Who Obama Takes Orders From—The Pilgrims Society!

Paul Volcker is Obama’s top economic adviser and heads the Group of 30 in the District of Columbia, an alliance of metals suppressing central banks! This is the same Volcker who arranged a billion plus “bailout” loan for the Hunts in the wake of crushing margin calls they got due to the silver price collapse in late January 1980, arranged by former Treasury Secretary William Simon of the COMEX board. While at Treasury, Simon bombed gold for a near 50% decline. Volcker arranged loans for the Hunts from a consortium of megabanks run by Pilgrims Society members like Sir Dennis Weatherstone of J.P. Morgan & Company. The terms of the loan were “spiked” so as to cause the Hunts to be dispossessed of 59 to 63 MOZ silver by 1986 (estimates vary). I see a tax filing at Guide Star showing Volcker as a vice president of The Pilgrims in New York. American Opinion Magazine, May 1978, pages 73-74 mentioned this precious metals thief/suppressor Paul Volcker—“He used to say that if the United States quit supporting the price of gold at thirty five dollars an ounce it would go to five dollars.” Volcker, major scale gold and silver suppressor, is an official of this “Pilgrims Society,” and folks—PLEASE HELP!!! GATA, Silver Doctors, Gold Eagle, Casey Research, Alex Jones, Zero Hedge, King World News and many other sites will NOT feature any of this info which I’ve heavily documented! Ask them why! These sites and groups refusing coverage haven’t made any attempt to refute the facts I present—they just withhold it from you! It isn’t like I’m receiving any income for my work, I’m in this as a public service, and I gave up having a social life for 11 years to amass these details! This is the most relevant info, because in 1933-1934, President Roosevelt seized gold and silver—113 MOZ silver! Pilgrims Society members were all over FDR; today, George Shultz, also an ex-Treasury Secretary, is an Obama adviser, as is Pilgrims Society VP Henry Kissinger. The Queen and Prince Philip, Royal Patrons of The Pilgrims Society, are the world’s largest landowners; Philip is patron to over 800 (eight hundred) organizations! Obama has seen the Royals at the White House! This is the same old harridan who “thinks” an ounce of silver should be worth $5 Canadian, the Royal CM stamps Maple Leafs that way—like urinating on silver! The Pilgrims were founded from the wills of Cecil Rhodes to be a “secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, pp557-558). Rhodes organized the South African diamond mines and gave us the anti-American Rhodes Scholars. In “The President And Precious Metals,” I heavily document how The Pilgrims Society has controlled all Presidential administrations since Theodore Roosevelt. This shadow group is the source of gold/silver suppression, and is the THREAT of nationalization—The Pilgrims Society, unknown to the public, could jerk Obama’s chain to repeat Franklin Roosevelt’s crimes, as the third statement in their list of goals (see 1902 article) was “the SEIZURE of the WEALTH necessary.” Please help me get word out about the apex metals suppressors—The Pilgrims Society of New York and London—because I have been refused cooperation by so many leaders (certainly not all) of the PM community—again, ask them why! Chris Duane has allowed me to post here and is not responsible for the content; but I stand by my statements. See the documentary on The Pilgrims Society controlling The White House at
http://silvermarketnewsonline.com/articles/ThePresidentAndPreciousMetals_Savoie022813.pdf See other review of
The Pilgrims Society’s silver and gold stealing history at http://silverstealers.net/tss.html
For additional resource, see the 312 page PDF file on the Roosevelt metals theft 1933-1937 at www.nosilvernationalization.org

6 comments to Who Obama Takes Orders From—The Pilgrims Society!

  • Kyle

    Why don’t you do an interview and post it on YouTube or start your own YouTube channel? I would be happy to interview you and Chris might as well. Have you asked him?

  • Ken

    Charles, I have read through most of The Silver Stealers. It is absolutely amazing, almost to the point of unbelievable. It connected all the dots that were sticking points through out my school years and into adult hood. Let’s call it the “string theory of the global elite”.

    Your information information isn’t lost on me and I’ve been sharing it with friends at work. The question always comes up as to why do these individual, smaller events happen. I can always point back to data from the silver stealers that wraps it up into a nice explanation.

    Make no mistake, it has been one of the toughest things to get through that I’ve ever read because there is so much there.

    Thanks for writing it!!!

    I cant wait to read http://silvermarketnewsonline.com/articles/ThePresidentAndPreciousMetals_Savoie022813.pdf and http://cache.silver-investor.com/charlessavoie/cs_summer09_PreciousMetalsConfiscation.pdf.

    I actually have a coworker who had never heard of the 1933 confiscation of gold. I mentioned it one day and he looked at me like I had three heads.

    The youtube channel is a great idea. In addition to all the crap on youtube, there is also some great stuff. Please don’t be put off by youtube. Use Chris Duane’s “Sons of Liberty” video’s as an example on how to put information together.

    Take encouragement that people are hearing you. And thank you Chris Duane for helping Charles get a larger audience for his material.

    I know you have all this material put together as as html pages and pdf, but there was just such a volume of information and details in TSS that it may be helpful to put together a Wiki to help people digest the information. If it was put together like the “Great Big Book of Everything” from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy it would really help people digest your wealth of info. The nice thing about a wiki is it doesn’t necessarily have to have a starting point. With TSS you can have so many starting points, like an index of names, or index of corporations, index of historical events, with pages for people, places, memberships, actions, etc. New and updated articles could be marked for display on the home page.

    Just a though. Thanks again. Ok, I’m done now…really

    Cheers :-)


  • Bobby

    Thank you for your tireless efforts in putting together these important volumes of work. I hope that they are heavily considered by our “Truther” community soon.

  • Dry Drunk

    I keep wondering after reading those excellent historical accounts of Charles Savoie if the Pilgrims’ had finally exhausted their silver stockpile. After centuries of dumping it and bankrupting the world perhaps they had run out. But the scam has always been to run down the value of the peasants’ savings. That’s the Pilgrim’s stated objective! To amass the wealth of the world.

    And thanks for the article about the lemon juice and artery health. I’m sure you’re right, the lemons clean the whole system out.

  • Son of Liberty

    Charles you rock. IMO you are the best researcher in this space hands down. People just aren’t ready for your truths yet, but they will be

  • Dee

    Chris, I have a design inspired from Charles’ research on the Pilgrims. Whether it be for coin or for other forms of apparel, I’d really like to share it with you. It’s a very humble rendition that could be elaborated further, but it carries an important theme for our community. Please contact me if interested.

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