in this decade old mint nor do I wish to.  I have no interest in any investment before the dollar collapse, other than silver.  My only REAL reason for this break up is exactly what I have been stating all along in this now 10,000 words article about walking away with what is owed.

Going forward, I will not even have my own retail operation to sell my silver.   This will be a huge boon to those that wisely decide which side they are on.  I will have SBSS Authorized Retailers with major online retailers to handle all retail sales.  Rob’s business model actually competes against the online retailers where the grand majority of the retail sales went through.  Knowing that Rob only has four more stolen designs of mine and I have 45+ designs coming with Heidi Wastweet and a proven ISO certified mint production,  I think the choice will be easy for any online retailer to make.

5:16 Rob confirms again the major failures he had on his end of the bargain.

6:39 Rob admits that Silver Bullet and Silver Shield was not his idea despite his statement that he is co-founder and displaying HIS famous Freedom Girl, Slave Queen and Debt and Death sculpts and dies.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 9.13.42 AM

7:00 “He has asked us to destroy the dies and sculpts that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”  No they are worth a few thousand and were part of the production process they failed to fulfill.  They are only worth more because of the value I created and I no longer want stolen from me.  I did not want those sculpts and dies to fall into the wrong hands besides Rob.  Now it is too late….

Freedom Girl Silver Bullet Silver Shield 1 oz .999 Fine Silver Coin

Share to:
FOB Price: US $ 0.8 – 10 / Piece | Get Latest Price
Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Piece/Pieces www.xxxxxxx.com.cn
Supply Ability: 5000000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter www.xxxxxx.com.cn
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal


Material Gold, brass, zinc alloy, copper etc
Size 35mm,40mm,45mm,55mm,60mm,70mm diameter etc (costom size is accepted)
thickness normalloy 3mm,3,5mm,4mm,5mm etc(up to customer’s request)
logo engraved, embossed, debossed.
Process die-cast, stamping, hot-cast, printing, photo-etches are available.
Finishing various electric plating colors such as gold, imitated gold, silver, antique silver, copper, chrome, nickel and finishing are available etc.
Application popular and slap-up product for promotion gifts.
packing 1.inner packing:1pc 1opp bag, gift or leather box. Out packing: 500pcs into a carton.  2. According to customer’s request.
Sample time 7days after your design confirmed
Delivery time 15-20days

Update to the update:  This has been removed off of the site. Geez even the Chinese took it down before Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint.

7:41 “Chris has got some work to do to get back to the table.”  The only work I have to do is have my lawyer get what is mine.  Hopefully he wont flee Dallas like he did in Philadelphia.  I did not want the escrow, because I already offered to forgo all profits he owes me in return to turn over what is mine.

He keeps talking about continuing a partnership… by not only stealing from that partner, but then adding insult to injury to steal his designs and future profits.

9:18 “We never force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.” This seconds after he says that I need to take him to court instead of rightfully handing over what is mine. Some voluntary relationship…

9:51 “Anything you try to build and growing something, there is always some out there trying to take it away from you like in this situation and it is a shame.” Almost as ironic as when he said that “There could be no fair competition between honest men and thieves.”


Update 26: The Skeletons Come Out Of The Closet

I believe Karma only works when people speak out.  God cannot do His works if people sit on their hands and wait.

This week I got extremely interesting email…

Dear Chris;

My name is Glenn A. Tener and have known Rob Gray for the last 15 years ever since I was a partner and investor in his technology businesses in the Philadelphia area 10 years ago.  He stole money from me and countless of others including friends, employees, investors, vendors and others.  I sued him in court and had a judgment on him and his companies for over $125,000! Below is an email that I sent him.  He is a true psychopath and has no regard for anybody but himself and will stop at nothing to get what he wants no matter who he hurts.  He definitely belongs in jail.  You can call me at 215.***.**** and I could tell you a lot of information about his dealings in Philadelphia that could help you.

Glenn A. Tener


From: Glenn A. Tener [mailto:******@*******.net]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 12:31 PM
To: ‘rgray@opencurrency.com’
Cc: ‘*******@yahoo.com’

Congratulations Rob!  You are still FUCKING people out of their money!  You are doing the same thing in Dallas that you did in Philadelphia 15 years ago!  LOL.  You idiot!  When are you going to learn!  Jail for you is certain and imminent.  I gave them my full cooperation and help of course (see the email and link below that was sent to me).  After knowing you for last 15 years you have not changed a bit.  You are still a LIAR, CHEATER, THIEF, AND CON ARTIST.

I will do you a favor and forward this email to all of your “friends”, former employees, investors/victims from Philadelphia that you stole money from.  I am sure they will be very happy for you.  Good luck in jail.

Your good friend


From: Jack ****** [mailto:********@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 9:48 AM

This could be your chance to finally get him…..

After my first conversation with Glenn, I was left aghast at the level of abuse at play here.   We are definitely dealing with someone that has a pattern of abuse that goes back to his earliest relationships.  This pattern continues over and over again with different faces and places without any regard of the damage done.  I have also had conversations since then that would leave even the most paid off shill will not willing to associate with Rob Gray.

If anyone has more information on Rob’s past in Philadelphia they can contact me at DTOMsola (at) Yahoo.com or feel free to publish yourself in the comment section below.  There are a great many parties highly interested in this information that would establish a pattern of abuse long established before I ever got in contact with Rob Gray.  This information can be kept confidential or public, used in pending litigation and/or forwarded to investigators.

Now that I am done trying to mediate with this guy, I will use any information to make sure justice is done this time.

 Update 27: Seriously?!

The latest failure to come from the Mulligan Mint is Bix Weir’s coin. 

This looks like a Charlie Brown character loving the Fed and the US Government.

Bix, there are no benevolent bankers and there are no good guys coming to save us…

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.18.38 AM

neuner-jugend 6a010536b72a74970b012876c5e35b970c-800wi chinese-propaganda-posters-01

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.36.21 PMUpdate 28: The Skeletons Speak Out

Earlier in Update 26, I got an email from Glenn Tener about Rob’s dark past in Philadelphia.  I have been speaking to so many people from there, that I really don’t know where to begin.  I can tell you that I have heard some stories that left me aghast and at a loss for words.  Rest assured, I am positive that ALL of my suspicious are now totally justified.  I don’t plan on releasing all of the information I have, because most people have already made up their minds.  I will be using the majority of  information in any cases that arise out of this drama.  (If anyone has any more information about Rob Gray’s dark past, please email me at DTOMsola (at) yahoo.com.  You can also post anonymously in the comment section below.)

Here are the public records that were forwarded to me.  Please understand that this only represents a small portion of what happened there.  Most victims I spoke to chose to turn the other cheek and move on.  Others sought justice outside the law.  Glenn and the parties below, did not.  Like myself, Glenn went after this out of a sense for justice and not just to get money.  Glenn was not ultimately able to collect on any judgements he was awarded, because Rob declared bankruptcy when he fled to Texas.

Rob Gray has moved through the technology, water ionizer, hypnosis and now the metals industries with all the same complaints.  The faces and places my change, but the racketeering is all the same.

Racketeering Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.  Anytime money is owed, there is always the promise of a greater payback if they can just continue the relationship.  This is why Rob wanted me to sign on for the next 4 coin launches that he stole  from me and THEN he promised to pay.  Twice, I even offered to forgo ALL money owed to me just to make a clean break.  Now I see that this pattern is well established.  One former victim said that he was amazed to see that I refused to play along with Rob’s pattern and that gave him confidence to speak out now.  He felt so guilty for having being taken in this matter and all of the warning signs he ignored.  He said that he wishes that he was more aggressive in pursuing Rob so that others would have been spared.

The Modus Operendi is always the same and in the end the victims get “nothing”.  (Hmmm sounds familiar…)

Please take time to read the complaints and you make your decision.

Listen to all.

Follow none.

(Side note: It is still amazing to me that the first day I met Rob Gray, we were in Congress…)


Entity Details – SILICON EAST

Entity Details – PMP TECHNOLOGIES (The inside joke was that it was short for pimp.)

Entity Details – AIRBORN DATA


TENER COMPLAINT–  Credit Cards, Corvettes, $800 a night Hotels, Town House Furniture, Promised Percentages of Businesses, etc.






Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant
(Rob even screwed his attorney out of money here!)

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

Caption Plaintiff
Caption Defendant

$ Claims and Cases


Update 29- You CANNOT Make This Stuff Up!

Here is the first of three videos I got of Rob Gray doing hypnotism.  This is a News 11 Dallas station investigating Rob Gray.  He studied neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to manipulate people for a living.  Watch the self proclaimed “mind mechanic” at work.

“Feel. Don’t think.” – Rob “The Mind Mechanic” Gray

Update 30: The Further Insult to Injury.

As if stealing my money and my Slave Queen and Freedom Girl was not enough, as predicted, they are going to steal AG 47 and Cannabis.

You don’t have to wait to see it or buy it from them. 

I will be releasing the updated designs they DON’T HAVE in June.

Here is what they have illegally coming out.


Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.54.26 AM


bernard_silver_summitbUpdate 31- Bernard von NotHaus of Liberty Dollar says Rob Gray , “Stole my life’s work!”

(I found this article from Bernard von NotHaus and his description of a young, broke Rob Gray that sought to take his idea for his own.  Do we start to see a pattern here.  He is a parasite.)

I take no pleasure in disclosing this sordid story. But the time has come to tell the real facts that define the differences between the American Liberty Dollar (ALD) and the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS).

In the March 7, 2012 issue of “Director’s Update!” by AOCS Director Rob Gray contains the usual ra-ra and announces “proud to announce that we’re back on track” without ever noting why they were off track and concludes by encouraging everyone “to join us in our mission to restore honest trade.”

“Restore honest trade”? Honesty, particularly in the field of “honest money” is so important, let’s start at the beginning.

To the best of my memory, some time in 2007 Gray started calling me about being a part of the Liberty Dollar. Somehow he had heard about the new gold and silver currency and was all fired up to become a RCO. No… he wanted to be the best RCO… he wanted to be the SUPER RCO… he wanted to become the National Currency Director and take my place when I retired in 2008. Unfortunately, he didn’t even have the money to be a RCO. As he tried his best to talk his way into the Liberty Dollar organization, he explained that his hypnotism business was failing, he had a wife and two children and needed a new way to make money.

Gray met me on three occasions while I was on tour, always the nice energetic young man with a lot of salesmanship, trying to find a way to participate without any money. Finally he sprang for the $100 starter kit and eventually Gray somehow became a RCO in Texas. He quickly threw himself into the Liberty Dollar with the expressed goal of taking my position when I retired. He and his wife and two children even drove from Dallas to Los Angeles for my retirement.

But for all his words, salesmanship and well intending goals to be the SUPER RCO, Gray’s performance didn’t match the other RCO’s successes. Undaunted, Gray pushed to be my successor and the National Currency Director. Unfortunately for Gray, he lacked any support within the Liberty Dollar organization. Every leader must have the support and hopefully the loyalty of the organization. In fact, everybody was opposed to Gray.

Ultimately, I named Dan Priest, a RCO in California, to be the new Executive Director of the Liberty Dollar because as a former executive with Microsoft and appeared to be better qualified. Unfortunately, Priest quickly showed he had oversold his abilities and beset with family problems at home, he quickly self-destructed.

Meanwhile, Gray would not be deterred. If he could not be the National Currency Director of the Liberty Dollar, second best would be a competitor and he created the American Open Currency Standard. Initially, Gray praised my work and acknowledged me for introducing private currency to him. As he put it, “Bernard energized my passion for honest money.” But he soon found it more advantageous business wise to bash me that ultimately materialized in his April 15 article Liberty Dollar’s arrogance ends in federal ‘guilty’ verdict that was the only negative article about my conviction, not issued by the government. As Gray states in his subtitle, “A title like that requires a LOT of explanation and background. [INDEED!]

The irony of this tragedy is that if I had appointed Gray as the Executive Director of the Liberty Dollar organization, he would certainly had been more successful than Dan Priest, and would have been arrested with me.

Although that article is a low point of Gray’s attitude about the Liberty Dollar, it did not stop Gray from flat out lying. In an era of dishonest government money and Liberty Dollar’s quest to re-establish honest sound money, I find it appalling that at the end of Gray’s latest “Update” of March 7, 2012, under Featured Articles, he features an article on “Face Value” and states: “I invite you to take a moment and read our latest AOCS article update for an in-depth overview of the AOCS Face Value, why it exists, and the formulas we developed to set the suggested exchange rate between AOCS Approved Currencies and fiat currencies.

Rob Gray did not develop those formulas. He did not even write the text in that “Face Value” article. He copied my text and my currency formulas that I developed over 24 years of research and development from 1974 to 1998 when I introduced the Liberty Dollar – the world’s first private, 100% value based, market driven currency designed to move with the metals market. He stole my life’s work. And to make matters worse, in another article he has the audacity to state, “As I wrap up this article (regarding the Liberty Dollar) and evaluate if it reached its goal, I contemplate whether it’s best to stay quiet or to point out what I consider to be valuable insight to help frame what’s really at stake in the case of the Liberty Dollar. In the freedom movement… I do not believe deception or lying is a valid method to bring people to the truth.”

Well I certainly agree that deception or lying is not a valid method to bring people to the truth. And that is doubly true in the honest money movement. I don’t trust anybody who lies to me. And neither should you. The Liberty Dollar has proven itself to be an honest currency.

Editor Note: My work has been documented in countless articles, 162 monthly newsletters from October 1998 and Chapter 48 of my 2003 book: The Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve that details the move up from the $10 Silver Base to the $20 Silver Base. For historically purposes to set the record straight: Please note the 2006 edition of the Liberty Dollar model currency schedule is HERE. Gold Schedule of Bases and Move Up Points is HERE. Silver Schedule of Bases and Move Up Points is HERE.

Contrary to Gray lies, I fully support many other activist efforts who use the formulas that I developed. Four noteworthy efforts are: Joshua Deatherage’s Community Currency in central Missouri, Peter Affolter’s Aspen Dollar, Dave Gillie’s Ron Paul Silvers and Ron Helwig’s Shire Silver that is featured in Article 8 below.

Update 32: Why Silver Willie Quit The Mulligan Mint

By Silver Shield, on June 10th, 2013

First the Sales Director of the Mulligan Mint, Gus Demos leaves, then me, then Director of Customer Service, Laura Curry, now Silver Willie himself leaves…

Hear Will Lehr’s behind the scenes look at the drama with Silver Bullet Silver Shield and the Mulligan Mint and why he quit last Wednesday.

I will be . . . → Read More: Why Silver Willie Quit The Mulligan Mint: Update 4

Update 33: Bernard von NotHaus Speaks Out

By Silver Shield, on June 12th, 2013

bernard_silver_summitbBy: Bernard non NotHaus

Admittedly the story of Rob Gray, his brother David, the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the Mulligan Mint et al the entities is a long, sorry tale. And as it is the duty of all participants in a self regulated industry such as “private minting” to protect their industry from fraud, I sound this alarm and encourage everyone involved with any of the entities listed below to take prudent action to protect their interest and their money:

Free Lakota Bank, AOCS (American Open Currency Standard), Mulligan Mint, SLV Properties (Silver Properties), AG Logistics (Silver Logistics), Coins for the Cause, Silver Bullet Silver Shield (owned by Chris Duane but claimed by Rob Gray), TSP Mint (The Survival Podcast Mint), AOCS Mint, Open Currency, Lakota Exchange, AG Trading post, ICBA: (International Commodity Banking Association) that does not exist. Need another name to keep the ponzi running? Just create another entity or a new organization like the ICBA.
Continue reading Crooked Minter Tarnishing Private Silver Reputation?

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 4.01.46 PM


Update 34: Missing 40,000 Ounces of Silver From Surprise Audit of Republic Metal’s Silver At The Mulligan Mint?

Details are still coming in, but it has been confirmed by three sources that last week there was a surprise audit by Republic Metals at the Mulligan Mint that has shown 40,000 ounces of silver is missing!

Here are the confirmed details…

Rob was summoned to Miami last week to the Republic Metals headquarters.  Once he arrived he was escorted by two security personnel into an office for the next 7 hours.

Meanwhile in Dallas… a team of auditors and security personnel entered the Mulligan Mint.  All employees were sent home leaving David Gray alone to account for the tens of thousands of ounces of silver owned by Republic.

I have to admit, I love how Republic rolls…   Separating the criminal mastermind from the naive brother that is on the personal hook for all of this fraud, was just classic!

The end of the audit was originally reported to be missing 20,000 ounces, but now is estimated to be 40,000 ounces of silver!

The Gray Brothers now have 60 days to come up with the missing silver. 

Knowing that Rob is going to Freedom Fest today in Las Vegas, I guarantee he is going to be looking for “investors” to bail him out of this mess.

If you are at Freedom Fest, be sure to ask Rob how things are going? 😉

While I am not shocked by this fraud, given the fact since I have had over $500,000 stolen from me, I am sure a lot of people who took Rob’s side are shocked.   😉

The biggest fraud yet to be exposed is the 5 year old Rob Gray owned Free Lakota Bank and the estimated $2 million in silver deposits…

 Update 35: The Mulligan Mint Is DEAD!

$500,000 in missing profits, 71,473 ounces in missing silver, 3 Months, 2 Lawsuits, 1 DEAD Mint.



940 comments to Update 35: I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint

  • Constitutional Theater

    I feel for you, sir. I enjoy your work, and hope you get things straightened out favorably with Rob and the MM. It is courageous of you to come out against Rob and the mint, because it does damage to your credibility and brand as well. I don’t know how you could do more at what you are doing, but as long as you are going public with this issue, it might help to emphasize your own lapse in judgment in getting involved with this creep in the first place. Psychopaths, grifters, and con men are out there. And it really sucks getting “had” by a fraud. But, as PT Barnum reminds, “there’s a sucker born every second.” It’s good to call attention to criminals and psychopaths. At the same time, in those unfortunate instances where you have played the lamentable role of “the sucker,” it’s good to balance the blame of others with a public acknowledgement of your own responsibility, and failure to perform due diligence. I am a fan of yours. I AM NOT a plant or a shill (for those conspiracy-minded folks among you). But, I will be reluctant to do business or invest in anything of yours for a good long while Chris Duane because as bad as Rob’s behavior appears to be, YOU are the one who invited him into the lives of your clients and customers. The more you focus your rants on THAT fact, and demonstrate accountability and how you intend to solve that issue in the future, the more comfortable I will feel as a potential future customer. This is a bit of honest feedback from someone whom, although we have never met, you may consider a fan a and a friend. Thanks for all you do. I wish we had 10,000 more just like you.

    • Silver Shield

      I have done everything in my power to protect the customers from stopping sales March 11th to giving them breathing room after I broke off my ties with them to now applying every measure to end this once and for all.

      I cannot unring a bell but I can make sure it is not struck again.

  • Charlie

    Pretty ez to see Rob Gray is relaunching the SBSS coins asap to see what kind of demand is still there. Totally floating a trial balloon. I wonder if the demand is mostly gone what he’ll do? Pretty obvious to me Gray spent a bunch of the money and now needs new money incoming to get back out of the red.

    • PdBallerina

      If he doesn’t get much demand from previous buyers…and Chris is not out there bringing in new buyers…well good luck with that Rob…he doesn’t get that it was about a lot more than just silver rounds…without unique combination of the message, the messenger and the very artistic & inspirational designs much is lost… Honestly I think a lot of us really wanted to see the mint succeed as part of the equation also…but that was before, this is now.

      • theoptimist75

        this is exactly how I feel as well, PdBallerina
        For Rob to not understand that the message the coins were sending was just as important as the silver itself, will be his demise. Now, launching a coin using two “OLD” designs is a dead give away for having no vision. only adds to the fact that the designs are Chris’s and from HIS mind, not anyone at the mint.
        good thing Chris saw that things weren’t right and pulled out only 4 coins in. once the dust settles and Chris finds a “real” mint to launch his future designs, things will be much better going forward (i.e quality, order time, customer service)

  • Sorashield

    Contest entry:
    1..MM Closes – 22Dec2013
    2.FLB Closes- 22janurary2014
    3.Raid of MM- 22November2013
    4.Will Lehr quit/fired- 22august2013
    5.RG to Singapore-22march2014
    6.Grand prize-22feb2014

    3. 6-5-13
    4. 9-15-13
    5. N/A
    6. 1-10-14
    GRAND PRIZE. 9-1-13

  • Carina

    1) Mulligan Mint closes for good: October 13, 2013
    2) Free Lakota Bank closes for good: February 13, 2014
    3) Raid of Mulligan Mint: September 13, 2013
    4) Will Lehr quit/fired: July 1, 2013
    5) N/A
    6) Rob Gray to Singapore: August 15, 2013
    7) Grand Prize: December 25, 2013

  • po rich

    For the contests….
    5….Kim Kong Kardashian

    Good luck with all the stuff, I don’t like the Spartan Coin either, almost looks like the Dad of that family of Cartoon Movie Superheroes
    Hope there’s no bad trouble for those people marching with guns, don’t think it’s the right time for that, if there ever is a good time for that.

    • MATT

      indeed po..I rang my dealer in australia to inform him..he is a “it’s only business’ kinda guy but I asked him if he was prepared to put his ass on the line for fraud and possibly have a headache when this ROB ‘dude’ gets hauled over the coals and he has outstanding orders..no reply to that one..

      anyhow..even though I am not buying the new medallions due to this asshole..My 6 yr old could design a better coin than this..

      CHRIS…Nail this prick!!

    • johnny

      So I been paying attention to the silvershieldsilverbullet web site 550 something of the proof coins sold Lol. out of 1000…Although I kinda thought it would later have a vaule regardless if its negative considering its going to be super rare in the future but theres the risk of it being rereleased again from rob i dont know . what i do know is i didnt buy one lol. Major fail for that i guess.
      Time for some eagles

      • suz

        I thought the countdown number was based on a 10,000 goal…the last I checked, the number was 5,000 something (about midnight eastern time), so I thought that meant they sold more than 4,000.

        Anyway, it looks like they lied about it being a limited time offer…I noticed the “add to cart” button was still there this morning – and it looks like you can still order them. I tested it out, but did not follow through with an order.

      • suz

        Oh, I think you were talking about the graded proofs (my bad)…looks like you still order them too!!!

        • suz

          “add to cart” button is now gone

          • MATT

            he will come up with another scam..it
            s what scammers do!! Won’t be adding any to the stack..

            What’s with all the other bullshit he’s pushing too..I gues he could use the SILVERFUTURIST to promote some lunchbox’s with SBSS on them too..maybe a SBSS SILVERFUTRIST ACTION FIGURE! ha ha haaaaaaaa!! what a sham!

    • Rg

      Hey did you guys hear about Adam kokesh being arrested for pot at a rally yesterday ?? Good thing this asshole was thrown in jail, him and Rob should be thrown in jail together, they will have a lot of brothers waiting to take care of them there

      • Silver Shield

        Cokesh is disinfo agent that is using little stunts like this to gain confidence in the group he seeks to destroy.

        Stay away from this guy!

        Listen to all.

        Follow none!

        • Mattdtn@gmail.com

          Why are the video links you posted set to private? I was really looking forward to Robs response.

        • RG

          I had the same issue, wanted to see that pricks face when he was being questioned about SBSS, can you release a working link to Rob grey’s interview??

        • MATT

          or follow this tool straight into the camp! bye bye Adam!! I guess Rob will just be hangin onto those ADAMVSTHEMAN medallions profits after all!!birds of a feather flock together..LIKE DODOS!!

  • Carina

    More fuel – from the ‘new’ Silver Bullet Silver Shield Facebook page – when questioned about the Free Reign and refusing to return the dies, here is the response:

    Hi Gary– The SBSS retail store was created by two, equal partners, Entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Mulligan Mint- Rob Gray and blogger/silver guru- Chris Duane. Their partnership was split 50/50 on the condition that Gray would provide all minting, customer service, fulfillment and sales, (not to mention pay for all cost, including design and dies) while Chris was in charge of marketing. Unfortunately, when retail orders greatly surpassed our expectations this winter, we had to suspend sales to ensure we could catch up with all existing order. While everyone was frustrated by the situation, our Sales Director at the time, along with Chris, decided that we could never fulfill all sales and left the partnership. Of course- this wasn’t the case- we have fulfilled EVERY SBSS customer order and are thrilled to be re-launching the site on Wednesday. M2 is now a fully operating mint and should not have any difficulty fulfilling orders in a timely manner this time around. Rob Gray is insistent that we keep up our end of the partnership and do what we promised to do–mint coins, ship them out to customers and get silver into the hands of the people. It is a shame that Duane has decided to abandon his marketing, but we wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

    Whomever is behind the Facebook page, they evaded Gary’s questions.

    • johnny

      LOL well am sure he can keep up with production easily this time around lol hardly anybody ordered the coins

      • PdBallerina

        I wonder what the implications are for the mint, since they seemed very desperate to for these to sell well and buyers largely stayed away….even with the Jack Spirko “buy this to help a starving artist” effort. Maybe they will decide holding this brand hostage is not such a great idea after all…

        • PdBallerina

          I don’t where to put this comment, but I am stunned at this latest update…this is even worse than I thought…I figured Rob got in over his head and was then acting very badly to try to save his skin…not that he was criminal with “malice of forethought”. I am a customer of Apmex so I sent them an email stating my concerns with MM and warning them about selling SBSS stolen design products… I don’t know why the would put thier stellar reputation on the line to sell a few extra ounces of silver…

  • Jim

    1) Mulligan Mint closes for good: Novemberber 1, 2013
    2) Free Lakota Bank closes for good: December 12, 2013
    3) Raid of Mulligan Mint: July 10, 2013
    4) Will Lehr quit/fired: June 21, 2013
    5) N/A
    6) Rob Gray to Singapore: July 11, 2013
    7) Grand Prize: October 2, 2015

    Good luck Chris.

  • ajg

    If you want a real laugh, check this video out in which the pathological liar claims Mulligan Mint has “the best turnaround times in the industry”. Chris, start using the Ayn Rand terminology in Atlas Shrugged and continuously refer to him as a parasitic “looter” who has stolen your intellectual property right You being the man with the ideas that sold the concepts/meanings captured on your beautiful coins.

  • Wow, this just gets worse and worse.

    Cheeky bastard claiming to be a co-founder of the term/pseudonym/brand ‘the silver bullet and silver shield’.

    Sue the fuck out of the smug cunt.

    Bet you sorta wish you’d just beat the shit out of him that day the other week? It’s good you didn’t, but still………..

  • Just sent an email to Willy:

    What are you doing Will?


    I’ve spoken to you on the phone from Ol’ Blighty and you appeared to be a nice kinda guy. I realise you’ve invested a lot of time and energy with moving your family etc, but come on, Rob is now claiming to be the co-founder of ‘silver bullet silver shield’.

    You do understand this is fraud, theft, and deceit, right? You need to ask yourself if you want your name to be part of it?

    Perhaps, just perhaps, you can move back to your original location and gain employment there.

    You have a decision to make!


    Gareth UK

    • MATT

      do keep us updated with that one Gareth..Thanks!!

    • JimT

      I think he is claiming to be the cofounder of the SilverBulletSilverShield.com silver web store. And as much as I like Chris, well, that seems to damn well be the case.

  • aringbearer

    1. Mulligan Mint closes June 24 (sons birthday)
    2. Free Lakota bank closes July 4 (nations birthday)
    3. Feds raid June 14 (daughters birthday)
    4. Will quits May 13 (wife’s birthday)
    5. aringbearer best comment
    6. Rob flees January 26 (other sons birthday)
    Grand prize – Chris made whole July 18 (my birthday)

  • Nathan


    1. The day the Mulligan Mint closes for good: 5 august 2013

    2. The day that Free Lakota Bank closes for good: same day: 5 august 2013

    3. The day that the first State or Federal agency or tax authority raids the Mulligan Mint: 2 august 2013

    4. Whoever guesses the day that Will Lehr quits/fired from the Mulligan Mint: 31th of May 2013 (end of this month for sure!)

    5. Whoever has the highest rated comment on the Honest Men and Thieves video: keep thumbing my comment up! (by user Zondagish). Currently 17 thumbs up.

    6. Whoever guesses the day Rob Gray flees the country to Singapore: 12 july 2013

  • Son of Liberty

    I’m getting pretty sick of all the lies and distortions about the situation here.

    1) Chris never wanted the dies destroyed before customer orders were fulfilled.
    In addition to wanting the dies to be DESTROYED one of Chris’ demands was to have all customer orders filled, read the freaking post. Jack Spirko’s (and everyone else’s) claim to the contrary is just incorrect.

    2) People want to call Chris “unprofessional” and say he should “act like an adult” – at least he is fighting his own battles though and loudly protecting folks from getting caught in a fraud. Rob is paying sycophants to mislead people and belittle the one person who is standing in the way of him committing more theft.

    3) Jack Spirko is not innocent in this duplicity, he chose sides, chose to write a blog post and then ban anyone who wanted to make a counterpoint, and as this plays out will not look too good. Anyone can “factually claim to have personal knowledge” about anything. He’s not the only one with knowledge of the inside baseball of this situation. His coins are being minted with Chris’ silver and money. Until Chris is made whole he is not separate from this situation, especially since he publicly entered into the “debate” and chose to move forward with Rob even knowing about the legal claims against Rob. At this point he has no “woe is me” credit left.

    4) The idea that Chris only has a “limited” claim on the art is ridiculous. Chris not only created the designs, he created the entire brand, invented the name, did all of the promotion, and put his name and reputation on the line. Also Rob didn’t pay for the dies… Chris’ subscribers pre-ordered thousands of ounces of Debt & Death coins before any sculpts were made or any dies cut. By Rob’s logic, WE own the dies. Also ALL of the equipment at the mint that is being used to produce coins right now was paid for with SBSS money, including the 200k that Chris claims to be owed.

    5) The only “homo” reference Chris made AFAIK is calling the movie 300 a homo-erotic movie. I don’t watch movies so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but personally I wouldn’t be interested in a coin based off of an erotic movie, homo-, hetero-, or otherwise. Important to note that he didn’t talk down any individuals or even say anything bad about gay people in general.

    6) Fact is, anyone who wants to talk shit should at least admit that since Chris started this post, all of his customers’ orders are finally fulfilled people know the truth not to get duped again. The methodology necessary to get that message out may not have been pretty but because of the lies and deception on the part of Mulligan Mint, and the duplicity and attacks on Chris Duane by Jack Spirko and Adam Kokesh, it got way uglier than it needed to be. Maybe, just maybe, Chris is the one operating in the light of truth and “acting like an adult” is just a euphemism for keeping your mouth shut and collecting a paycheck while watching theft being committed against others.

    Fuck all of you liars and thieves.

    • DreadMatt

      I don’t know if I can listen to TheSurvivalPodcast again! I almost can’t believe SBSS customers were getting put on the back burner. Some still are, and all if Jack’s TSPmint buyers were having no order issues. Not only is that wierd it seems like someone is either lying or cover up for someone. Why did M2 give order fulfillment to TSP coin over SBSS coin? That’s is crazy. But if you read jacks original post he makes the claim than none of his customer have had any fulfillment issues. So tell me if that IS true Jack how can you let willingly your audiences orders get filled while other who just simply are t your problem cuz they aren’t your listeners stay unfilled? If any of that is true that means Chris’ customers were paying for TSP silver to be minted in front of them. Why? Well jack did state Rob Gray was his “FRIEND”.
      I don’t know who’s is lying in all of this and who who isn’t but Jack’s behavior has tipped me off more than anyone else’s and Jack I am disappointed In you. Your audience deserve better. And so do your non listeners who were put last over your audience.

      • Herman

        Concerning TSP orders, my order of 200 2nd Amendment rounds through TSP took around 6 weeks , so it was poor service all around. Order in late February, emailed them and Jack just over 4 weeks later. 10 days later no response. Again emailed them again, this time Jack leaned on them and the shipped out 3 days later. Crappy service all around from them. Never again will I buy from them. That recent video by Rob was ridiculous. I don’t know why Jack is going further into this venture. That video claiming best turnaround in the industry and that they “kill” their customers with service is nothing but a lie. I think their is a good amount of money involved and Jack doesn’t want to screw that up.

        On another note, my order of 60 slave queens came with a bottle of Mexican Azithromycin. I emailed Silver Willy and some lady gave me a lame response. So I emailed again.. Then Slick Willy said someone in the USPS must have put it in the box. Very strange.

        • PdBallerina

          Maybe they double as an on-line pharmacy??

        • PdBallerina

          Does anyone no how the Free Reign sales are going? I don’t know anyone who has bought one.

          • JimT

            That is because they are not on sale yet.

          • tjp

            After the first 23 hours of sale, the graded proof Free Reign is almost 1/2 sold out (472/1000 sold). There is no way of telling how the ungraded proofs are selling since it is not a limited edition in number, but only in the time of the offering (3 days).

      • Jon Moss

        Me too! I’ve listened to Jack since shortly after he started. After a somewhat rude comment to me on a you tube post and this coin situation he’s left a bad taste in my mouth with his attitude. Although his show content is awesome, I haven’t listened to it since he started dogging Chris out. I’m sure he had to choose Rob’s side so he wouldn’t get taken too, but at this point if Chris is right in his case I hope Jack gets what he deserves. You can’t talk that much shit to your listeners and expect to stay in business too long. It seems a lot of the alternative personalities are bickering with each other about something these days. We’ll never win this war if we’re divided.

    • All I’ve seen in this is one side of the story. Chris has yet to really articulate anything. If he ever does (who knows, maybe update 47 will include actual factual statements) I’ll happily read it. Hell, maybe if he can present facts and evidence such as contract agreements, and his legal claims and perhaps even explain just how in the hell it would have been okay for M2 to give away the dies they paid for or destroy their dies before orders were filled.

      Until then we get Jack’s and Rob’s and Adam’s side. I don’t know Rob or Adam, but the extent of the negativity I’ve seen has come from Chris, and it has been pathetically weak stuff. Things like making fun of Rob for marketing ionizers as if that has anything to do with his character, or calling Adam a stoner when Chris sight has a hemp shop as a predominant vendor.

      Jack on the other hand is a friend of a personal friend who has vouched for him in that sense. And I’ve been following his work since 2009. In that time, he has never once had a breach of integrity with his audience, and has openly admitted when he had made a mistake. If the claim was that he was mistaken, that would be one thing, but making a completely baseless claim that he is lying just makes you look foolish.

      Then of course there is Chris. Somebody who charges a ridiculous subscription fee for a report about buying silver from a guy that not just a couple years ago railed against anything but “constitutional silver” because anything numismatic was a waste of money then turned around and said that his SBSS coins were the greatest thing since sliced bread and worth the premium over eagles as a silver investment. And you wonder why so few are taking this guy seriously when he goes emo fest on a blog and claims the world is conspiring against him but can’t seem to back up any of his claims. If he wants to call people liars that have longer track records then he does, he needs to nut up or shut up.

      • Steve

        The premiums on SBSS medallions were considerably less than ASE’s.

        Like most in this dramafest, they’ve chosen a side based on some sort of bias – yourself included (friend of a friend?)

        If you’ve ever listened to any of the Silver Shield Reports, you would know that “buying silver” is one of many things that have been discussed in the now 76 reports published since late 2011. Most don’t focus on silver at all. The whole thing is about initiating conversation and mentally preparing yourself for what most people in this community can agree upon regardless of what side they’ve chosen: a monetary collapse. Preppers know that silver won’t be what saves you WSHTF, and silver-ites know that it’s perhaps the best way for the common man to acquire real money (store of value) to use after our current forms of “money” have become worthless.

        Chris has admittedly defaulted into his indoctrinated mentality (Marines) since this all started, and if you ask me he’s certainly made some professional mistakes in specific things he’s said or claimed. Time will reveal all, but this mint has gotten very shady.

        • You are part right. In terms of who I see as having facts on their side is based a certain amount on the level of integrity combined with the facts asserted from one side, and the complete lack of evidence to back claims of lies, and fraud.

          That said, I really don’t take sides. If Chris wants to articulate the facts he will need anyway if he hopes to survive the first hour in court, I’d happily read it. Who knows, it might raise real questions. And if he comes up with other designs that are cool, I’d buy them if the price is right. But I’m not going to walk away from M2 over accusations that are flimsy at best when it directly contradicts years of track records.

          I really think a lot of people here need to take heed to that whole “follow none” bit. It is good advice.

          • Son of Liberty

            “Flimsy at best” is not a good characterization. Its all over the internet about the wait times and quality issues from Mulligan Mint.

            Also Chris has presented a lot of facts in this article. And he is obviously doing this to expose a fraud. And it is not just an accusation of fraud, it IS A FRAUD that is happening right before your eyes. Everyone who knows of Chris or his coins at all knows that he created the brand, the phrase, the designs. His freaking blogger name is Silver Shield. For Rob to misrepresent this fact is FLAGRANT AND PUBLIC FRAUD. You all accuse Chris of being “unprofessional” but how “professional” is Rob being, right in front your eyes. You don’t even have to be an “OutOfTheBox” thinker to see that.

            And about integrity… at least Chris is not banning anyone who disagrees with them like your FOAF. You guys think its horrible that Chris insulted a Hollywood movie by calling it homo-erotic… well I was EXTREMELY polite to Jack on his blog and simply asked him to think critically about the situation, and he told me that I was going to “end up with a soaking wet ass”. Is that “integrity” and “professionalism”?

            As for the “follow none” comment… you have no idea what kind of information anyone here has about the situation. You can dismiss us all as Chris’ flock of sycophant sheep if you want to, but you might also want to consider that maybe people are passionate and emphatic about this based on actual facts and experiences.

            • ajg

              Son of Liberty,

              Well said. The poster has an agenda, so it is best to ignore him. He keeps posting the same rubbish in a feeble attempt to garner support for those wankers who are trying to profit off of Chris’ intellectual property rights. They are “looters” and people will recognize them for what they are! Do not feed the obvious trolls in our midst. He is being completely disingenuous when he says he wants to hear facts-things seem pretty clear to me and to many others. Like you said, this is overt fraud, using the SBSS trademark name brand and claiming to be co-founder of it to sell coins designed by Chris is shocking.It is criminal and we are passionate about it because we want justice to be served and a good honest guy like Chris to be able to put all of this bullshit behind him and get on with selling HIS new designs. The motor of Mullgan Mint will stop! Who is John Galt?

  • PdBallerina

    1 – 5 July 30th 2013 when Rob is arrested
    6) never Rob goes to jail instead
    7) Grand Prize: Never the money is gone
    If I win give the silver to a charitable cause. I don’t want it…

  • PigeonPiss

    Continue to stand strong Chris, here are my guesses;

    1 Mulligan Mint closes for good – November 16, 2013.
    2 Free Lakota Bank closes for good – December 13, 2013.
    3 Raid of Mulligan Mint – July 8, 13.
    4 Will Lehr quit or fired – July 12, 13.
    5 Not interested
    6 R. Criminal Gray to Singapore – July 7, 13.
    7 Grand Prize – October 23, 14.

  • cliff

    So how does this affect the guys at tspmint? Anyhoo here goes.

    1. 10/28/2013
    2. 11/10/2013
    3. 6/30/2013
    4. 6/6/2013
    5. Reap what you sow
    6. 7/14/2013
    7. 2/2/2014

  • Nick

    I agree with Chris that the mulligan mint has shoddy craftsmanship and poor delivery times. I had 3 different deliveries from them with SBSS and both were extremely late in delivery times. Promising dates that were never met and silver rounds that weren’t struck correctly. However I disagree with Chris that they have bad customer service. All 3 orders I emailed the company and all 3 times they emailed next day and gave me detailed information as to what was happening with the order. The packaging was also well done and very discreet. This mint was just going through growing pains and its unfortunate that the owner is playing these games. Good luck to Chris and his adventures with the new mints and designs. I really enjoy the designs especially the artwork created by Heidi. She does amazing work.

  • Againstthegrain

    That video on vimeo is hilarious. I just cannot figure out why comments are disabled. HAHAH

  • Nathan

    Rob’s response to all this?!

    Mulligan Mint: Then and Now.

    “There is enough silver in-house and the smear campaign is dying”.

    What we make of this?

  • Cleburne61

    “In what will no doubt be his last public appearance, Rob Gray will be at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference in New York, May 13-14.”

    Chris….you know something that you can’t tell us yet, don’t you?

  • Michael Fantuzzi

    Rob Gray in Why Mulligan Mint: “We kill our customers with service.” Did I hear that right? If so, what an understatement – he killed my being a customer with non-service. What a laugh!

  • magerlee

    1) Mulligan Mint closes for good: aug 1 2013
    2) Free Lakota Bank closes for good: september 1, 2013
    3) Raid of Mulligan Mint: July 25, 2013
    4) Will Lehr quit/fired: June 21, 2013
    5) N/A
    6) Rob Gray to Singapore: July 26, 2013
    7) Grand Prize: October 3, 2015

  • magerlee

    hey chris , just a thought your you tube videos are still on silver bullet silver shield for the previous coins,maybe you could alter the start of them slightly to warn the folks about the mulligan mint.

    • Magerlee

      One other thing I just noticed on your youtube channel there is still a link to purchase your coins from the Mulligan mint you might want to redirect that, just trying to be helpful.

  • Robert Mulle

    I keep getting emails from Mulligan Mint under the SBSS email address [SBSS Service via mail282.us2.mcsv.net] If I were not following this sick drama I would think that the Mulligan Mint aka Coins For The Cause is still affiliated with Chris Duane, however I know better. This deceitful attempt to trade on the reputation and integrity of Chris to sell stolen goods, that is, coins cast from the dies that belong to Chris is immoral, unethical and most likely illegal. I say most likely because I don’t know what written documented agreements exist. Needless to say I WILL NOT be buying, promoting or otherwise be involved in this scam. It took several phone calls and emails to get my small order fufilled by Mulligan Mint. Only when I explained that I would be contacting the DA and BBB did I get my orders. AND, this was about a month or so (March 28) before this whole thing blew-up.

    1.Jan 15, 2014

    2.Aug 30, 2013

    3. December 7, 2013

    4.Quit or fired – July 1, 2013

    5.No response

    6.December 1, 2013

    7.Sorry to say NEVER, even after litigation. Money gone
    …..Rob fled jurisdiction

  • R Smith

    1. Mulligan Mint closes Jun 19, 2014 (nice summer day for good news, 2014 cause nothing happens fast except the removal of debris from 911 site)
    2. Free Lakota bank closes Jul 4, 2014 (Independence from something, so we can celebrate for real)
    3. Feds raid Jun 10, 2014 (setting the stage for the close)
    4. Will quits Jun 11, 2014 (brainwashed, but Fed raid freaks him out)
    5. N/A
    6. Rob flees Jun 21, 2014 (knows it is all over and runs)
    Grand prize – Chris made whole Apr 15, 2018 (our justice system sucks)


  • Chad

    Anyone thinking M2 is simply raking in as much cash as possible as fast as possible to find a way out of dodge? Limited releases, huge minting premiums, and no credit card transactions smells funny to me.

  • realm of consciousness

    I know Chris enough to put my trust in and will continue to support.

  • magerlee

    You Know they are still using your youtube videos to promote the freedom girl and slave queen and also to educate about the past products. If you have control of the videos on Youtube couldn’t you put a banner on them exposing the mint and giving the address of where they could find you? Just a thought

  • Brian

    1. July 1, 2014
    2. July 15,2014
    3. June 26,2014
    4. June 27,2014
    5. N/A
    6. July 8, 2014
    7. Sept 4, 2017

  • magerlee

    I just went to survival podcast to see what jack and his buddies are saying about the m2 situation and I wrote “This blog reeks of a salem witch trial. Everyone here seems convinced that Chris is in the Wrong and Rob is some Kind of Angel. I don’t know who is right or wrong in this dispute but that is why we have courts of law. Here are a few observations that are worth considering. If Rob has any of the creative impetus behind this endeavor why is he still using Duane’s videos/writings to promote the freedom girl and slave queen coins? If they were equal parties Rob has a commitment to follow through on his original agreements-such as only running the Slave Queen and Freedom girl coins for a limited run, which has already expired. What about the people who purchased with the idea of it being a limited edition, doesn’t his commitment to them count? Lastly if as according to Rob and Jack, Duane’s part was marketing and Rob’s was fulfilling orders orders, quality control and customer service then it seems like Rob’s part is the part that has been lacking. The amount of orders brought to the table that Duane’s efforts was second to none in the record of the Mulligan mint. I just called today and was told that the sentinels I just ordered were on a four week hold plus 10 day hold on the check not the fastest turn around in the industry as Rob stated in his previous video. The name calling seems a little immature on all sides but I just wanted to give a different perspective. Honestly I would be surprised if this comment showed up on your blog as the comments seem to be pretty one sided but I felt it needed to be said. Cheers ” it says my comment has been put up for moderation well see if they have the courage to post it. It is nice to be back on this sight where freedom reigns.

    • PdBallerina

      Just received from Jack Spirko.. this down right hateful in spirit…I personally don’t care what anyone who thinks any of this is funny has to say…

      “Rob Gray has made a decision to relaunch SilverBulletSilverShield.com and I have agreed to support it. Some may say good, some may say why and some may say Jack don’t do it.

      To those that say good, you have no idea how good this will be. To those that say why, I have my reasons and will explain them tomorrow on the show. To those that say don’t do it, perhaps you will change your mind tomorrow when you hear how and why I am doing this.

      All I can say is this is going to be great and a lot of fun too. Oh and there won’t be 87 updates to this post. LOL.”

      • John

        Jack Spirko has ALSO proven his mental instability in the past, along with Kokesh. He has NO credibility, as will soon be discovered by all.

  • erace

    I just got another e-mail from Mulligan Mint talking about “only two days left”. They just totally don’t get it. That shit ain’t gonna fly!

    It looks to me like Rob Gray is trying to see how many people will commit to the “new release” (whatever new is gonna be about it?) to estimate if he can afford good lawyer :-D.

    Pls Chris, do not let them get away with this whole mess.

  • Ricco

    If I were the elite I would want to take out Chris , he is the only person that talks about the trillionaires and has solutions to the problems .. The elite hate silver and people prepared to fight a government out of control, Chris has pushed hard to prepare people to survive this coming crisis and is the only one I listen to telling everyone to fully walk away from this crap ..
    Wouldn’t supprise me if government (Ron Paul) is behind this rob gray thing

  • wilbur

    If it is true fraud using his name/dies/website, why can’t people contact his hosting company and get his site taken down?

  • David F

    The fucker is now calling you “The Spokesperson” for SilverBullet/ SilverShield over on that website. haha no shame. I am tempted to buy those counterfeit coins though because this is history in the making. But I won’t….

  • magerlee

    Silver futurist just put up a video on you tube talking about his conversation with ROBber gray and his latest version of the untruth.

    • magerlee

      I just left this comment on silverfuturists video=Great, I hope you feel good about helping a criminal rip off both customers and Chris Duane. Not to mention the artist Heidi. Those of us that bought these coins and waited months for them were promised they would be out of production now. ROBber has no integrity and you participated in Theft.people argue back and forth rather or not ROBer owns the dies. It doesn’t matter when it comes to the fact that ROBer claims to be the co-founder of silver bullet silver shield. On that Website it claimed that Freedom Girl would be a limited edition coin and that window is over. So you can argue rather or not he ripped of Chris Duane or not but… it is beyond dispute that he lied and stole from all his customers who waited patiently for the slowest turn around in the industry.

    • Silver Shield

      All of these guys fall like I did for this con man’s act.
      They will see that at some point things don’t add up.
      I was able to extricate myself without hurting my customers or my name.
      These guys will not be so lucky when the true crimes have been exposed.

      • PdBallerina

        Well he has stolen your brand so I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion…but I am glad you got us our silver (even if it is scratched and dented)…thank you!

        • Silver Shield

          Because what he thinks he has, he doesn’t.
          He has no rights to my designs and brands.
          It only give me more ammo to permanently take him down.
          He has no following or customer base.
          He has major expenses and a diminishing circle of abundance.
          He has no friends that are not paid or owed money to.
          He has trashed the only thing that matters, his word.

          I have a future, he does not.

          Don’t ever think that today’s perceived reality is reality.

          There are universal laws you cannot make your way around and he will learn what that is all about.

  • Omnivore

    You may already know about this but I still think that it is important to know this about Mr. Kokesh;


    Forgive me for bringing up the subject of Adam Kokesh once more.

  • Cleaner44

    Customers that have paid but not received product should all be initiating Chargebacks with their credit card company. Shut down that thief’s merchant account and you cut off his ability to process funds.

  • John

    Well, it seems the Mulligan Mint’s SB/SS website no longer accepts email communications. The only options they offer are phone and “live chat”. Jeez, I wonder why?!

  • Scamaltert

    Who’s the coward now? Chris just got outed on the FACT that he screwed over the partner he stole the SBSS design from before trying to screw Rob over as well. Now he is deleting comments of anybody pointing it out.

    Who is Johan Kirsten?

    • Silver Shield

      I first approached Coins For The Cause in January 24th 2012 about a Silver Bullet Silver Shield coin.
      See the original email Update 21: The Original Email That Started The Silver Bullet Silver Shield coin.

      A few months later Johan Kirsten is a subscriber of mine contacted me about producing a silver coin in Asia.

      I sent a few email back and forth exploring the idea but it ended as there was too much counter party risk.

      Johan did a sketch off of my ideas, elements, phrases, brand, copyrighted material with the Silver Bullet Silver Shield name and then when I met Rob, we ended amicably with Johan and he wished me luck.

      From there I ended up changing probably 50 elements of that sketch and the final product that I ended up with is dramatically different than what I finally ended up with.

      Any similarity had everything to do with my vision and direction.

      Now after all of this comes false claims of ownership.

      I have the full email chain and my attorney said it is no question I am in the right.

      Doing sketches of my Silver Bullet Silver Shield copyrighted material does not give ownership of the copyright. (Especially since I am the one that gave all of the elements to Johan and how to arrange it.)

      Don’t believe me? Do a sketch of “Coca Cola” and put that on a silver coin and see how far that flies.

      This will all be seen when I do my Intellectual Property Federal Lawsuit, but I have much quicker fish to fry.

      Rob already has experience with that when he stole a Glenn Beck design and was forced to cease and desist his pathetic attempt to capitalize on this.

      I am the sole designer behind this series and any attempt to profit off of my work will be met with litigation.

      Also tell Jack that I am coming for the 30% profits of the Coins for the Cause profits I am also entitled too.

      Actually that is a good point, why didn’t Rob make that deal with Jack if they are good buddies?

      I think Rob still has the drunken voice mail of Jack cursing out Rob from a few months ago and will probably use that if Jack get’s out of line.

      Also ask Jack what he is going to do when Rob moves to Singapore?

      Still best buddies when he is left here holding the bag?

      Jack should understand that this is between Rob and Chris and not him.

      • Rex

        If Johan’s release agreement meant anything at all, wouldn’t Rob need to get a release from all of the SSR members that contributed to the design of D&D Medallion?

        I think they overlooked the fact that it was an open community effort. Johan’s art design was no different than my contribution of ideas to the medallion.

      • JimT

        Chris why after so long of telling people not to trust “the man” are you threatening to run to “the man” to solve your problems?

    • ajg

      There are many snakes and spiders in the grass, slithering in the mud and weaving webs of deception. Their ill-begotten plans are quite easy to decipher though. What is it in their nature that spurs them to deceive? Could it possibly be due to something they lack? Now on the other hand, why is it that Chris Duane has garnered so much support and has had much success? While these vile creatures scratch their noggins and ponder this in bewilderment, I will simply point out the obvious fact, that they are standing in their own feces.The deception is quite easy to detect. Their feeble attempt to spin a web-of-lies-narrative that gives them the moral high ground is pathetic! The SBSS trademark is known to have been created by Chris Duane and it is directly associated with him.Yet these vile vermin are attempting to put all of that in the memory hole and establish the fantastical tale that SBSS is part of a partnership and was co-created. The looter and pathological liar, Robber Gray knows he has no realistic claims to the intellectual copyrights of SBSS nor the creative/conceptual designs that came from the mind that spawned them. This will be settled properly in a court of law. The snakes and the spiders being short sighted and puzzled by their continuous failures are asking themselves, Why? People recognize honesty and integrity in people,and in their words and actions! Chris Duane resonates with people because he upholds these values.He has been done wrong and most people can discern that. As the famous Texas ranger quote goes “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin‘“. Looter, repent! The motor of Mulligan Mint will stop! Who is John Galt?

  • Looks like Rob’s got a minion out to slag you off, Chris:


    • Silver Shield

      Notice how Rob never speaks…

      Only people he pays or owes money too.

      • magerlee

        Actually Rob did speak when he and jack both praised the fact that Chris was the originator of the Silver bullet silver shield design and that ROBber admitted that he was skeptical about the designs that Chris chose and admitted how wrong he was to doubt chris since he’d never seen such success at the mint. Jack also had high praise for Chris and his philosophy and jack talked about how the debt and death coin was “Bad Ass”, of how the story changes When he got his feelings hurt for being called out for taking the wrong side.

        • magerlee

          I forgot to mention that was on the Jack Spirko pod cast at the end of January. Of course most of us wouldn’t know of Rob or Jack if it wasn’t for Chris

          • PdBallerina

            I asked Jack to delete me of his mailing list last night after I got a notice about today’s podcast and practically begged me to watch is Podcast today…so I did .. and then he deleted all my comments. He is a total jerk off camera. IMHO he knows if he doesn’t help keep money flowing into the mint, his customers could get left holding the bag, after he was warned that Rob was in over his head… I think if you read between the lines that video today was not about Chris not paying a bill it was an announcement the Rob has some entitlement to be using SBSS has his brand..since he paid the artist and all… Good luck being someone you are not Rob…

            • magerlee

              Yes he is a jerk he deals out all kinds of insults but cries like a baby if anyone hurts his feelings and then deletes any arguments he can’t counter

              • Herman

                And look at the date of the receipt for paying the artist. It looks like May 6,2013. How convenient that “Rob took care of the artist”‘ just 8 days ago.

            • Jon Moss

              Jack has pissed me off on this whole deal. Calling his listeners “DuaneDittoHeads” Really? WTF? I had equal respect for Jack and Chris as they both are pioneers in their industry. Jack has a good show about skills/preps but Chris’s YouTube channel is POWERFUL info on how we got into this mess and how to get out of it. Jack essentially made me choose a side with the ditto head comment and just the rudeness towards some of his listeners makes me choose Chris’s side. I won’t listen to home anymore. Voting with my feet/ears. I can almost bet my stack that Jack is scared shitless that MM would throw him under the bus if he supported Chris. End of story IMO.
              To Chris, I know you’re busy but I miss seeing your videos. Lets have some new stuff Bro!

  • Julie

    Chris, I experience you as an intelligent, organized, kind man with integrity. You express high moral values and spiritual (not religious) ideals. I wanted you to know that I support your quest for the truth and I’m sending energy for that purpose.

  • ok so SBSS has re-launched their “limited” rounds and IMHO they are scamming anyone and everyone who has bought or will buy anymore of them… they are also not taking any payments in credit cards and the only reason for this would be so they can get your $ and you cant back out without taking their $25 cancellation fee… does anyone else think ordering a ton of these rounds and then simply never sending them the check or money order would be a good idea? lol i think if alot of people did this it could be quite comical they would think they are going to keep doing well selling stolen designs and be all happy about it untill they dont see any payments lmao!!!

  • MrBrownstone

    Mulligan Mint Goes Down in September 21. If I win, I don’t want ANY going that came from Rob Gray. Keep it. I would prefer your DVD. Thanks.

  • Bill

    Due to the concern of the capability of Chinese manufacturers to produce Silver plated (electro-plated) coins …

    Has anyone had their deliveries from Mulligan Mint assayed to ensure they are not fakes ?



  • Steve

    How old is Rob Gray?

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    With Rob being a repeat offender then that should get him a lengthier sentence, with the cash amounts being talked about that should include some decent jail time.

    The question i’m most wanting to ask Chris, is when we can expect the new SBSS medallions to be released? The anticipation is killing me.

  • JMF

    If the Medallions are re-produced a Law Suit is in order, as it was promised up front on Debt and Death to be a one time production as memory serves in 54,000 count! Chris wrote :They still threaten to add insult to injury by creating these designs to destroy the value of limited run SBSS medallions. Thus , anyone that purchased with that as a reason to invest in the medallion will be de-frauded if it is reproduced . This goes double if it is a cheap base metal duplicate ! The Texas Attorney General will be contacted !

  • Michael S. Garland

    It’s real simple! I will not purchase anything from the “Mulligan Mint” and am waiting patiently for Chris to resolve this issue once and for all and begin producing SBSS medallions again. All the best Chris!

  • JimT

    So exactly who is this Johan guy?

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